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The Pakistan Decapitation Papers
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 20:05
by Zahir Ebrahim


Who in Pakistan has not heard of the famous fable of King Solomon the wise. When presented with two women feuding over a baby, each claiming to be the real mother, the king drew his mighty sword to cut the baby in half to give to each quarrelsome woman. One of them, the real mother, cried out: “It's hers, it's hers, please give the entire beautiful baby to her, she is the real mother; I don't want half of the dead!”

Alas, on the face of it, not one among the rulers of Pakistan is the real mother of the Pakistani peoples.

Pakistan has been under the hectoringhegemons' sword the moment the Berlin Wall came down. Almost overnight, with the calculated destruction of the Soviet Union, a new perpetual enemy of mankind was brought to the fore in the continuing game of Hegelian Dialectics to raise a new phoenix of world government from the ashes of the old world order. Variously titled as militant Islam, radical Islam, islamofascism, but most often called Islamism to bring it kinship with the earlier enemies of mankind, namely, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, though not Zionism, Pakistan has been the unrecognized eye of the storm from day one.

The only Muslim country with nuclear weapons, also harboring a ready-made psychological-tribal ethos which makes some of its inhabitants easy recruits for enabling the perpetual World War IV with just the right “tickling”, Pakistan had to be both harvested for fodder, and setup fordestabilization and balkanization. The latter not primarily for the purpose which is most apparent, the riches under its soil, but to continue the path of creating World Order.

The previous four decades since the end of World War II until the dismantling of the Soviet Union, saw most of the world held hostage into two partisan camps of two combating nuclear titans. These bastions of civilization and high-morality of course only exchanged blows in proxy warfare upon poorer nations, but primarily used that Cold War as the pretext to run up a phenomenal expense on arms buildup. That was deemed World War III. The moment that ended, World War IV began right away, albeit it remained poorly recognized as such until 911. The first barbaric invasion of Iraq, followed by the 13 years of strangulation regimes of economic sanctions and silent warfare – which notably elicited the famous affirmation from the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to the reporting of deaths of half a million Muslim children for a want of medicines “We think the price is worth it” – set the stage for it.

911 created that shock effect of “New Pearl Harbor” upon the American public to provide the full pretext to the remaining superpower left standing after World War III, to launch its final gambit to entirely overthrow the remaining Old World Order. Thus, the past one hundred and twenty years have seen four World Wars, or their preparations, and in each war, three unusual things transpired: 1) existing world order and existing empire were partially destroyed, to be replaced by a transient world order that was to be an incremental baby-step towards the ultimate agenda of world government, and repeat; 2) no territorial expansion occurred for any warring nation; 3) a private financial oligarchy continually emerged the most victorious, consolidating its gains from each war, and each economic boom-bust cycle, to grow more and more powerful. All warring nations ran up astronomical debts to these financial barons who armed all sides of the manufactured conflicts, and also controlled the monetary policy and currency-issue in each of those nations. The victors, as well as the vanquished. The war debt was administered by the Bank of International Settlement, or BIS for short. Who owns BIS and what do its owners want with world government? Was it foreseeable that Pakistan would be put on the chopping block of the war planners?

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The collection of Project Humanbeingsfirst's letters and essays comprising this book examines the latter question, of the predictability of Pakistan's sorry fate. Had it not been for her own cowardly and treasonous rulers alternately cowering and thumping their chests while killing their own civilians in the most barbaric way imaginable; and for a public watching in apathy while waiting for Allah to come save them, it was a fate that was completely avoidable! Who gave the mandate to military dictator General Pervez Musharaf to ally Pakistan with the hectoring hegemons in the aftermath of 911? At Nuremberg, the rulers of Pakistan would all hang for creating andmaintaining an alliance with the aggressor who committed not just war crimes, but “the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole” as was concluded by Justice Robert Jackson, US chief prosecuting counsel at the Nuremberg Military Tribunals. General Pervez Musharaf treated Pakistan as his private inheritance, and the same is being done by his successors, both military andcivilian.

It is my hope that in presenting this volume to them, that they might suddenly recall that six feet under, the maggots can't tell the difference. While surely, the soul extractor can!

For gaining a deeper comprehension of the larger context of one-world government in which Pakistan's dismantling is situated, please acquire the “Monetary Reform Bibliography” from ProjectHumanbeingsfirst's website.

These essays and letters are arranged in reverse chronological order (for the lack of a better way to present them). All pertain to Pakistan directly, except two. The letter to the Financial Times of December 11, 2008, which is included to demonstrate that when the rest of the documents refer to one-world government, it isn't a conspiracy theory of idleschizoids on some LSD trip. And the essay of April 26, 2008, From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror on the Grand Chessboard, which is included tosuccinctly identify the fundamental political science reality behind the “war on terror”. It would be preferable to read these two documents before proceeding to the sorrows of Pakistan.

Zahir Ebrahim

Download PDF here (2.7 MB).

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