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Yours Truly, ‘Disgusted’ of London
Sunday, 18 February 2007 16:53

by William Bowles

Here in the UK we are, according to the statistics anyway, the fourth or fifth wealthiest nation on the planet at least in material terms but according to the latest UNICEF report we are at the bottom of the list of the twenty-one most developed nations when it comes to the treatment of of our children. Our unfortunate offspring are badly educated, suicidal, drugged out, violent, have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in Europe, more teenage pregnancies and above all, alienated (for the full report see ‘State of the World’s Children’).

Predictably, the ruling elites are blaming the parents, especially single-parent families, a lack of ‘moral guidance’, whatever that is and a loss of belief in ‘traditional values’, whatever they are. Of course, the last thing to be blamed is capitalism but then what else is new?

When I first found myself washed up on this benighted and unhappy land after an absence of thirty years, I thought it was my reaction to being ‘exiled’ here, at least that’s what I was being told. Thus I tried, it seems unsuccessfully, to think positively about being here, reasoning that it mattered little where I lived, life goes on as they say, I just had to make the best of a bad lot.

However, it has been almost five years since found myself imprisoned here and although I have tried to make the best of it, this country disgusts me! Okay, it’s probably no better elsewhere in the so-called developed world but even so there is something profoundly unhealthy and fundamentally rotten about Blair’s Britain, above all it’s hypocrisy, mediocrity and smug and totally unfounded attitude of superiority borne no doubt out of a deep sense of insecurity, fear even, that all is not as it seems.

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The bulk of the population bust their butts to pay off their credit card debts and house payments, work longer hours than any other country in the EU, yet have the lowest productivity of any country in the EU. Wealthy you say? But who is wealthy and by what yardstick is this alleged wealth measured and what kind of price is actually being paid above and beyond pounds and pence?

Wealth under capitalism is measured according to its GDP or its gross, domestic production (gross being the operative word here) which includes not merely its actual physical production of material products but the amount of ‘wealth’ generated through financial transactions and importantly, consumer spending which constitutes over 60% of the actual turnover of the economy, all of it financed by a staggering level of personal debt, something like £1.5 trillion (this figure excludes mortgage payments on houses). Millions of families live right on the edge of bankruptcy, surviving only by wracking up enormous debt. No wonder they’re unhappy.

Importantly, most of the ‘wealth’ generated comes not from actual production but from interest on debt and financial speculation in such commodities as currency and the global circuit of capital. London is considered to the centre of this global rip-off with trillions of dollars passing through the finance houses each and every day. And the disparity between rich and poor grows with every passing day.

For something like fifty years the bulk of the population could be persuaded to support capitalism in its ‘war on Communism’, the propaganda was extremely persuasive; we had freedom (of sorts), democracy (of sorts), and a growing standard of living, well most of us anyway. That it was largely financed by the massive exploitation of our colonial and former colonial subjects and what was effectively a war economy, was a reality conveniently missing, indeed hidden from view. And in any case, the alternative was presented to us as authoritarian communism, under which we would be denied the ‘freedom to choose’ from the avalanche of products that filled the high streets.

Now however, the true cost of that ‘freedom’ is revealed for all to see for not only has it resulted in a truly fucked up planetary ecology that threatens the entire world’s population, high streets and shopping malls full of products we neither need nor in real terms can actually afford, has left us feeling empty and unfulfilled, not so far off that of a junkie after his or her fix, craving more but not to get high, merely to create an illusion of normalcy.

The dream has turned into a nightmare of literally global proportions. Worse still, the promise of a socialist alternative, one where we shared a collective vision of solidarity and the full development of each person’s individual potential, based not on the personal acquisition of wealth but firstly on a guarantee of all the basic means of survival, health, housing, education and so forth, which would enable us to pursue the really important things in life such as the development of our personal relationships, a society in harmony with our beautiful planet, has been shattered by a tiny handful social psychopaths and their loyal servants.

Instead, we now live in a world of fear and without hope. We are in fact PROMISED no less, a future composed of more of the same! Incredibly, we are being sold a future based on nothing less than a continuation of the current situation. What rights we have won through generations of struggle, inexorably stripped away from us, one little bit at a time, all done in the name of preserving a junkie capitalist’s paradise.

