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Health Care Crisis: Why do Americans need 2 health care plans to be fully covered? It's hard enough to afford one plan.
Friday, 31 July 2009 19:36
by Peter Stern

These days 20 percent of Americans are not insured for health care. Why not? The cost of health care insurance is astronomical. In addition, there is no one plan that covers an individual completely, for all costs of all needed services. All plans have "holes" in them. Those "holes" can cost people thousands in out-of-pocket expenses, in addition to the expensive premiums. So not only are health plans significantly expensive, they do not cover people adequately.

Currently in Washington D.C. the Obama administration is getting "heat" from various sectors because it is asking Congress to consider implementing a social health care system. The private health care industry does NOT want the government to take over health care. Why would it? The industry is raking-in billions from a system that has lax oversight and regulation. The health care lobby has purchased the best government money can buy.

The only way for people to escape being scammed by the industry is to overpay for medical insurance --- get primary and secondary insurance plans.

My wife had an overnight stay at a hospital. She only had a primary coverage. We received 3 separate bills: 1 from the hospital, 1 from the doctors and 1 for all the lab and extra costs. The primary insurance paid $50,000 and we were billed out-of-pocket expenses of $8,000.

We now pay $12,000 per year for primary and secondary coverage. With these 2 plans there are no out-of-pocket expenses except for co-pays for doctor visits and Rx medications.

But why do people need 2 plans to be fully covered? Shouldn't 1 size fit all?

Americans continue to pay more for their coverage per capita than citizens of any other nation in the World.

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Why on God's good Earth would ANYONE with common sense want to keep private health care as it is?

Americans are being scammed by the health care industry and providers, plain and simple. Wake-up and smell the Starbuck's!

Why fight socializing health care? Why is it okay for auto and financial industries to beg for and get socialized government bail-outs, yet not for Americans who need but can't afford health care coverage?

Private health care is not working for all Americans. Since the health care industry, medical profession and pharmaceutical companies are crying that they do not want the government to socialize health care, then let them all work together to provide private health care plans that are affordable for all Americans that cover members completely, with no out-of-pocket expenses, including Rx medications. If they refuse to do so then it is up to the government --- Republicans and Democrats --- to extend and modify Medicare for all Americans, which will be paid from additional taxes.
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