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The Christianity Racket Draws More Attention
Sunday, 20 June 2010 03:44
by Burton H. Wolfe

"A brilliant case. Your work is first rate."
- Gore Vidal
"I agree with you one hundred percent that the biblical Jesus is a total fabrication. I had always thought so as a hunch after some casual investigation, but you make the case beyond possible doubt."
- Ralph Anspach, Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus, San Francisco State University

After a slow start The Christianity Racket gradually is attracting more and more attention. This is the book which proves by irrefutable evidence that "Jesus Christ" is an imaginary character, that neither he nor the "apostles" existed, that the entire New Testament is fiction, and that Christian religion in all of its forms is a 1900-year-old fraud on duped humanity.

First, as "The Case Against Jesus," its title before it was revised this year, The Christianity Racket was the subject of an article in the SunSentinel (third largest paid circulation of daily newspapers in Florida). Then it was discussed on two radio talk shows: the Steve Seidenfeld Show out of Denver (the most popular talk show in Colorado) and the After Thoughts News Hour. Now two more shows have been scheduled for discussion of the book plus a lot of little known historical information about Christianity:

* "The Complete Teacher" - June 22 at noon EST.
* "The Hollis Chapman Show" - June 25 at 12:35 p.m. EST.

Both are blog talk radio shows that you hear by logging onto their web sites.

The Rose Show

"The Complete Teacher" (also a book of that title) is the product of psychologist Robert Rose, Ph.D. Rose describes his show as "constantly challenging and changing mindsets of anything that is not working in families, relationships, schools, or any organization." To effect the challenge and change, Rose brings to his show, as his guests, "individuals who have the courage and intelligence to think outside the box in which people are trapped, and who make a difference." For the June 22 show Rose's guests are individuals who think "outside the box" in entirely different ways: Burton H. Wolfe**, author of The Christianity Racket,*and Dr. Cliff Self, founding pastor of the Courageous Living Christian Center and author of Man Up Release the Champion in You, which, according to Self, demonstrates "how we can easily connect with the supernatural and stop making mistakes."

"The format for the show," Dr. Rose explains, "is unique, as there will be a list of twenty fallacies in thinking and argumentation, and one warning for incivility." If it occurs a second time, Rose warns, he will "cut off the phone of the offending party and the other will get the remainder of the hour to further his point of view."
There will be no call-ins. To listen, go to the web site for the show - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/icdrrose - and look on the left side for the June 22 show; then, underneath the description, click on PLAY. Later you can ask questions of Self and Wolfe via email - addresses to be provided.

The Chapman Show

Hollis Chapman is a marketing executive who specializes in teaching people how to set up a home-based business. Ordinarily he uses his show to discuss that subject, real estate investment, and sports. But he likes to deviate at times by bringing on guests who "get people thinking." To that end he chose Wolfe to challenge the traditional view of Christian religion. This will be a talk show. The call-in number to use is 646-595-4326. To listen to the discussion, log onto the web site of the Hollis Chapman Show - http://blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow. Hollis advises that you can also ask questions via the chat room.

Burton H. Wolfe is the author of hundreds of articles and essays published in major newspapers and magazines, and of other subject-definitive books such as The Hippies (New American Library), Hitler and the Nazis (Putnam),and Pileup on Death Row (Doubleday).For 15 years Wolfe was the principal director of the Homosapiens Educational & Legal Project. From his home base in Florida, Wolfe publishes e-books under the name Mind Opening Books - http://mindopeningbooks.com - and two online journals: The Wolfe Lair and Florida Intelligencer. Subscriptions to both are free for the asking. Write to bhwolfe@msn.com.

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Olaf said:

Call me Mr.
Not very often one comes across that extreme idiocy this man Burton Wolfe displaces. Secular historians like Josephus,and a host of others that were not Christian have verified the truthfulness of Jesus existence and that includes the apostles and the early church. Put is this way Burton if one Billion plus Christian are all wrong, "dear friend" NOTHING IS LOST. But if the Christian are right Burton you are frying in Hell for all eternity. For you that seems a desired prospect and my God will grant your wish. Olaf
June 25, 2010
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