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Compulsory vaccinations and implanted chips? Facts and fiction surrounding the Swine Flu
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 06:25
by Daan de Wit, translated by Ben Kearney

Rumors about the Swine Flu are getting around faster than the virus itself. Mass compulsory vaccinations would beimminent. Tiny nanochips hidden inside the vaccine? This article is a first step towards separating fact from fiction.

One of the rumors involves an allegedly leaked police report. It's a blueprint for the wholesale and compulsory vaccination of the Dutch population. The only thing it needs is a specific date filled in where the question marks are now, and then the document is ready to be put to use. The title of the document [PDF] is 'PROVISIONAL POLICE SCENARIO IN EVENT OF INFLUENZA PANDEMIC'. The question as to whether or not this is an official document has basically been answered by the fact that it has been put on 'the official website for the IJssel-Vecht region' of The Netherlands. This site is the precursor to the websites for the GGD IJsselland and IJsselland Emergency Response and is registered to theaddress of IJsselland Emergency Response.

It is section 1.1.2 of this document that is giving cause for alarm on all sorts of forums and websites. It reads: 'It is decided at ? by the Ministers of Public Health, Welfare and Sports, and State that a vaccination of the entire population (in a portion of the country or in the entire country) will be put into motion. The vaccination will commence on ? at 8:00AM. Given the available information at this time, the R.C.C. will be operational from ? hrs'. Many people are reading this to mean that the vaccination will become mandatory. There is even someone who is sending an email around which says: 'I've just come from police headquarters in Zaanstad where I reported to the police that I had inside information of the intent to commit a crime - (forced) vaccination. They spoke to me nicely and took me seriously. [...] I brought some information with me that I had downloaded from Want to Know [...]'.

Want to Know is the website of Fred Burks, a former interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton. A few years ago Burks started the website WantToKnow, and since then a corresponding Dutch-Belgian site has surfaced. The site contains an article on compulsory vaccination and the surreptitious administration of nanochips. I was directed to the piece by the author himself after I had responded to one of his previous articles: 'Nanochip in the vaccination!?'. This article is based on an English translation of a German article. The article describes comments after a lecture made by 'a woman' who mentions that 'a friend of hers' works at a pharmaceutical company in Vienna and that this friend told her that the needles of the Swine Flue injections contain nanochips. So if you get a Swine Flue vaccination, the chip disappears into your body and all kinds of data can be recorded on it. My question to the writer of the Dutch article is whether it is indeed the case that his story is based on the unverifiable story of an unknown woman - as told to another unknown woman - who supposedly related it at a lecture given to a German audience. He confirmed this and referred me to an earlier article of his.

Known and very popular cialis coupon which gives all the chance to receive a discount for a preparation which has to be available and exactly cialis coupons has been found in the distant room of this big house about which wood-grouses in the houses tell.

This earlier article opens with the well-known story that documentary filmmaker Aaron Russo made friends with Nicolas Rockefeller, a scion of the renowned Rockefeller family. Russo explains in an interview with activist and publicist Alex Jones that Rockefeller entrusted him with all kind of secrets. One of those secrets (see 6'25 in the interview) being that the population of the world would be 'chipped'. This calls Rockefeller's motives into question, whether he spoke the truth, and whether Russo has given an accurate portrayal of the conversation. Russo's comments can no longer be verified because he has since passed away. After the information about Rockefeller, the article deals with 'America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009'. This document is supposedly proof that the American population is going to be chipped. Quotes from the document regarding implantable 'class II' devices should convince the reader to adopt the conclusion: 'It is the intention that these kinds of devices will be implanted in the majority of the population, the portion which chooses to register with the new public health program'.

In the original American document it talks about 'a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining'. It sounds like the official description of a pacemaker. But it turns out that pacemakers fall under the category of class III devices. Class I, II or III is an indication of how much regulatory control a device is subjected to. The Food and Drug Administration states that 'Examples of Class II devices include powered wheelchairs, infusion pumps, and surgical drapes'.

The Dutch article states that the implanted chips transmit patient data. The writer cites as proof the American document that talks about 'data'. In the document it says that a record will be created for the aforementioned class II device, and that data will be stored in that record. Further down it states what is meant by data: information about the above-mentioned device and other data, such as 'claims data', etc. In contrast to what is said in the article, this has nothing to do with the 'chipping' of people.

The article concludes by citing the Children's Health Insurance Program, CHIP for short. The suggestion is made that this program also has something to do with the implanting of chips in people. The writer doesn't go any further than making this suggestion because it's not possible to factually do anything other than make a suggestion.

