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Let Afghani Electoral Freedom Rain!
Friday, 23 October 2009 05:51
by Tom Chartier

I have a problem… you in the peanut gallery be quiet. Didn’t the U.S. and some other western nations recently throw away something like $300 million and change, for a bogus election in the Tar Baby of all Empires… Afghanistan? That seems a bit much wouldn’t you agree? And now… Heavens to Mergatroid!.. They have to do it all over again. How much will that cost us, the U.S. taxed peons?

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to contribute to this… again! The first time was insulting enough but this is an outrage! Can’t the U.S. Supreme Court just “declare” a winner? That is the Modern American way of deciding corrupt elections after all. Give it to Karzai! He cheated. He bribed. He had his cronies count the votes on the Stalin Principle. He won!

I guess he wasn’t subtle enough. Idiot. That may be all the more reason he should maintain the roll of Afghanistan Puppet Leader.

Oh well… they’re going to try again to get the right results without appearing to stack the deck. And you can bet that ace hidden up the Obama’s sleeve the outcome will make a lot of decisions for him, like how many more “advisors” to send in. Oops, excuse me. I got Afghanistan and Vietnam confused for a moment. They’re quite different. Afghanistan has the potential of becoming much, much more disastrous for the U.S. Silly me for being such an optimist.

The question is how to hold another election. The first one was a wash out. Are they going to repeat the tried and untrue methods? Well, Gentle Reader, maybe the approach was way too Western for Afghanistan. Believe it or not, there are places in the world where they simply do not think or do things like they do in Fargo, North Dakota. This concept of writing the name of the candidate of your choice on a piece of paper… or punch a hole in a card… or drawing a picture of a happy butterfly next to the dictator of your choice like they used to do in Florida may be completely alien to the Afghanis.

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What a conundrum!

The fact is for ages, Afghanistan has had free and open elections. They have always been a completely democratic society. They decide their democratic dictators in a different manner than we do here in Lake Wobegon, USA. They shoot it out.

That’s right! They have a war! The major Afghanistan Tribes pick sides, form alliances and engage in a good shoot ‘em up. Eventually a winner is “declared.” After a time, one of the other political parties… uh… factions finds enough turncoats and ordnance to contest a new Afghanistan “election.”

Isn’t this exactly what is going on in Afghanistan right now? You bet it is! Forget about the Taliban or the Northern Alliance or Karzai or the other guy Abdullah Abdullah. Spending another $300 million U.S. greenbacks for another rigged paper election is not going to decide the outcome. And neither will the US troops coming back in body bags. Another 40,000? Chicken feed! Another 400,000 US troops won’t make and difference in the final results.

Sooner or later, some Afghanistan War Lord or religious leader will cast the deciding vote and kill Karzai… and he knows it.

Well heckers. I’m all for freedom. Fighting with each other is the Afghanistan style of freedom. They love their style of freedom so much, shooting at each other is the National Sport, kind of like the Washington D.C. sport of Greasing Monkeys. Who are we to interfere?

Maybe I’m full of (vernacular too unsavory) but logic seems to dictate that if war is their bag and their business the Afghanis will do just fine without the U.S. trying to play ball at the same time.

If there is a country that epitomizes the Second Amendment it’s Afghanistan! And let me tell you folks, they are demonstrating that fact to Bro Bama and his Pentagon Primates quite well. They will continue to demonstrate that fact until there’s no need for a pipeline of black gold through their country.

I say let electoral freedom rain in Afghanistan in the natural style of the Afghanis. The U.S. should respect their freedom and leave… and let the Afghanis really decide who wins.
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