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Talking Revolution
Saturday, 26 September 2009 20:10
by Timothy V. Gatto

All day long I’ve been seething. I finally calmed down enough to sit down and through writing about how I feel, sort of work things out. Because this is a very personal set of feelings I’m working through and writing about, what I have to say really needs to be said and more importantly thought about, especially if this material is new to you.

The reason why I wrote a book was to reach an audience that hadn’t heard what I have to say, not to make a buck. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but I’m not the dumbest either. It took a long time to arrive at where I am now in my political thinking. Most people that are familiar with my writing know that at one time I was very naive. I sometimes wish I were still, life was easier. I know just about all it is possible to know without actually being in the political system and privy to what is said in backrooms and in whispers. I am aware of what my nation is doing and I am ashamed.

I never believed in Barack Obama nor did I believe in Hillary Clinton. Still, like many other Americans I felt that a change from the radical right to something more centrist would be good for this country. I still had very deep reservations about Barack Obama. I followed his campaign and I saw where his financing was coming from. I was convinced that he hadn’t been chosen by the Democrats; instead he had been anointed by corporate America. I now believe it to be true and I am unshakeable in this opinion. It has been ten months since the Democrats have had control over both houses of Congress and the executive branch and still we seem to be to be on the same course as we were under Bush and Cheney.

Let me state some irrefutable facts that every American should know;

1. The United States spends 48% of the entire world budget for the military. $515.4 billion dollars for the basic budget alone. That does not include appropriations for Afghanistan and Iraq. We have 800 bases in 130 different nations. We have revived the 4th Fleet that is responsible for operating in Latin America. We are building 5 new bases in Columbia to whom we have given 5 billion dollars to over the past three years. Uribe, the leader of Columbia has supported murder and violence against trade unions and those that disagree with his rule. Columbia still remains the largest exporter of cocaine to the United States. Afghanistan produces 90% of the opium in the entire world.

2. The goal of “fighting terrorism” is but a guise to cover the real objectives of the United States. According to Pepe Escobar of the Asia Times in the article U.S. Arc of Instability JustKeepsGettingBigger.

“Most of all, the underlying logic remains divide and rule. As for the divide, Beijing would call it, without a trace of irony, "splittist". Split up Iraq - blocking China's access to Iraqi oil. Split up Pakistan - with an independent Balochistan preventing China from accessing the strategic port of Gwadar there. Split up Afghanistan - with an independent Pashtunistan allowing the building of the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline bypassing Russia. Split up Iran - by financing subversion in Khuzestan and Sistan-Balochistan. And why not split up Bolivia (as was attempted last year) to the benefit of US energy giants. Call it the (splitting) Kosovo model. Kosovo, incidentally, is known as the Colombia of the Balkans.” What Washington calls the "Western hemisphere" is a sub-section of the New Great Game. The linkage between the recent military coup in Honduras, the return of the living dead - that is, the resurrection of the US Navy's Fourth Fleet in July 2008 - and now the turbo-charging of seven US military bases in Colombia is not to be blamed merely on continuity from president George W Bush to Obama. Not really. This is all about the internal logic of Full Spectrum Dominance.

“Full Spectrum Dominance” is the real motivation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Columbia.

3. According to Paul Craig Roberts in an article entitled “The Economy is a Lie Too” (Sept 23, 2009) he states; The spin that masquerades as news is becoming more delusional. Consumer spending is 70% of the US economy. It is the driving force, and it has been shut down. Except for the super rich, there has been no growth in consumer incomes in the 21st century. Statistician John Williams of shadowstats.com reports that real household income has never recovered its pre-2001 peak.

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4. Obama supporting the renewal of The Patriot Act and the practice of “Preventive Detention”. The Patriot Act which is the draconian measure that basically tries to legitimatize “the security state (fascism)” allows for warrant less searches of citizen’s homes without their knowledge before or after the searches. While this was brought into the act on the premise of stopping terrorism, the use of these searches has primarily been against suspected drug dealers. Preventive detention basically does away with the writ of habeas corpus; no right to a lawyer, no disclosure of the crimes against the detained, no trial and no peer jury. This is America?

5. Propping up Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. The President declares that we are seeing a rebound in the economy when in reality unemployment and homelessness are still rising. There are one million homeless children in America and over 47 million unemployed. The only indicator that has risen is the stock market where wild speculation is still taking place. Corporations and banks have been the recipient of the lion’s share of bailout funds, not the individual citizen. Job outsourcing to other nations in order to increase the bottom line of corporations has crippled the manufacturing base of the United States. We are at a point where we produce very little. Production has been the means in which to gauge the economy and has been tied to rising or falling salaries. Now we are in a service economy dependant on retail sales for 70% of our GDP. In this climate, how is America affecting a financial rebound? Improbable to say the least.

