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NFR: Traitors...
Saturday, 04 July 2009 04:38
by Stephen P. Pizzo

As a public person easy to email I get a more than a few from global warming deniers. They like to send me "research papers" from scientists who say it just ain't so. That global warming is myth or a "one-world" socialist plot or a way for government to take over everything under cover of saving the planet.

When I reply to them that their "scientists" are like the for-hire hacks who used to pump out junk science for Big Tobacco. You remember that... how smoking didn't cause cancer — they had the proof too! And how nicotine "wasn't addictive." Or how they remind me of holocaust deniers. They too can provide reams of "evidence" that there were no Nazi gas chambers, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Motives in both cases differ, but the results are the same' truth is forced to share the stage as alleged equals with pure, unadulterated bullshit. The holocaust denier's motives are, without doubt, grounded in bad-old-fashioned antisemitism. The tobacco/cancer/addiction deniers motives were purely financial — except for users who just didn't want admit they were killing themselves and those forced to live/work around them.

Global warming deniers are a combination of both the latter. Industries that have been saving billions in overhead using the atmosphere as a free garage disposal system don't want to have to pay for safe and sustainable disposal. It's a bit like the days when industry fought clean water legislation because it was so much cheaper to just pump their liquid waste into rivers, streams or the the oceans. China was one of the last hold outs on the clean water front, which is why China now has almost no clean water.

"China's water crisis threatens the stability and prosperity not only in People's Republic of China but globally too, according to John McAlister from the film Aquabiotronics. According to the World Bank forecast, Mainland China has only a per-capita share of 2700 cubic meters per annum, one quarter of the world's average. Half of China's 617 largest cities face water deficits. Beijing is among the cities which will be most affected. Northern China is now relying on underground water that was formed 10,000 years ago to meet the demand of China's large population, which has resulted in ground cracking and subsidence in some regions." (Full)
Then there are the ordinary folk who send me those "it ain't so," emails about global warming. They are mostly older, religious, politically conservative. They find comfort in faux-science because it allows them the kind of space conservatives cherish most — I call it "changelessness," a state in which what was true in 1960 is just as true to in 2009. Conservatives never support change, except changes that return a status quo they grew up with. They fought every change that moved forward, from Social Security, to Medicare, to the civil rights movement. And, they're still at it, with their hysterical hissy fits over gay marriage.

I'd feel sorry for them if they were not do dangerous. I'd love to just ignore them but we can't. We need to call them by their real name: liars, cowards, traitors, accomplices to mass murder, even. If they succeed they will cause the greatest mass extinction in 65 million years. And this time it'll be our great grand kids who'll pay that price.

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