Besides the above article, the email that I received from the author referred me to another article with yet more proof, this from the hand of the same writer. It's entitled: 'Lies, half-truths and manipulations'. It quotes someone who claims to have information from a group of extraterrestrials who answer to the name of The Hathors. Well, what can I say?.

Based on what I've read on this subject and discussed here, it has to be concluded that we are dealing with half-truths and whole rumors. I'm interested in solid information regarding vaccines (how much Thimerosal/Thiomersal/mercury they actually contain, how much Squalene), any possible vaccination programs, and of course ways to strengthen the immune system, such as Vitamin D3.

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Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

The Ultimate Revolution
“Hitachi a few years ago produced a chip (called the mu chip) that was the size of a pencil point; if you take a pencil and put it on a piece of paper you get a little dot. That’s how small they’re getting. In 2007 Hitachi came out with a chip that was even smaller, they call it RFID powder. They are just like the talcum powder you would put on a baby. Somark Innovations in Jan 10, 2007 announced an invisible RFID ink. This can be applied to cattle, prime cuts of meat, military personnel and it can be read through hair.”

Quoted in Swine Flu: The Ultimate Revolution in the Making


It might surely be a bit useful to first comprehend the political science behind the pandemic before picking on the details to show them to be wrong, half-truth, or myth. They might well be. The political science however isn't - and can accurately predict what to expect, what to avoid, and how to assess.

There are multiple agendas at play simultaneously.

See Swine Flu: The Digital Cacophony of Medical Experts, Public Relations


Begin Excerpt:

A new public myth is orchestrated in society – much like the “war on terror” mythology – based upon which a majority of the public reacts all too predictively to the continually fabricated Public Relations stimuli, or PSYOP. Overarchingly, this not only sets the stage for reinforcing the on-going current affairs narratives, but also creates the precedent for writing the preferred historical narrative. The 'ubermensch' political scientists and psychologists have figured out that on the whole, 'Public Assumptions' Shape Views of History: “Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community. The sources for such presumptions are both personal (from direct experience) and vicarious (from books, movies, and myths).”

That was stated in October 1998 at the conference on contemporary political history organized by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, by the future 9/11 Commission Executive Director Philip Zelikow who emphasized that the public understanding of history is shaped by what are sometimes referred to as “public myths.” Zelikow was a participant in the so called 'Catastrophic Terrorism' Study Group in 1997-98, and subsequently presided in the “Warren Commission” for his own study group's predicted 'Catastrophic Terrorism', which just happened to be 911!

This prediction-fulfillment cycle of political science is one of the most diabolical constructs of modernity, far outstripping Nostradamus in its accurate prescience for the near term, whereby, the failure to interdict the prediction is attributed to “chaos theory” of unavoidable happenstance, incompetence, and if all that stretches the incredulity of the public, to “blowback” of ill-conceived or greedy policies.

When the unfortunate history of this Swine Flu Pandemic is similarly written, inter alia, the afore-cited headline news stories will help explain why so many people got exterminated from earth as an 'act of god', a lousy diet of “all those burgers and fries”, and in the developing nations due to “'complicating factors,' such as malnutrition, poor housing or crowded conditions, [as] 'flu was classically called a crowding disease in the 19th century.'” as per CNN April 28, 2009.

According to the United States Air Force planning document “Alternate Futures for 2025: Security Planning to Avoid Surprise” dated April 1996, only 30 million people died in the pandemic of 2009! It noted in its chapter titled “Digital Cacophony” on page 54: “Technology could not solve some old problems, as in 2009, when an influenza pandemic struck in southern China, then rapidly spread worldwide. Three hundred-thirty million people were affected and over thirty million died. No one ever determined if the virus was a natural mutation or bioengineered. Many feared the latter.”

That new prediction-fulfillment episode is now upon us even as I write this. Also note that amazing prescience re-surface in this 2006 IBM inter-departmental memo titled “Services & Global Procurement pan IOT Europe, Pandemic Plan Overview” whose very first bullet item stated: “There is a 100% chance that a Pandemic will occur within the next 5 years”. Thanks to whosoever leaked this revealing IBM memo – also cached here – which begs the obvious question how can a corporation which makes computers predict that a pig or another creature somewhere on the planet is going to acquire a pandemic inducing virus within the next 5 years with 100% certainty? And, have that event actually transpire right at the mid-point of the prediction?

End Excerpt

Is the vaccine itself harmful? A link to published papers from medical journals is in the Note on vaccination, see risks in red:


Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

P.S. I am not a medical practitioner. And I do not dispense medical advice.

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