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The Blinkered & Dangerous Intransigence of the British Media.
Thursday, 03 September 2009 06:49
by Brian Rayner

The hysteria in the Western media over the release of a terminally ill Libyan man in excruciating pain and with just weeks to live has now abated. Like Shylock in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, the frantic British media were hell bent on milking the event to maximum effect; only just falling short of extracting their bloody pound of flesh. The British media’s intransigence, lack of impartiality and humanity over the matter have highlighted yet again the darkest and most dreadful side of British journalism; its intransigent, blind and unforgiving nature.

Clearly the Scottish Justice Minister and a number of the families who were bereaved because of the disaster do not condone the media’s ‘knee-jerk’ reaction. Although in fairness a solitary commentator did state:
“...the response in Libya was quite controlled…”
It could have been much more. However, it is the comparison between the Libyan example and the prearranged adulation given to the British homecoming military that sticks in the mind of many people over here. "
On the ill-fated aircraft, men, women, children and babies were killed in their hundreds, whereas in Iraq and Afghanistan, the civilian toll has already passed half-a-million. Is that what the British Establishment wishes us to celebrate when we witness column after column of British troops returning home from a tour in the Middle East? A British carnival that is indicative of highly organised press coverage, unrepressed clapping, and cheering, the waiving of Union flags, the blowing of kisses; at times accompanied by a strident military band, while hundreds of followers with cameras record the moment for posterity, and sadly, the children of the next generation.

And yet, as far as I recall, no reporter in Britain has ever criticised the hype and damage that this Western type of celebration creates in the mind of Muslims living in this country and elsewhere in the world.

Do we really want to kow-tow before the British Establishment and in so doing give proxy approval of the American trigger happy gung-ho way of creating havoc and mayhem in Islamic countries? I think not. I am convinced that the majority of the British public do not approve of this atrocious hate and revenge forming message of joyful celebration as it is conveyed to millions of Arabs, and the hundreds of thousands of bereaved families who watch it on their TV screens?

Consequently, if the British media must criticise what other nations do by way of celebration, let them have the fortitude to report matters impartially and dispraise their own nations questionable tasteless celebrations whenever it is needed.

Let the return of British troops be a celebration of course, but a very private occasion for loved ones and family members only, but importantly off camera with the press excluded.

And in the interest of peace and harmony between nations we very much hope that this will happen soon. In the meantime let us put an end to all this dreadful killing now, and bring our military home in its entirety from the Western created mayhem that is the Middle East.

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