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Black Ops and the Massacre at Fort Hood
Friday, 06 November 2009 06:30
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

There are lots of places to start looking for clues as to what happened today at an Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, in which 12 died, and scores were injured.  Given that the perpetrator of today's massacre, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan, graduated from Virginia Tech, one obvious place to start is Virginia Tech.

There are striking similarities between the massacres at Virginia Tech in which 32 were gunned down, and many wounded, and the one today's shooting rampage in Texas: both perpetrators were non-Caucasian, both appear to have planned a murder/suicide scenario, and both were outsiders.  While Hassan was born in Virginia, according tofamily members, he felt like an outsider, so both shooters were outsiders who appear to have envisoned their crime as vindication for their sense of displacement.

It is entirely possible that Hassan took his cues from the massacre at his alma mater and, although he graduated from Virginia Tech ten years before the massacre, there is little room for coincidence in the similarities between the two crime sprees, but the story doesn't stop there.

To know what happened to Dr. Hassan that might prompt him to what seems to be an egregious act of retaliation, one needs to know why he was going to be deployed to Iraq later this mont.  Was he being sent on his first tour of duty to work with soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, as reported, or was he instead being required to combine his psychiatric background with his knowledge of Arabic to serve in an intelligence capacity.

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Simply stated, was Dr. Hassan, a devout Muslim, being shipped to Iraq to work with U.S. interrogators as a sort of liaison between the American military, and Iraqi detainees? We know that Hassan didn't want to deploy to Iraq, and that he felt strongly about not going.  It's been reported, too, that he wanted to leave the military altogether. What we don't know is why. For clues, we might want to consider another psychology major, fluent in Arabic, whose career ended in violence, Alyssa Peterson.

Peterson, a U.S. Army Specialist, received her Arabic language certification, and served with the 101st Airborne in Iraq. She was an enlistee, a career intelligence officer, whose concentration was interrogation techniques. She found herself part of black ops, and was expected to participate in a clandestine operation in which what we now know to have been so-called "alternative enhanced interrogation techniques" were employed which she refused to do. While the Army has denied it, sources close to Peterson say that she was so deeply despondent about what she witnessed at the detention camp in Iraq that, on September 15, 2003, she was found with a bullet wound to her head, a victim of what the Army euphemistically called "non-hostile weapon discharge."

Like Hassan, Peterson was deeply religious. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter- Day saints. She was reportedly placed on suicide watch within days of her death after she refused to participate in interrogation sessions, at the airbase on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which she considered to involve Torture of Iraqi prisoners.

One must look to Alyssa Peterson for clues, not for answers. Answers won't come fast, and they won't come easily, but the place to start is what were Hassan's exact duties with the Army, why was he being deployed to Iraq at the end of the month, what were his duties going to be in Iraq, and where was he going to be sent, and does his knowledge of Arabic, his undeclared, but implied belief in Islam have anything to do with the kinds of sessions the Army had in mind for him. And, as one, of Middle Eastern descent, who is said to strongly oppose the war in Iraq, if called upon to participate in sessions in which intelligence gathering is taking place, arguably using dubious interrogation techniques, it is plausible that what happened at Fort Hood today was a deranged response to a righteous concern
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Eyes of the Eagle said:

Check your facts
I knew Allysa Peterson, I was in her unit at Ft Campbell, the 311th MI. I was there during the timeframe leading up to her death. At no time was she ever a part of any "black ops" mission or organization, nor was she a "career intelligence officer". I must wonder where you got that information. At the time we were on the move constantly, this was during the initial invasion. Our mission was to gather intelligence to support the 101st's fight. Not some "black ops super secret mission". There are plenty of books, and unclassified historical writings that detail what we were doing there. Please do some research on this. She was a Specialst 4th Class, which is a enlisted rank that is not even an Non Commissioned officer. She had not eve completed her first term of enlistment. In other words, she was a young inexperienced soldier assigned to tasks comensurate with her rank and experience. That did not include any "alternative enhanced interrogation techniques". As a matter of fact, to my knowledge from having been there, she never even conducted any interrogations. What happened was very sad, and I was shocked and a bit taken back by her death. Noone but Allysa knows why she did what she did. Yes, she was scared, was suffering from culture shock, and the stress of continuous operations. Yes, she did not want to be there anymore. But to make her death out to somehow be related to the acts of terrorism at Ft Hood is a dishonor to her and her service to her county.
I repspect your right to blog and write what you feel is the truth, I simply want to point out that your facts are not backed up by the truth, nor do you reference any viable sources. I am sad that a young soldiers memory has been dishonored in this fashion.
"eyes of the eagle"
March 24, 2010
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