Is it any wonder therefore that the youth of today have a ‘fuck you’ attitude, who can blame them. Their parents’ generation have, in the pursuit of personal aggrandizement, and illusory, short-term gain, thrown away their childrens’ future. I find it almost impossible to conceive that Blair’s Britain has actually succeeded in criminalising young people as a CLASS! It reveals not only the hatred and contempt that evil fuckers like Blair and his accomplices have for young people but reveals a ruling class desperate to preserve itself and at any cost including jettisoning our future.

This might seem like a cry in the wilderness, but only one thing can save us from ourselves and that is a return to that early vision of a socialism based on sharing, on modesty and respect for each other and for our home, Planet Earth. The alternative is just too horrible to contemplate. We already have a taster of the future our ruling classes have planned for us; spied on from cradle to grave, our every action scrutinised for even the slightest deviation, even our thoughts! Is this what we want and if not, what do we intend to do about it?

The irony and the paradox of the current situation is not lost on me, for even as we contemplate the mess we have made and learn more about the truly devastating effects that capitalism has had on our lives and that of all the life that we share our home with, we turn increasingly inward, helped, indeed aided and abetted by a parasitical class of apologists in the media, law and education for example, who have transformed our desires and cries for help into self-loathing and fear of our fellow humans.

We have very little time left but we do have the power to toss these despicable people out, to have done with their class and their kind once and for all. They are a stain on humanity, nothing less than mass murderers and grotesque gangsters masquerading as civilised humans.

And to those of you who respond by saying we have no power, no one to represent our aspirations, look no further than the millions of people who HAVE voiced their opposition to the policies of our genocidal leaders both here and abroad. Increasingly, entire countries are realising that the leaders of the imperium are more afraid of us than we are of them. Short of waging war on the entire planet (not so far-fetched I know), they know deep-down that they have run out of road. It really is up to us to say enough is enough and kiss these mother-fuckers goodbye.
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a guest said:

Does require organization
and maybe giving the youth something of a goal for the future, indeed the present. Voicing opinions is quaint, maybe even effective if one could hear them, but like the US, very few people in Britain seem to understand how to protest, or how to make use of mass civil disobedience. It is time to learn.

For all the hooliganism in the UK and crudeness and rudeness in the US, Anglo-Americans are just too polite to their ruling elites. Is it complacency, ignorance or fear? Real wages and living standards are falling precipitously, but the ruling elite are kept in power and wealth with nary a peep from the masses or the beast.

Global peace, indeed existence, depends on these peoples rising up and taking control of their democracies and economies. Are the British and American writers here capable of helping to organize them locally, regionally, nationally, and exerting real pressure?

No time like the present!
February 18, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

how britain is an active supporter of terrorism in chechneya,iran,iraq and other places.
october, 2002.

So according the the Guardian editorial on 2nd of Decemebr 2002 The british should try to topple, if they could have the power, the persons like daddam hussain, Dr. M. mahathir of malasia. Mr. Mugabe of Zimbawe, and Mr. Jacque Ciraque Of france. All of these people have one thinmg in common-they have all challneged the english bastardy and bully tactics . In fact their oppesition ot english intersts must make them heroes for the rest of world becasue entglish are the curse of this world and are real pestilence which should ebe eliminated. Remmeber when israel had bombed Iraques nuclear reactor in summer of 1981 days befor it going critical then it was the english media and their stooge english media who wre doing anti israeli propaganda along with Iraq-ofcourse at that time english thought that the only way to get ARAB MONEY WAS BY LICKING ARAB'S ARSE.- when america is kicking that arse then english like a hyena-that they are-have joined them. In fact english are actively sabotaging and spying european trade secrets-english are enemies not only of coloured population of the world but all other whites of Europe and of even america-english infiltration inside america has ensured that america foreign policy and even domestic policy is run for english benefit and small number of anglosaxonx(who are basically plumber class in america just like in england)-english is a race of pirates turned blumbers)That is why english have infiltrated media and hollywpood and are boring the rest of the world with their rubbish actors and actreess-who are more of whores than anything-that too ugly english whore. That is why though england does not produce anything worthwhile-may be infected beef?-it is still not under recession while japan .far east and whiole of europe has been made to live in prolonged recession by the english manipulation of stock market world bank and all unproductive financial transations.

