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Promises made, Promises not kept (And a little State of the Union poetry)
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 06:45
Untitled Document by Frank Pitz

As a news person I've covered all sorts of politicians, liars, scumbags, thieves and philanderers, not much difference between any of them. A lot of politicians and wanna be politicians I couldn't differentiate from the liars, scumbags, thieves and philanderers;

damn few (count on the fingers of one hand) worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. But, the other side of that coin is the collective stupidity of the American public, if brains were dynamite; they couldn't blow their collective noses.

I covered Obama only once on the campaign trail and that was when he made a whirlwind tour of Philly. The requisite elected officials and good union stalwarts were on hand to whip up the throngs and the man himself couldn't seem to get a complete sentence out without being interrupted by applause and American Idol kind of screaming frenzy. However, that's what it was all about; rock star, sex-symbol, savior and the American dream--all rolled into one slick package. And it certainly didn't hurt that he also happened to be bi-racial; the perfect liberal wet dream.

For every promise of change Obama made, millions of Americans swooned like teenie boppers at a Jonas Brothers concert and symbolically offered up their first-born; along with their virginity. Never mind that the promises were as vacuous as, "the check's in the mail," "I won't come in your mouth," and "we'll still be good friends." (Admission: I voted for Obama).

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So, here we are one year later; the check sure as hell hasn't arrived, my mouth feels slimy and we're no longer good friends...what's up with that? Like the oft-jilted suitor, one keeps hoping against hope that the valiant Prince will ride up and slay the corporatist dragons and peace and prosperity will cover the land.

Well, the Prince rode up, jumped in bed with the corporatists and the only fucking prosperity to be found is in the land of the blood-sucking Wall Street scumbags; the rest of us can eat shit and die...and many of us are. And, to put icing on that offal we eat, the Supremes ruled that corporations can now openly and legally buy any politician they so desire...not that they didn't do it before; but now, they can do it openly and throw shit in your face while doing so. How's that for "Change we can believe in?"

In a couple of weeks Mr. Obama is going to stand before the American public--and the bloodsuckers of the corporate and political world--to give his State of the Union speech. There will be much applause and, I'm sure, many more promises. But, you see Mr. Obama, I can't accept it any more. You didn't send the check, you came all over me and we ain't friends anymore; hell, you didn't even remember my name when we woke up!

To that end, I am offering up a bit of poetry to articulate the real State of the Union.

A poem to celebrate the State of the Union.

Kill for empire,
die for greed
kill for oil,
die for the plutocrat
kill for democracy,
die for the Fatherland
kill for the Fortune 500,
die for the Homeland
kill for Terrorism
die for Halliburton
kill for the Republicans,
die for the Democrats
kill for American Idol,
die for NASCAR
kill for food,
die for Monsanto
kill for the children,
die for the cluster bomblet
kill for Jesus,
die for Pat Robertson
kill for BigPharma,
die for the drug
kill, kill, kill, kill
an Army of one and a
catafalque for millions
from the Halls of Montezuma
to the shores of the river Styx
we who are about to die salute you
we who are about to die curse you
we who are about to die pity you
and your imperial war machine
kill, kill, kill, kill
and the world kills with you
die and you die alone
in the name of Empire
in the name of God
in the name of Wall Street
in the name of Exxon-Mobil
we who are about to die salute you
we who are about to die excluded from your world
canon fodder for the idle rich and
the gated community
we who are about to die shit on you
as you have shit on us
in the name of the father, the son and the corrupt
we send the carrion-eating Vultures to feast on

the eyeballs of your children for one hundred generations
kill for empire
die for ego
ad majorem Dei gloriam
the greater glory of the Fatherland also
arma tuentur pacem
the gun kills
therefore it makes the peace
kill for empire
kill for peace
Annuit Coeptis.

Frank Pitz 2007

(NOTE: this has been updated/revised January 22, 2010 as a blanket repudiation of any/all pronouncements (and gratuitous applause) occurring during the future/upcoming yearly spectacle known as "The State of the Union Address." This is one writer's protest against those who would articulate the illusory view--as envisioned by corporate America--that our State of the Union is anything other than that which it is; and that state, is a killing one.)

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