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Letter to Scholars of Islam who issued the One-sided Fatwa on Terrorism
Thursday, 25 March 2010 06:18
by Zahir Ebrahim

Dear Scholars and Leaders of Islam issuing the One-sided Fatwa on Terrorism:

You might be aware that I do not recognize any pious leaders, of Islam or otherwise, when they intersect conversely with truth, or with political science. The only genuine leadership I know of today, is that of the devil - the hectoring hegemons - and therefore, I oppose it.

Therefore, I do not find it impertinent to boldly ask whether you take peoples to be fools? Or are you just being useful idiots in the hands of hectoring hegemons? I am not sure which one. Therefore, I draw your kind attention to Project Humanbeingsfirst's Response to your Terrorism Fatwa which is entirely in the service of empire:

Please be advised that people are aware that all sorts of fatwas have been issued throughout history by the most pious pontiffs to justify the crimes of empire. If it is news to you how religion, and especially Islam, is put in the service of empire through half-truths and outright omissions, then, instead of presuming to teach others, you might perhaps spend some time studying yourself.

And lest you believe that you have acquired some newely inspired knowledge through virtuous piety which I do not possess due to my ordinary dint of hard study and forensic observations, and due to which you believe your palpable omissions as noted in the response are justified, I would be happy to hear of your inspired knowledge.

And if I am shown the error of my analysis and conclusions due to my general lack of humility before either the pirates or the emperor, I would be happy to eat crow.

Otherwise, I invite you to be forthright and include what is omitted in your terrorism report to complete your partial thesis in the full service of the people, of all peoples. For doing that, you will most assuredly earn my genuine and humble thanks with full endorsement of your report - provided the word fatwa is dropped from it. Your personal opinion has no religious significance in matters in which the religion of Islam has unequivocally already spoken. Only a political one, and that would be sufficient, nay [of] immense significance for the ordinary peoples of the world, almost 7 billion of us, of all faiths and persuasions, that even one Muslim scholar has the balls to call a spade a spade.

Even further, I would be most happy to enter into fair interlocution with your learned scholar who presumably authored this one-sided Fatwa, or obligingly put his name to it, in any public televised forum. Should be interesting for the world to witness a rational dialog between a virtuous Islamic scholar berating the pirates while ignoring the grotesque imperial mobilization of the emperor that is not only responsible for genocide of multiple Muslim civilizations, but is also rapidly lowering an iron-curtain of tortuous police-states throughout Europe and America, and an ordinary plebe.

Zahir Ebrahim, Project Humanbeingsfirst.org, California, United States of America.

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