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Supporting Obama
Friday, 11 June 2010 05:22
by Timothy V. Gatto

Maybe he is a dollar short and a day late, but at least Obama is addressing the problems in Gaza instead of burying his head in the sand like every American President except Carter. His new found temerity in the face of Israeli influence in American politics may just be for show to placate those who are rightfully outraged over Israel’s wanton barbarism against the flotilla bringing relief supplies to Gaza, but even so, he is taking a risk. The Israeli zealots in Congress from both parties will castigate him for even suggesting that the treatment of Gaza is something that needs to be reviewed.

This could be a turning point for the Obama Administration or it could be its death knell. While progressives play the wait and see game in order not to be kicked in the face by half-hearted policy changes that will amount to nothing, the rabid right and the “Israel Uber Alles” crowd will surely castigate Obama for any criticism against the Jewish State.

One could hope for real policy change from the administration, but in reality, we know that change is an elusive thing, even though it was Obama’s mantra during his run for the White House. The only real change we have seen is the location of the latest “primary” war. Our rights under the Constitution haven’t been revived, nor has the policy of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich A la “The Sheriff of Nottingham”.  

In that more than a few of the victims that died on the flotilla had multiple gunshots to the head didn’t seem newsworthy to the American mainstream media, and that more than a few witnesses to the Israeli boarding of the flotilla testified that the IDF came down the ropes firing, the true story of the IDF’s brutality went largely unnoticed in the US. I’m sure that Obama’s critics will have a field day if he proposes any real change in regard to Israel. The people that support those against Obama will in turn, support Obama’s detractors. The left will also opine that he didn’t go far enough to help the people og Gaza, ignoring political realities. This is unfortunate for the Palestinians themselves. Instead of making political hay, the Progressives within the Democratic Party and the Independent left should support Obama, at least in this.

Just to make this brief, it is important to show your support for Obama in this endeavor. It will be, at least for me, a welcome relief to actually support something coming out of the White House. It’s about time.

One other thing that has bothered me for the longest time, although it could be totally unrelated; just who were those guys filming the planes hitting the towers on 9/11 on top an adjacent building? Isn’t it time we found out?

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