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The American Pirate Nation
Friday, 18 June 2010 04:02
by Timothy Gatto

Since when did the United States advocate the first use of nuclear weapons? As long as we are on the subject of this “new” United States, when did we start the practice of torturing enemy combatants? In the same kind of light, when did we decide to rule the world? Do we have such a wonderfully managed country that it would be in the entire world’s interests that we control every nation? It sure seems to me that this is the mission of our government. We want the entire planet Earth as our empire. It appears that the recent UN resolutions against Iran put us in the driver’s seat even when it comes to Russia and China’s foreign policy.

Iran is an excuse. I can’t believe that any nation except Israel (who sees everyone as a potential enemy) is seriously considering Iran to be a new nuclear power that will alter the balance of power in the Middle-East or anywhere for that matter. Israel has upwards of 300 nuclear warheads and an Army that is equal to anyone’s. Just where is the “Great Iranian Threat”? This is no more than an attempt to cow China and Russia into following Washington’s lead and turn their backs on one of their largest trading partners to show the world that the U.S. calls the shots…everywhere.

I grew up thinking that the United States had no designs on any other nation. During the “Cold War” we were the “Good Guys”. Since I have done some research, I find that we have always been overthrowing governments and meddling in other nation’s affairs. We have staged at least 51 coups since 1950 until 2008 in other countries that we know of. This hardly seems like the benign state we pledge allegiance to. It’s very disheartening to say the least, when you find your country is a monster that is hell bent on world domination. The trouble now is that we are really close to that goal.

The question here my fellow patriots is Cui Bono (who benefits)? Has life become so grand here in America that we want the responsibility of conquering the world? Do you think it will be the average American citizen that will live in the lap of luxury? Is it our government with its great history of responding to the civil rights movement, or the response in New Orleans after Katrina or the nation that is stopping the greatest calamity ever in the Gulf of Mexico that should call the shots in this world we live in? It’s your money folks, and they are using it to divvy up the world for the trans-national corporations that are really in control in Washington. Don’t think for a minute that it’s you they are thinking of you in this quest to cow the entire planet. It’s never been about you, your family, their security or anything else… but the power of the dollar. Not in your pocket, but in theirs.

These corporations to a large degree aren’t even American. They are run by people who answer to no Nation. They have total control of our government and the majority of people we send to Washington realize this and they “Go along to get along”. Look at the horrific acts of our “ally” Israel that we never signed an alliance with. They fired on ships flying the Turkish flag. We have signed an alliance with Turkey. Article 5 of the NATO Charter demands that any NATO nation attacked by a non-NATO nation demands that NATO as a whole respond to that attack! So where were we? Do we pick and choose when we obey even NATO’s Charter? Then what’s the value of that alliance? Where do we draw the line? The fact is, we have no intention of doing anything that isn’t in our best interests, even if it means turning our back on a NATO ally.

We have become a nation that operates out of the gutter. It pains me to hear school children “Pledge allegiance” to a government that has become nothing more than a criminal organization, much like the Mafia was. We are turning into a Pirate State. How does that grab you my fellow Patriots?

 timgatto@hotmail.com     Read Tim's books "Complicity to Contempt" and his Novel "Kimchee Days"

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mohammad said:

true and deplorable
well it is really sad to see the US having no respect for it's own citizens forget about global humanity and people of the world. The killing of on-board peace activists brings every man to shame and pricks the conscience of every human (if he/she IS a human and is not in a state of hangover)irrespective of being
I like the question you put up .
REALLY "who benefits" ? this is the question?
It is important for citizens of America to realize ?
who benefits from war on Iraq ?
who benefits from sanctions on Iran?
who benetits by making US establish AL-qaeda ?
June 18, 2010
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