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Somalia: A Composite of Complex Crises
Sunday, 28 March 2010 15:03
by Ahmed A/Kadir (Shiine)

From tribal conflict to religious confrontations, a composite of complex crises, that created the chaos and the critical catastrophe that covered Somalia for so long. Unfortunately, none of those carnivorous criminals that committed the inhuman crimes in Somalia, was ever taken to court. Instead, they are very comfortable, contentedly enjoying their lives

The entire infrastructure is unwisely smashed, the major streets are empty at all times, and the over crowded capital of Somalia is virtually evacuated. Idiotic astray mortar shells can actually come on you at anytime, and the decomposed dead bodies are almost everywhere. The coastline city of Mogadishu, turned to a very inhabitable, abandoned place, dreadfully dangerous in the day and deadly at night.

Ethiopian troops evacuated Somalia a year ago. But until now, Mogadishu is unkindly under a very endless attack. As usual, the indiscriminate unremitting artillery shells are still ongoing, and the left over lucky survivors are scarcely struggling to just stay alive.

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Ultimately, the formerly allied anti-Ethiopian Islamic associates, are the eradicating adversaries in Somalia. The opposing parties are entirely Muslim Sunnis, their leading organs are all Sheikhs, and very ashamedly, the undeniable differences in their Islamic understandings is obviously on sight. A number of their important army commanders were already assassinated, and as they forced many deprived families to flee from their homes, the high rank hardliners are finally escaping out of Somalia.

The arrest of Muse Abdi Arale in Sudan, was really a very rapturous and remarkable revelation, that wonderfully attracted the full attention of all Somalis in this world. Mr. Arale, the defense secretary of Hizbul-Islam, a radical Islamic organization in Somalia, had a very huge amount of money when they captured him, and he was crossing the border to Eritrea. For the most, Muse Arale is a cruel criminal, who committed many crimes in Somalia and should be taken to justice. He caused the death of hundreds of innocent women and children, he wounded much more and displaced thousands out of their homes. He also deceived and deviated loads of decent children and delivered them to their deaths.

“He was calling Jihad, so why he is running out?” said a very emotional scholar.

In Somalia, the ineffective inflaming interference of the adjacent countries, and the irrational absurd involvement of outlying Eritrea was always clear. But, the very ambiguous achromatic stand of Sudan was not easy to specify.

The arrest of Mr. Arale, will certainly put the government of Sudan on a very accurate measuring instrument, that will allow the outside world to easily understand the actual position of president Omar Al-Bashir. “We don’t know what they are planning to do. But, Muse Arale was arrested here in Sudan.” Affirmed a Somali diplomat in Sudan.

With no doubt, the release of Mr. Arale, will irreversibly anger the entire Somali population and all others, who are eagerly interested in solving the everlasting ancestral problems of evaporating over cocked Somalia.

Ahmed A. Nur Toronto, Canada Email: ahmed-shiine@hotmail.com
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