The French prseident is right is demanding that britain give back to E. U. what it has been taking
unfairly for so long. After all it was never entitled to those money . Besides it has n=been britain who has been vociferous in wanting the enlargement of europe. The prupose why england wanted enlargement was basically to derail european integration and create a rift amonst partner states so that wiht the hepl of america braitain can As a pet dog of super=power(but never a power in itself though
propaganda would be about engand being some sort of power) this rubbish thirld rate country would terrorize and hopefully rule_as american proxy over other countries outside europe. In opther word england is harbouring an ambition of proxy empire(with american help_If it could do on its own then it owuld not have cared for america). tHAT ABITION OF enGLAND MUST BE CRUSHED.


25th october 2002

On the day chechnyan terrorists tokk hostage of 500 civilains in
A Moscow theatre, The headline of BBC was not about that but about sharp shooter terrorist being suppsedly caught in washington> In fact theis chechnyian news was fifth in item(including head line) . These days atlast the british media even say about chechnyian terrorist as terrorist otherwise 2 years ago they were always calling them freedom fighters(which they are -but that is another story). In fact the british media and england as a country had been actively supporting and giving material help to checnyaina terrorists9aided by cia and british spy and british media aswell).
If you lok at the report of british media then you realize the british involvemnt in terrorism by the chechnyian terrorists. When three multistory falts were wiped pout by terrorist in central Moscow a few years ago there was a gleee in british reprting and a criticism of later security arrangemnt by Russian forces in Moscow. ofcourse the british media would have been horrified and bar=king like a dog(which they are) if the Russians had decided to destory checknian civilians as the americans did in afganistan. Then you realize the humbug of british propaganda against terrorism-it is selective and meant to facilitate british infiltration in other countries, In fact the afganistan govet(after fall of Taliban) was oppsed to british tyroops (after all americans fought -what have british got?)presence in afgansitan-but armtwisting by british through american help ensures that rbtitish troops are there in afgansitan0they are forgeing infioltrators and thus should be eliminated(they have less legal reason to be in afgansitan than the soviets who had been primarily invited by the govt, of the day). the british involvemtn in international terrorism is not confined to agasnt Russian interset only.
When the kashmiris killed several Indian soldiers(regular phenomenon) the british paper(independent) blamed India for being a target of terrrism and not talking enough with what it called freedom fighters.(terminology changes according to british interts). Infact during the 80s when India was really relatively stable and srtongatlest the govet, was) then the british decided to destabilize India by sponsoring Sikh terrorismand taliban terorism aswell(agasnt INDIA AND AFGANSITAN). It is only when India has virtually been subjugated to look after british and american interst in economics and (with rteal weakening of india as military power) that the british decided to take supprt for terrrism somewhere else.
The whole world is being put under sieze by theis thrird rate power-england-a nation of plumbers(graduation from a nation of pirates turned shopkeepers) The modus operandi of english is by propaganda and spying through british media-paper, bbc and television-they have infiltrated american media and holly wood and are taking jobs from real americans too, They are real enemy of europe and are the main peple respnisnble for truning nations into thrild world and putting them down to status of thrirld world. Look ate how they destryed japansesw economy through manipulative stock market-while their market never crashes and their low life living in factory turned apartmnets-so ugly-never gets busted.
The world has to rise against this anglosaxon who are waging race war agasint all non anglosaxonas -, That evil can be defeated and eliminated -only people have to recognize real enemey and then eliminate them.
February 19, 2007
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a guest said:

The Ugly American
Are you actually in Prison William? If not then why don't you leave the UK?
I would suggest China, or Cuba, Venezuela is wonderful this time of year. Really shouldn't you walk the walk before talking the talk?
February 19, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

Re Disgusted
Dear Ugly American,
No I'm not actually in prison, merely metaphorically. Yes, I've thought about applying for political asylum (or perhaps a retirement?) in Cuba but I doubt they'd have me. China? Nah. Venezuela, maybe, but my Espanol is not too good, tho I have the skills they could probably use.
February 19, 2007
Votes: +0

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