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Democracy is still alive – well only just - in the British Isles. Bring ALL British Troops Home
Sunday, 27 June 2010 06:35
by Brian Rayner

Although Prince Harry failed to march with the Anti-War Majority on the streets of London recently, a fearless Peace Seeking Lance Corporal bravely hoisted a Flag of Peace to the mast for the entire world to see. To observe a serving soldier marching in opposition to the Queen’s foreign policy in the Middle-East was heartening to say the least. Perhaps after all there is still hope for this country? Like millions of voters in the British Isles the Lance Corporal is plainly sick to death of the relentless slaughter and body and mind maiming of hundreds of British soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of blameless Muslims: men, women, children and babies.

The rhetoric that “Monarchical Britain has sent its troops to occupy the Middle East to safeguard the people of Britain” will not wash anymore. It is hypocrisy and poppycock of the very worse kind, and one reason why millions of us want ALL military personnel returned to the British homeland, and not only a highly privileged and pampered Prince Harry, who stated not verbatim, that “he would loyally stay with his men”. This was established when we witnessed the media propaganda of this trigger joyful royal on camera disgracefully unleashing killing rounds, widow and orphan makers, from his heavy machine gun in the direction of Muslims who were valiantly resisting occupation of THEIR homeland. As we in Britain no doubt would also valiantly resist “with our backs against the White Cliffs of Dover” if foreign troops endeavoured to invade OUR Homeland and intervene in our affairs, our Sovereignty.

Nevertheless, although the majority of people in the British Isles did not want the Queen’s troops or air force sent to occupy other countries in the first place, they were nonetheless horror-struck that this royal; Prince Harry, unlike the rest of his army colleagues was given the privileged choice to leave the region if he wished and thereby avoid the consequences of further fierce resistance from those defending their homeland.

His retreating therefore, beggared the question “… is the life of this personage worth more than each and every one of his fellow British ‘Tommie’s’ who had to stay put and risk being killed or maimed in the months to come? Deplorably, the answer seems to be a resounding Establishment yes. Evidently his life according to Britain’s Establishment, is manifestly worth more than any of the soldiers or airmen who were to be left in the region.

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On the other hand there is no doubt that the grief stricken relatives of those killed or maimed think otherwise; the lives of their loved ones no matter what rank they are, are just as important as any Prince. The irony of course being that no strings were manipulated from the apathetic high echelons of power in Monarchical Britain that would save other lives by bringing them home. Furthermore, what is the point, where is the logic in signing up to serve in the British Military, if the moment things "get a bit hot" a soldier is in a position to scurry back to England leaving his 'mates' to face the fury of resistance? And no, rational thinking people do not believe for one moment the propaganda and excuse that this "armchair solder" Prince Harry would attract fire on to his 'mates'. Those resisting his occupation of their homeland would not be in position to identify any individual anyway. Indeed once a British soldier is kitted up in 'Battle gear' even his mother wouldn't recognise him.

Like the majority in Britain, the people of foreign countries that we have occupied are sick of all this pointless slaughter, and justly seek to expel our military and put an end to Britain’s arrogant interference and meddling in affairs that should not concern them.

Moreover this peacefully protesting soldier is exceedingly brave because he is prepared to defy the Establishment and openly express his concerns with a heartfelt compassion; a compassion that encompasses all those unfortunate human beings who have been placed at the sharp end as well as receiving end of Monarchical Britain’s mucky uncompromising and crusading self serving war-mongering.

How absurd therefore that he should be the focus of humiliation and degradation because he is fervently campaigning for PEACE and not war? And what is his dastardly ‘crime’ millions of us wish to know?

One Man’s “Crime”.

“A desire to save countless peoples lives, no matter what their religious beliefs because he like so many of us has seen through – exposed - the hollow values of Monarchical Britain’s foreign policy in the Middle-East, the terrible destruction it brings and the paramount need to end it for all time”. Praise be to that.

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