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Iran and a Bellicose United
Sunday, 21 February 2010 20:16
by Timothy Gatto

The chief of Russia's General Staff, Nikolai Makarov, has warned the US against striking Iran over the country's nuclear program. It appears that the World’s attention is again focused on if or when the United States (policeman of the World) is going to engage in military operations against the Islamist Republic. Hillary Clinton recently rattled sabers again when she demanded that Iran stop enriching uranium. Let’s take a closer look at that demand and why she had no justification to demand anything of the Iranian government.

First of all, Iran is a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty that gives participating nations the right to enrich uranium up to 20% for domestic use in medical research and fuel for reactors. Iran has done nothing illegal here.

Secondly, if Iran were found to be pursuing a nuclear weapon, we should demand that all nations in the Middle East, not just Iran, cease and desist. Since it is common knowledge that the nation of Israel possesses from 300 to 800 nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them, aren’t we being a bit hypocritical when we hold Iran to a different standard than we do Israel?

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Thirdly, under International Law, these “sanctions” that Clinton proposes are nothing more than a blockade which is defined as a warlike act and the nation that institutes it is guilty of starting a war. Iran, under the U.N. Charter would be perfectly justified in firing on ships administering the blockade.

Of course Iran will do no such thing. They will however, continue to enrich uranium to 20% which is legal under the NPT. They have voiced a desire to buy enriched uranium from nuclear countries but no country except Russia seems to be willing to do this. Russia has been severely admonished by the United States and its Allies and the deal fell through.

This writer believes that the U.S. has a double standard, one for Israel and one for Iran. We can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. After 9/11, Iran was instrumental in our fight against the Taliban. They gave us intelligence and allowed U.S. military aircraft to fly over their airspace. The truth we should all realize, is that Iran would be a great ally on the war against al Qaeda and the Taliban as the Iranians are predominantly Shiite while the Taliban and al Qaeda are Sunni’s. Also, Iran has not threatened a neighbor State in over 200 years. The war with Iraq was funded by the United States which ran a proxy war with the help of Saddam Hussein.  It is surprising that they continue to listen to the U.S. in any way after the carnage we helped heap on that country. If Iran had really wanted Middle East hegemony, don’t you believe they would have spurned Saddam’s peace offing and occupied Iraq when it had the chance?

The following countries have nuclear reactors. (1)



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Countries  http://images.nationmaster.com/images/opacity.gif

Amount  http://images.nationmaster.com/images/down.gif

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United States:


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United Kingdom:


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So why the great concern about Iran? This is more about Israel than the United States. This is another case of the tail wagging the dog. Someday America will cease to be the voice of Israel. In this case we should lower our sabers and wait to see what develops.

1.      http://www.nationmaster.com/ graph/ene_nuc_rea_ope-energy- nuclear-reactors-operable

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