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The Deadliest ‘Scoundrels’ Are Obama Supporters
Saturday, 19 June 2010 15:15
by Larry Pinkney

Ignorance is not bliss. It is the certain foundation for disaster.

Notwithstanding the corporate media manipulated, euphorically misguided, color-conscious support of Barack Obama on the part of so many Black people and other people of color; those who are the most insidious at cleverly and effectively perpetuating ongoing economic disenfranchisement, corporate plutocracy, U.S. wars, extreme environmental degradation & destruction and racism are, in fact, the White liberals, the so-called ‘progressives,’ and the phony left in the United States. After a year and a half of the Obama / Biden / Rahm Emanuel regime’s having continued and expanded upon the policies of George W. Bush in all but name; these liberals, so-called progressives, and the phony left continue to be complicit in their die-hard support of Barack Obama. This is not mere coincidence. It is by conscious design.

Instead of politically educating and seriously organizing for real systemic change, these people chatter on incessantly about the activities of the right-wing, while studiously ignoring the fact that Barack Obama is the right wing - only a sneakier and more articulate version of it. They are complicit in their egregious silence and support of the corporate / military Obama / Biden / Rahm Emanuel regime. Their complicity facilitates the right-wing and the extreme right-wing.

Even as the contradictions of blood-sucking national and global capitalism continue to manifest themselves, with everyday Black, Brown, White, Red, and Yellow peoples as its targets and victims; these fake progressives, et al, bury their heads in the sand. Even as the human rights and the hopes and dreams of everyday people nationally and globally are systematically eviscerated by this articulate, insipid conjurer, Barack Obama, they seek to ignore or defend the indefensible.

It is no coincidence, for example, that the giant British Petroleum multi-national corporation gave more money to Barack Obama’s campaign than to any other politician. It is no coincidence, that Barack Obama, upon clinching the nomination of the Democratic Party foxes, promptly opened the door to off-shore drilling. It is no coincidence that the overwhelming majority of the corporate media backed Barack Obama with gushing support and adoration. It is no coincidence that as U.S. President, Obama not only continued - but increased - U.S. troop levels and company contractors [i.e. corporate mercenaries] in Afghanistan, continued the war in Iraq, and intensified wars in Pakistan and elsewhere. Thus, it is no coincidence that Obama has authorized the heightened use of deadly drone missile attacks in Pakistan, killing numerous civilians. It is no coincidence that the unconstitutional, so-called ‘Patriot Act’ has been extended and broadened by Obama. It is no coincidence that the illegal and amoral program of U.S. international kidnapping, known as ‘Rendition,’ has also been extended and expanded by Obama. It is no coincidence that Barack Obama and his corporate allies are unwilling to tell the truth pertaining to the full magnitude of national and planetary environmental and economic devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, that they have heaped upon humankind. It is no coincidence that Barack Obama refused to support much needed single-payer universal health care. It is no coincidence that Obama has sent armed troops to the southern U.S. border with Mexico, instead of instituting fair and equitable national and international economic policies that would enhance the lives and livelihoods of common peoples in both the United States and Mexico. It is no coincidence that the Obama / Biden / Rahm Emanuel regime is actively promoting the corporate privatization [i.e. educational apartheid] of public education. It is no coincidence that poverty, home foreclosures, mass incarceration, and joblessness for everyday people of all colors in the United States (and especially the Black underclass) have reached staggering proportions under Barack Obama. The terrible consequences of the afore-described examples will stretch well into the next century, and possibly beyond. We must act NOW.

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Silence is not golden, and ignorance is not bliss! The actual scoundrels are those who cling to delusion and who knew and know better!

The blue pill of illusion from the corporate / military Obama Matrix has thus far managed to silence and neutralize many Black and poor people of all colors, but this will not continue forever, as the severe, biting, and inevitable vampiric contradictions of global corporate capitalism ravage the peoples of this nation and planet. Patience is a revolutionary virtue. Revolutionary patience however, does not mean being lethargic or inactive. It simply means that we must prepare for the coming conflicts. And indeed, they have already begun.

What many either ignored or forgot is the time tested adage with reference to this sleazy, blood-sucking U.S. system, that accurately says, “America Is Like A Melting Pot - The People At The Bottom Get Burned And The Scum Floats To The Top.”

We must be critical thinkers, and act accordingly. We must educate, agitate, and organize on the local and national levels. The only change that “we can believe in” is complete systemic change brought about by the no nonsense work of everyday people.

Onward my sisters and brothers! Onward!

BlackCommentator.com Editorial Board Member, Larry Pinkney, is a veteran of the Black Panther Party, the former Minister of Interior of the Republic of New Africa, a former political prisoner and the only American to have successfully self-authored his civil/political rights case to the United Nations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In connection with his political organizing activities in opposition to voter suppression, etc., Pinkney was interviewed in 1988 on the nationally televised PBS NewsHour, formerly known as The MacNeil/LehrerNewsHour. For more about Larry Pinkney see the book, Saying No to Power: Autobiography of a 20th Century Activist and Thinker, by William Mandel [Introduction by Howard Zinn]. (Click here to read excerpts from the book).

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Jilly said:

Spot on analysis of the willful blindness going on these days. Brilliant move on the part of the powers-that-be to put a Black man in the White House - the simpleminded populace is trance-fixed on his color while globalist elite agendas continue unchecked. Any criticism or pointing out of the facts is swiftly slapped with the race card.

I'm black BTW and have seen through the scheme for some time now (first woke up to the plan under Bush and watched it play out to the pitiful position we are in today).
July 04, 2010
Votes: +1

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