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Letter to Pakistan's Ambassador Hon. Husain Haqqani and Pakistani Scholars
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 05:35
by Zahir Ebrahim

Dear Ambassador of Pakistan Hon. Husain Haqqani, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, and Directors at the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada,

Salaam Alekum,

I would most respectfully like to draw your kind attention to the appended perspective which cites your respective scholarship, and in the case of the named organization (hitherto quite unknown to me), of a Mr. Abul Hassaan but circulated in that organization's name.

As an important government functionary, and also concerned scholars and/or plebeian citizens of Pakistan watching our beloved nation disintegrate by forces which are far more powerful than each one of us individually, we would surely like to acutely comprehend how to collectively arrest the descent of our nation from its planned dismemberment. What is it that ails Pakistan? Is it the mosque, the mullah, the military, the politician, radical Islam, or “imperial mobilization”?

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Hon. Ambassador Husain Haqqani, you had indeed so very perceptively observed in June 2008 while speaking to a group of riled up concerned citizens in Washington DC, and which I have subsequently taken under considerable advisement after reading about it in the newspapers: '“Foreign relations are not discussed in poetry, ... Saddam Husain’s last speech was also full of poetry but it could not save him or his nation.”'  (Dawn, June 29, 2008)

It is precisely that grotesque bit of truism so forthrightly uttered by you which also compels me to write this letter. I have indeed appreciated your straightforward candor Mr. Ambassador, and I hope that you, as well as others addressed here, will also appreciate mine. Being only of limited acumen and of largely plebeian traits, I pray that you might overlook whatever faults that might exist in my prose, and directly address its substance.

FYI: This letter is being sent to news media outlets.

It is also archived here:
http://print-humanbeingsfirst. blogspot.com/2009/10/letter- pak-ambassador-scholars.html

The perspective appended below is also published here:
http://print-humanbeingsfirst. blogspot.com/2009/10/ fightingterrorists- butsupportingideolog.html

And just in case this letter ends up in your junk mailbox, I will also be re-emailing it from my private MIT address. I apologize in advance if you should see it twice.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
California, United States.
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