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Truth Will Prevail
Monday, 18 January 2010 06:55
by Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon (Hebrew: גלעד עצמון‎, born June 9, 1963) is a jazz musician, author and anti-Zionist activist who was born in Israel and currently lives in London.
"Anti-Semite is an empty signifier, no one actually can be an Anti-Semite and this includes me of course. In short, you are either a racist - which I am not - or have an ideological disagreement with Zionism... which I have."
He was born a secular Israeli Jew in Tel Aviv, and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. His service in the Israeli military convinced him Israel had become a militarized state controlled by religious extremists. In 1994, Atzmon emigrated from Israel to London, where he studied philosophy. 
The Israeli government doesn’t think twice before it orders a genocidal attack against civilians. Israeli military leaders do not think twice before they drop bombs on one of the most densely populated places on the planet. They also do not hesitate whether to use artillery shells against a UN refugee shelter. The Israeli people do not think twice before they approve en masse their army’s inhuman tactics. But for some bizarre reason, the Israelis are devastated to find out that the rest of humanity is coming to terms with their true nature. Once again it is a Turkish TV drama that exposes the Israelis for what they are. A murderous collective motivated by vengeance.

A few months back it was "Ayrilik". A Turkish prime-time TV series that portrayed the IDF as a bloodthirsty army.

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To watch film:


This week it is "Valley of Wolves" a TV drama that depicts Mossad agents and Israeli representatives in Turkey as baby snatchers.

To watch film:


If you wonder what the Israelis do when they are exposed for who and what they are, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon has an answer to offer. Ayalon went out of his way this week to snub Turkey's ambassador to Israel over his country's “persistent criticism of the Jewish state”. The Israeli official refused to shake the Turkish Ambassador’s hand and made him sit on a lower seat at a meeting. He also made sure that a cameraman was there to document the humiliation. Submerged in Jewish pride the Israeli Deputy Foreign minister was probably convinced that for Israel to get away with murder, treating a Goy diplomat with contempt must be the way forward.

The Israelis are boiling with anger with the Turks. They do not like to be seen through, they much prefer to be loved and admired regardless of their criminal record. For some peculiar reason Israelis lack the capacity to see themselves through others, they categorically insist on avoiding looking in the mirror. Instead they demand that the rest of humanity turns a blind eye to their war crimes and even apologizes for being witnesses to their horrific acts.

The spokeswoman for the Turkish TV production company behind "Valley of Wolves" was bewildered by such an Israeli demand. She clearly refused to apologize. “Israel” she says , “has already been declared a war criminal many times in the past by international rights organizations, including the UN, which has written about this in its reports."

Like many of us, the Turkish spokeswoman legitimately wondered “how can the same Israeli authorities, who bombed children hiding under the UN flag in Gaza without hesitation, are so concerned now with a television show that merely displays what they did?” The spokeswoman fails to understand that Israelis are not interested in truth.

The current diplomatic rift between Israel and Turkey is just a symptom of a wide and sickening phenomenon: Israel, Jewish lobbies and Jewish ethnic campaigners around the world are employing different means to conceal the truth about the Jewish national project and its grave inhuman implications. An Israeli official would use a low seat together with an arsenal of abusive bad manners to snub a foreign diplomat, the Jewish ethnic Campaigner in the left would cry anti-Semitism in order to impose a total paralysis onto the anti Zionist discourse. In their universe the Jew never takes responsibility. In their segregated planet, the Jew never regrets or repents. The Goy, on the other hand, becomes subject to insults for just telling the truth or even for being associated with the truth. If Israel and its supporters believe that they can maintain this tactic for much longer, they are pretty deluded. The tide is changing.

Humanity is primarily grounded on truthfulness. Hope is fuelled by our capacity to say things as we see them. In that respect, Turkey is a light at the end of the tunnel. As it happens, it is Turkey’s TV and Turkish leaders who are willing to say in the open what our ‘liberal’ leaders fail to admit or even spell in their minds.

Truth is not on Israel’s side. In fact, truth is becoming the biggest foe of the Jewish national project, its phantasmic narrative and its fictional notion of history. The Israelis know that truth will prevail. They have good reason to panic. The wall of defiance is emerging around them and their supportive lobbies.

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promethius said:

ERGENEKON,ASPARSLAN TURKES,ABDULLAH CATLI,PAUL HENZE. This is the way the world was allowed to operate until Jorge Bush and co. went into Iraq. The Turkish state of the Cold War era is gone or on the run. The DENNIS HASTERTS AND BRENT SCOWCROFTS of the world need to find a new line of work. GREECE and TURKEY need to realize the US and European trio have been allowing some bs version of the ILIAD to be played out since the end of WWI, end this crap and realize IMF/WORLD BANK bribes have no net gain associated. Israel and ALL other nations suffering in the MIDDLE EAST are victims of a slick IVY LEAGUE narrative which has a major deficeincy, namely the TRUTH. Old diplomatic and economic conventions are useless tools for navigating a world where the prevailing narrative explains WARS as a solution with PEACE,DEMOCRACY and respect for HUMAN RIGHTS end products. People make worse mistakes when they feel their back is against a wall or they are the top of the foodchain, Ichalk AYALONS move as a mistkae,but I sit in the US as an observer, not as a victim of ghostly post COLD WAR narratives. I(former military) SALUTE the respected Turkish Foreign Minister AHMET DAVUTOGLU on an awe inspiring portfolio of diplomatic undertakings, not without shankings from his own countrymen(HURRIYET). DRIVEON HARDCORE because the ghost of SMEDLEY D BUTLER SMILES upon yousmilies/smiley.gif PLS forgive caps and grammar.
January 21, 2010 | url
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