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The Reality Network News Show
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 22:28
by Edward Strong

Welcome to the The Reality Network News Show. I'm Brian Bilious.

We start with the entertainment highlight of the year, the Oscars. This year the big question is: "Who Will Win the Oscar for Best Death Scene in Iraq?" We've certainly had enough of them. Over 3,000 of our brainwashed mercenaries and robotic killers have died so far.

A trifling amount, really. We've managed to slaughter 650,000 ragheads in the fight to take the oil away from those camel jockeys. No wonder we feel proud of the genocide. Well done, America!

Moving along, our lead political story is confirmation that the White House has been taken over by the Zionists and that the Israel Lobby is now determing US policy in the Middle East. No surprise there, I guess.

It eems that Condi Rice's own chief Middle East aide when she served as Bush's national security adviser, Elliott Abrams, has become the latest neocon to tamper with her efforts to restart a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp.

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Until her meeting in Jerusalem last weekend with ardent Zionist Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Puppet Mahmoud Abbas, the process had been frozen since the last days of Bill Clinton's administration.

Abrams' personal influence over Bush could not possibly match Rice's, but his political connections are next to none. Notably, to the Zionist Lobby of pro-Likud Jewish organisations and the Christian Right. This gives him enormous clout.

We can be sure that the Zionists will continue wiping Palestine off the map.

Now, another story to make us proud to be Americans. We have absolutely no compunction about using extreme psychological torture.

José Padilla, a Brooklyn-born former gang member, was classified as an "enemy combatant" and taken to a navy prison in Charleston, South Carolina. He was kept in a cell 9ft by 7ft, with no natural light, no clock and no calendar.

Whenever Padilla left the cell, he was shackled and suited in heavy goggles and headphones. Padilla was kept under these conditions for 1,307 days.

He was forbidden contact with anyone but his interrogators, who punctured the extreme sensory deprivation with sensory overload, blasting him with harsh lights and pounding sounds.

Padilla also says he was injected with a "truth serum", a substance his lawyers believe was LSD or PCP.

The techniques used to break Padilla have been standard operating procedure at Guantánamo Bay since the first prisoners arrived five years ago.

They wore blackout goggles and sound-blocking headphones and were placed in extended isolation, interrupted by strobe lights and heavy metal music.

These same practices have been documented in dozens of cases of "extraordinary rendition" carried out by the CIA, as well as in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That means the Bush Regime has been deliberately driving hundreds, possibly thousands, of prisoners insane around the world.

Entrepreneurs in Florida are selling T-shirts and bumper stickers with the slogan: "America Made Me Mad" and shipping them to Guantanamo. That's the free market spirit.

Talking of which, we'll take a short break here...

This commercial is brought to you by "Capitalism: The Manufacture of Desire."

The genius of contemporary capitalism is not simply that it gives consumers what they want but that it makes them want what it has to give.

Does capitalism equal human nature? A clever propaganda equation, a ruse, an effective ideological weapon to defend capitalism in the 'Free World'. While it may not have been invented in the U.S, it's here where it has received its warmest embrace.

Look at our Great Leader. He sure knows where to go to be liked. Capitalists love Bush. despite his low public approval rating, he recently received a rapturous welcome on the NY Stock Exchange floor.

“These are his people.” They are the masters of finance, agribusiness and the military-industrial complex, with good reason to cheer.

So, remember, people, keep buying into the American Ideology. Those who benefit most from capitalism - the ruling class - feed the fears and ignorance that provide a foundation for the ideology.

As the mass media are part of the ideological structure [the 'ministry of truth']the ideological word is easily spread.

Capitalism always provides a scapegoat. Capitalist propaganda encourages poor members of the dominant group (e.g. poor whites or poor Christians) to hate some other group, so that their real enemy will be safe. Poor people have good reason to hate rich people.

If Jews can stand in for rich people (as part of some international bankers’ conspiracy), then poor people will hate Jews, and Judaism, rather than hating rich people, and capitalism.

When this happens, the elite can smile and be at peace: they are safe from the anger of those they exploit.

Capitalist ideology teaches poor, powerless whites to blame and hate the blacks and immigrants (for “causing crime” or “stealing our jobs”) instead of their true enemy, the ruling class.

That's right, folks! Keep taking the indoctrination. We must maintain class warfare in reverse. The super rich and their corporations against the workers, redistributing the workers' wealth into their own pockets and coffers.

This program has been brought to you by Yo! Motherblogger
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