These are but a few of the reasons why all Americans need to get involved. The practice of listening to the guidance of our political leaders should be terminated. There are only a handful of people in government that are not on the take. The pharmaceutical industry according to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has over 1100 lobbyists in Washington, two for every Senator and Representative. The money that flows to politicians from corporate coffers is measured in the billions. The Congressional Branch has been bought and paid for. I believe it is now impossible to enact campaign finance reform. The Supreme Court is considering overturning the Austin Decision which puts a cap on corporate campaign contributions. If this happens, corporations will have no prohibition against legally installing their own people in State and Federal government.

One telling example of Obama’s loyalty to corporate America was his decision to prevent re-importation of drugs into the United States and to ban government agencies from negotiating lower drug prices. This in effect gave big pharma free reign to rape the consumer. He claimed that we saved “billions” in the compromise which in reality turned out to be a 2% decrease in future pricing.

The expansion of NATO operations on all continents except Latin America and the ensuing encirclement of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia), China and Iran all point towards a quest for international hegemony by the U.S. The result of which will not significantly change the situation of American citizens. Far from it, the resulting wars without end will, in my opinion, bleed this nation dry of resources and capital. The only entities that will profit from continued conflict will be those that make up the military industrial complex, the defense industries and related corporations. One must consider that the continuing outsourcing of manufacturing to other nations have created corporate entities that are multi-national or “supra-national” corporations with no allegiance to any one country. Some of these corporations such as Exxon/Mobil have assets that are larger than most nations on the planet.

What I see for the future of the United States does not bring me any peace. The real problems in the world such as dwindling resources and climate change beg attention. There is no real way to affect change when military budgets and foreign military adventures use up the lion’s share of our budget. What possible good will come of a world ruled by the United States of America when this world is facing world-wide starvation, desertification, anarchy and extreme poverty while a good percentage of planet Earth’s citizens become refugees looking for arable land in order to feed themselves? Civilization itself is facing collapse while the nations of the Earth fight wars over resources and political disagreements.

Capitalism has long outlived its usefulness. Just to prove a point, the Rothschild family is estimated to have 100 Trillion dollars in assets, the Rockefellers’ of the United States 11 Trillion dollars. These are unsubstantiated numbers and come from Pravda (Retired management consultant Gaylon Ross S., author of Who's Who of the Global Elite, has been tipped from a private source that the combined wealth of the Rockefeller family in 1998 was approx (US) $11 trillion and the Rothschild’s (U.S.) $100 trillion. However something of an insider's knowledge of the hidden wealth of the elite is contained in the article, "Will the Dollar and America Fall Down on August 19?.." on page 1 of the 12th July 2001 issue of Russian newspaper Pravda.).

The question Americans must ask themselves is what do they want from the future? Are American ideals that were enshrined in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution really important? Do the tenants of the Magna Charta really matter? Can people ever be truly free under any government? Who will benefit from the incessant wars fought for undetermined principles? Can capitalism ever be refined to the point where all people have the same chance to succeed? Will it ever be possible for the people of the United States to again be in control of the Federal Government as if we ever had control?

I believe that it is now impossible to affect change from inside the system. The government has ceased to be by the people and for the people. This is not a question of right or left, it is a question of what is good for the majority. Change must be affected from outside the government in the form of civil disobedience, boycotts and demonstrations. The most important task in front of us is educating our fellow citizens to the grave dangers we face by maintaining the status quo. Eventually war with Russia and China will be inevitable. War with Iran is just around the corner. Our freedoms are being usurped by both political parties in power. The government has no real regard for the good of the citizenry. Our system is corrupted by corporate greed and most wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population.

Is Revolution the answer? If we take Revolution out of the equation what are the alternatives? Will enough of us see the coming dangers so as to change the future? Do we have any choice than but to “go along to get along” because too few of us are capable of critical thinking? As George Carlin once said, “There is a club that rules this country…and you ain’t in it”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that most of us cannot possibly continue to live at the levels we are accustomed to as long as the lion’s share of our nation’s wealth is being used to fund our military and our wars for “full spectrum dominance”. In the short run military expenditures will keep our economy from going bust, but in the long run these military expenditures will bankrupt us. Nobody in the government today is going to change things, change must come from the people, if not revolution, then what?

timgatto@hotmail.com http://liberalpro.blogspot.com Read Tim's new book "From Complicity to Contempt"

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