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West Papuan Leaders Are Disappointed With The Result Of The Pacific Islands Forum Meeting
Monday, 10 August 2009 08:11
by Staff

Leaders of the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation were in Cairns North Queensland to push hard for the PIF to grant West Papua Observer Status and also for the forum to discuss many other issues affecting West Papuan people. Meanwhile more human violations are occurring. PIF should never fail to address the issue of West Papua. After all PIF was established to address all the issues affecting the Pacific community, political or otherwise. It is important that leaders of the PIF raise these concerns in order to prevent further violence. Turning away from it will only make it worse. Prior to the PIF meeting they have taken part in a Civil Society Forum on Climate Change where all these issues were discussed and linked as inseparable part of climate change.

Vice Chairman of the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation, Dr. Otto Ondawame stated the coalition is not happy at all about the way the PIF treated West Papua. “This is hypocrisy; how could they concern themselves about human right and democracy issues in other parts of the world but ignore what is happening next door he asked? By not protesting or even mentioning the violence in West Papua you are infect encourage it to continue”, he said.

The PIF had clearly stated its concerns about the situation in West Papua during its 37th forum meeting in Fiji. We would have hoped that the PIF be consistent with its concerns because the situation is not improving at all. “Regardless of this setback our Coalition will continue to work for a peaceful and dignified solution to the West Papuan issue. We will never stop until once again we become part of the Pacific community as we were when we were member of the South Pacific Commission from 1947 – 1962”, said Mr. Rex Rumakiek, the Secretary General of the WPNCL.
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