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George Galloway Banned From Canada - Of MP's and Pipsqueaks: Little Jason Kenney Squeals and Falls over Edge
Sunday, 22 March 2009 01:53
by C. L. Cook

Jason Kenney, the current minister for citizenship and immigration has gone "over the edge" writes Thomas Walkom in today's Toronto Star.

"Over the edge"?
- Immigration and citizenship minister Jason Kenney

Kenney, Walkom explains, has become increasingly erratic, last week cutting off federal funding to the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), and yesterday refusing to question the Canadian Border Services decision to bar British MP George Galloway entry into Canada. Galloway, says the increasingly erratic border crew, poses a threat to Canada because he supports terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, and that's good enough for the federal government.

Though I agree with the tone of Walkom's piece, which correctly depicts Kenney and the Conservatives as the idiotic provincials they are, there is nothing "erratic" about the direction Canada has moved under Stephen Harper's leadership. Canada's border police consistently bar anti-war voices from being heard in this country, and their antipathy to any that would criticise the Harper world view, a world view now entirely in disrepute, is unswerving.

Over the last few years, Harper's new government has barred rap singers, folk singers, activists, writers, educators, and now a prominent politician entry into Canada. The one common denominator in these barrings, all made to protect the sensitive Canadian populace from odious and possibly infectious bad ideas emanating from said miscreants, is the anti-militarist, anti-war views these people hold and promulgate publicly.

Though close to the mark when citing the Conservatives' desire to please the "ardent backers" of Israel, Walkom errs when he blames the bans on the ascension of the Dark Ages-like "Anti-Terrorism Laws." The Galloway ban, as with similar bans to peace activist and student, Alison Bodine, Jewish-American anti-war folk singer David Rovics, rappers 50 Cent, Jerome Almon and others, is entirely political.

That Kenney would insist the blocking of Galloway was solely an initiative of the Border police stretches credulity to the breaking point, but either way, whether a hyper-vigilance at the border, or political interference from Kenney's office, or above, there is no defending the decision to block the representative of a foreign government, (Great Britain at that!) entry. It is not, as Galloway said, "irrational," it is plain stupid. And stupid is what Canada has increasingly become with each passing day Stephen Harper's party holds the reigns of power.

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Is it smart for a country to possess no independent energy policies? Is it smart for a country to dedicate the greater part of its future resources to a foreign land in perpetuity? Is it smart for a country to dedicate itself to a foreign policy written in a foreign land? Is it smart for a country to allow an embattled people be starved, bombed, and sniped ruthlessly from high walls and remain pitiless supporters of the monsters doing the killing?

Clearly, smart is not the first descriptor of the current government entity claiming to operate in the interests of the Canadian people, and banning George Galloway's entrance into the country is not the first stupid thing done by these Conservative clowns.

Last week, the Border police had an opportunity to bar the entry into the country of a real promoter of international terror. Unindicted war criminal George W. Bush whisked past the thin blue line at the 49th parallel without a worry. The Border police cannot be left alone to bear the abrogation of their sworn duty though, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, those known to terminally electrocute suspected foreign troublemakers in airport terminals, too failed to enforce the law of the land and arrest the torturer in chief. The RCMP failure to comply with the law came even after a helpful reminder of their duty issued by Canadian jurists, Lawyers Against the War. LAW pointed out, it is the law to arrest and investigate suspected torturers under Canada's obligation as a signatory to the International Convention on Torture. No matter.

To add fuel to their brightly-burning ignorance, the new government of Canada, (as they prefer to be called) as represented by Jason Kenney's office add insult to injury; Kenney spokesperson, Alykhan Velshi issued a statement on the barring of the British statesman, referring to Galloway as an "infamous street-corner Cromwell," and citing his support of Hamas, saying;

"I'm sure Galloway has a large Rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world willing to roll out the red carpet for him. Canada, however, won't be one of them."
This really gets to the heart of the matter; it is not Galloway's rolodex needing examining, but those of Kenney and company. What is called the "Israel lobby" in America, but recently and more correctly dubbed the "Likud lobby," referring to the ultra-right wing Likud party currently ruling blood-soaked Israel, has a wing in Canada too. And it is for that interest defense minister and wannabe NATO numero uno, Peter MacKay thundered against the treacherous Lebanese whilst Israel's bombs and rockets rained down upon them in 2006. The same MacKay railed against the undeserving Palestinians, promising they would receive "not one red cent" of Canadian aid for the reckless temerity they displayed in voting in the Hamas party in an internationally certified general election.

The same man, who would now fashion himself as commander of the marauding NATO war machine, found no words of pity to speak either during Israel's bloody and illegal reigning of terror upon Palestine in the so-called 'Operation Summer Rains' of 2006, or during the more recent, and more ruthless 'Operation Cast Lead.' That more than 1400 people perished, with thousands more mangled, and hundreds of thousands made homeless as they were due to 'Operation Cast Lead' means nothing to this government. No, it is George Galloway who supports terrorists. Of course.

For his part, Galloway promises to seek redress to his rebuffing at the Canadian border through the courts. I can save the Respect party leader and Member of the British Parliament the trouble: There is no legal redress in this country for the likes of you, sir. As your name is currently being dragged through the Canadian media mud, the powers that be will not hear your petition, nor will they bend in their resolve to serve the best interests of the masters of world disaster, Israel and the United States of America.

You see, Thomas, it's not only Jason Kenney that has gone over the edge.
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