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The Jury is Out... Scooter Libby
Thursday, 22 February 2007 21:39
by Jayne Lyn Stahl
The jury is out in the perjury, and obstruction of justice trial of former vice presidential aide, Scooter Libby and the closing arguments amounted not merely to barbs, but barbed wire.

"Think about the madness of this prosecution," one of Libby's attorneys said just last week. And, another added that "it's not easy going before a grand jury." Yes, indeed, it isn't, just ask former President Bill Clinton who was impeached for what Libby lawyer William Jeffress calls "honest mistakes." If, as Shakespeare said, there is "honor among thieves," there's plenty of honor to be found in our nation's capital thanks to the rascals who have occupied it for the past half dozen years.

The Bush years have been banner years in terms of the number of those filing for personal bankruptcy, and will also be remembered for moral bankruptcy. The Military Commissions Act, the dismantling of habeas corpus, and the USA Patriot Act make a mockery of the system of jurisprudence several generations of Americans fought, lived, and died to preserve and protect.

Think about the madness is right! That the former aide to the vice president is the only one facing charges is the real crime here as is the fact that information has been criminalized by the steadfast, and relentless calls upon members of the press to testify. It isn't as if someone has been trying to run off with our doggie bag here; it's the First Amendment we're talking about.

Libby is only the first who should be convicted of perjury... lying isn't news, in this country, anymore; telling the truth is as is criminalizing the dissemination of information   In order for the concept of justice to survive it, too, must start cutting back on fat. What's more, the president shouldn't be cutting his teeth on the constitution, he should abide by it.
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