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Our Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan & Elsewhere w Major General Elaectrc Editorial cartoons
Monday, 24 August 2009 13:49
by Peter A. Falvey

Major General Electric W Yet More Good News From Our Wars

In bold press conferences and field photo ops Major General Electric wages a courageous campaign to win the hearts and minds of the media by launching preemptive attacks on reality. A firm believer in the ends justifying the means, Maj Gen Electric battles on despite shifting means and there being no end in sight. Bravely he continues to present the administration's position, even as the administration heroically searches for it. Undefeated in the media wars, Maj Gen Electric leaves opponents speechless and should all else fail, shuts off the mike. He adjourns knowing well todays problems will soon be swept away by yet new disasters. Travel with the general as we fight the oil crusade, publish him in serial form or take him home in a poster. see contact us for details.


The foundation for peace in Iraq is widely believed in the creation ofa legislature that will reflect the interests and beliefs of all the Iraqi people.

Meet Major General Electric


Below Major General Electric Goes Out On A Limb To Explain To Embedded Reporters The Back And Forth Progress Of Our Military Efforts.


Below You Will See One Of The Photos Major General Electric Used In A Press Conference To Illustrate The Democratic Gains Made In Iraq.

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