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Witness to a war crime - US Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Civilians
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 15:48

Witness to a war crime - US Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Civilians


They guys are acting like it game.
1/5 Marines in Ramadi. Taking sniper and small arms fire from buldings across street and down "flanndawg". Marine squad split up on two roofs.
You decide what's happening. According to dronetek
I have talked to the guy who recorded it. He says he has video of the aftermath, in which you can see an RPG launcher in the first white car and tons of weapons in the other. He told me that he never would have put this video out if he wasnt sure of who they killed.
and quoting that guy, Tyer82:
I shot the video! The white car had 4-5 males with 3 AK's and 1 RPG left on the floor board. The other cars were trying to make their way up the street to the house at the end so they could become a get away car. We had proir knowledge of their arrival from a relay from the "eye in the sky". Notice how no chicks, kids or spectators are there!

... it wont pop up anywere. I have the "full version" and it shows that they were all assholes. We all wrote after action reports. Its a fine video. Non combat people think that all combat is like it is in the movies. Its not. No one runs out in front with the ak at the hip and stands there to be shot
My question is... Why donĀ“t they show the aftermath with the "tons of weapons"? If these are the real 'producers' of this video?
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