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Putting-Off the Moment of Truth in Pakistan
Monday, 03 August 2009 18:28
by Peter Chamberlin

An article in a recent Washington Post (“Pakistani Pledge to Rout Taliban In Tribal Region Is Put on Hold”) reveals that Obama’s Pakistani war plans have become bogged-down in a foggy uncertainty with the certain knowledge that the Pakistanis do not play well with others. They are leagues beyond us in the art of political and military play-acting.

The diabolical genius of the Pakistani game plan can now begin to be seen.

"Why would I push them to start an offensive when they have 2 million people they have to protect first?" Holbrooke said.

Their military actions in Swat and NWFP have flushed of millions of people from their homes, creating this monumental internal catastrophe. By flushing these restless refugees toward the eastern border with India and southward, putting them between the Pakistani Army and the big battlefield of S. Waziristan, a buffer was created between the government and international opinion.

"Baitullah Mehsud is a dreadful man, and his elimination is an imperative. However, the first imperative is to secure the areas the refugees are going back into."

Washington’s man in Islamabad, Amb. Holbrooke, is obviously frustrated, hamstrung as he is by world opinion, while turning ever so slowly on the spit in the waiting fires of the new world order, searing from the burning pressure to act, before the countdown to Armageddon ends. Can Holbrooke pull-off another snow job for the Empire, like he did in the Balkans? He may be outmatched by Kayani and the rest of the wily generals.

The entire situation is aptly summed-up by a local observer:

"It's an insane dream to expect anything different from the Pakistani government," said Ali Wazir, a South Waziristan native and a politician with the secular Awami National Party. "The Taliban are the brainchildren of the Pakistan army for the last 30 years. They are their own people. Could you kill your own brother?"

The militants and the Army have been doing a carefully choreographed dance in the steep mountains of Waziristan for many years; why should they now end their routine, or dance to the American tune? Pakistan has successfully paused the orchestra, while the great American conductor fumbles with his sheet music.

Looking for clues about Pakistani intent in their calculated redirection in their national press, we find a complicated morass of information, telling of a new paradigm being set-up around the tired concept of “good Taliban/bad Taliban.” The new strategy (or should I say, plot?) revolves around the same old players, Baitullah Mehsud and Maulvi Nazir, with the rearrangement of secondary characters in and around S. Waziristan. The Abdullah Mehsud group of militants who had allied themselves with Baitullah against Nazir, will continue to play a key role in destabilization operations, as they have done since entering Pakistan from Afghanistan. Turkestan Bhittani is now out, and some new guy called “Baba” is in.

The blame for a national epidemic of bombings that have been blamed on Mehsud will be shifted to captured militant leader Shah Abdul Aziz and another militant named, Fidaullah. Aziz is also to receive the blame for ordering the recent wave of kidnappings for ransom, especially that of the murdered Polish engineer, Piotr Stanczak.

As the case develops it is likely that Aziz will also take the fall for the kidnapping of Indian film-maker, Satish Anand and the murder of SSG Major General Aamir Faisal Alavi, to counter this India-supplied intelligence which implicated ex-military hitmen. Gen. Alavi was gunned-down after warning British journalist Carey Schofield that he was probably about to be murdered by the Army for reporting fake military operations against the Taliban in S. Waziristan. It is strange to read a timeline of the previous Army operations in S. Waziristan, it reads like the identical script Pakistan is still using today—economic blockade, punishing artillery strikes, tribal sanctions, ending in new deals being made.

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The announcement of Aziz’s arrest, and the subsequent word of his being charged with terror bombings and kidnappings which have previously been rumored to have been the handiwork of Mehsud, comes on the heels of another important report from BBC, revealing that Aziz, upon his arrest, was carrying a letter from Mehsud to the Army. Word is, the topic was potential deals. This report also brings word from S. Waziristan that the Army had been reorganizing anti-Taliban groups.

The spy agencies prefer to find puppets who can be all things, in all situations, universal scapegoats whose very existence serves to wrap-up the many loose-ends from ongoing psy-ops in one neat solution. Men like bin Laden, Ramsi Yousef, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi(“al Qaida in Iraq”), Mullah Omar and Mehsud, have all served the purposes the spooks designed them for, to be fall guys for the illegal terrorist actions of the agencies. Now that we can glimpse the emerging picture, we can see the explanation for everything in the new super-ambitious, multi-tasking “Uber-terrorist,” Pakistani militant, Shah Abdul Aziz.

Arrangements have been made for a new paradigm, the next waltz with the militants has been quietly re-written by the Army (or was it done in another back room deal with the CIA?). How will Obama and the other Western leaders take it when the new puzzle is revealed? Will he allow the next dance to go on, or will he send the Predators in to disrupt the orchestra, or worse, will he send in the Special Forces and upend the entire bandstand? Pakistan may have bought itself a little time, but then again, the Zionist timekeepers are calling the shots in the greater Middle East. Netanyahu, the new thoroughly mad conductor will see Iranian blood spilled all over the dance floor very soon, or else, even if Pakistan’s backdoor into Iran does remain closed.

When will we grow tired of all the death and deception that calls itself “democracy” and do the one democratic thing that will put an end to all this? When will the American people take action and become players in this whole sordid game which passes for “government”? When will we get-up off our dead behinds and take the reins of power that lie loosely on the ground before us, just waiting for us to rise-up and fulfill our part of the American bargain?

Everything is the way it is because you refuse to be a good citizen. The scavengers run our government only because we let them.


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