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Fox News, Crazy (Is that an Oxymoron?)
Monday, 12 March 2007 10:28
by Larry C Johnson

Thanks to DMAC we now know that Jurassicpork over at Pottersville created the following masterpiece.  If you had any lingering doubt about the propaganda and disinformation that spews forth regularly from the demon child fathered by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, just take a look.  These are not isolated, out of context, screen shots.  These are reflective of a mindset and standard of practice that is truly evil.

As a former Fox News analyst I have some first hand experience of dealing with the beast and have the satisfcation of knowing that Rupert Murdoch had me removed from Fox air for daring to suggest that invading Iraq would be a diversion in the war on terrorism.

The time has come that every thoughtful, informed person should refuse to watch Fox, appear on Fox, or support the advertisers who enable this group of nuts.

Fox News at Its Finest.

Some clues as to why the Nevada Democratic Caucus pulled out of Fox “News’s” proposed coverage of the Democratic Presidential debate:

“Iraq less violent than DC?”

See more on the flip...

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Fox News, 8/23/2003

At least they made Hastert the big story.

“Why would the Fox News Network employ a long serving member of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization and well known mercenary of Saddam Hussein, as its 'Foreign Affairs Analyst'?” -Iran Inter-link.org

Breaking news: Hezbollah has nukes.

It can’t be true because Bush would’ve been declared the winner by John Ellis.

The “other people” part convinced me. And, more importantly, did he attend a madrassa?

Yeah, how dare the media shirk its responsibilities in fighting terrorism like the administration?

Who needs Havidol?

Is this a multiple choice news story like the next one?

Or like the next one?

The Mayon volcano is in Luzon in the Philippines, not Indonesia.

Just in case Corey Lidle was a terrorist

It could be taken out of context, sure. But knowing Bush…

The font was so small because he barely won and the Democrats barely got the Senate.

Finally, as a tribute to the true journalistic stature of Fox’s staff, I offer you this:

Sadly, the author regrets that not a single one of these have been Photoshopped.
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