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Review: Manifest Destiny To Manifest Insanity
Saturday, 19 June 2010 15:47
by Kahntineta Bear

Arizona’s image is taking a well-deserved beating over its racial profiling and Indigenous history censoring laws. A dozen other states and Washington want to copy it. Obama sees migration as a law enforcement and military matter. MNN digests Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez great article, “Manifest Destiny to Manifest Insanity”

Politicians and hate-radio are fueling fear of ‘Mexicans” and “immigrants”, who are Indigenous. The American myth of a pristine, God-given home, reserved for English-speaking White Anglo Saxon Protestants, amid the re-“browning” of Great Turtle Island must be pursued.

The goals are white racial political and cultural dominance over [brown] peoples, on top of lies about the conquest. The recent deaths of some 5,000 ‘Mexicans’ and ‘Central American” Indigenous peoples in the desert, and the killings of 2 “Mexicans” are overlooked.

Racial browning reverses Western colonial Civilization. [The white race invaded us to “squat” and “suck” – to occupy our land and to suck our resources].

Rodolfo Acuña’s ‘Occupied America’ and Paulo Freire’s ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ have been banned under Law HB 2281 signed in April by Gov. Jan Brewer. She also signed SB 1070 the racial profiling law in May 2010.

State Superintendent, Tom Horne, is pushing the ignorant Eurocentric “Americanization” agenda. Arizona students can only be taught "Greco-Roman" misinformation. Indigenous Mesoamerican or Maize knowledge of the Western Hemisphere is forbidden because it’s “subversive” and “Un-American”.

Horne’s rhetoric claims Raza Studies preaches hate, results in segregation, promotes anti-Americanism and the violent overthrow of the U.S. government.

Acuña sees Arizona losing its grip on the reality that Great Turtle Island was not a wild, savage and empty continent. The invaders did not conquer and civilize “the Indians.” The foundation of this nation is genocide, land theft, slavery and dehumanization.

Ethnic Studies upsets the carefully crafted myth of the US as the land of freedom and democracy or Paradise on Earth. This fantasy permits U.S. citizens to view permanent war as a God-given birthright.

Raza Studies critics try to dehumanize the Ongwehonwe Mexicans and Chicanos as immigrants, as mongrels undeserving of human rights. It’s de-Indigenization and dehumanization. Those who can’t be deported are tolerated if we assimilate, accept their myths and submit to ethnic cleansing and subservience.

Manifest Destiny disease has developed into full-blown Manifest Insanity.

MNN Mohawk Nation News Kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, to donate and to sign up for MNN newsletters and to go to www.mohawknationnews.com MNN Category “border”.

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