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A Peace Seeker’s Dream
Friday, 02 July 2010 03:24
by Brian Raynor

And in my dream I was sitting in a crusty old place in London, England called The House of Lords. It was there I witnessed curious old men and curious old woman wearing lurid cob-web covered red capes with collars of rabbit skin. And some wore quaint little wigs and quaint ballerina type tights, and some drooled from the corner of their mouths, and I was overcome with so much laughter my belly nearly burst with it and my ribs cracked! And the high ceiling room was crammed with them, and when they spoke I heard a great exhalation of hollow words accompanied by vast quantities of odious gas - hot air - and I was almost overcome with the stench! And they were heavily bloated with their own self-importance and each one was full of hypocrisy and dung!

And later, I was sitting in a leather-seated chamber that was called The House of Commons and there were men and women in their hundreds on either side. And to the left sat a tiny group of smug-faced individuals who were called the Lib/Dem Tories and next to them was a larger lot, and these were the self-righteous ones called the New Labour Tories, while opposite them sat the Tories who although in opposition had obscene faces full of haughty arrogance and self-aggrandizement. And at one end of the chamber was a large rectangular table at which were sat odd looking men clothed in weird grey coloured wiggery, and black tights and black shoes with brass buckles. I soon realized that all those present in the house were tarred with the same brush and each and every one of them was a ruthless, self-centered sycophantic traditionalist, terrified of change at home, yet very much into interfering and meddling with governments of other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere. And in my dream this house also expelled vast quantities of abhorrent gas and dishonest words – hot air – and I was nearly overcome with the malodorous smell and its clinging hypocrisy. And they too were full of dung!

At the end of my dream I heard a loud knocking on the outer door and a voice calling to them to open it. And when the door was opened, a large black man named Rod came in followed by two old prunes, a man and a woman. And the old woman was called a Queen and her wrinkled companion a Consort, and she was clothed so garishly I laughed loudly. And behind them came a fat gathering of shuffling, gaudily-robed old men and women, and behind them, shuffling, dowdily-dressed men and women who were called Commoners. A condescending, derogatory “know-your-place” term which made me vomit. And in my dream, I looked at the calendar and was astonished to see that it was the 21st.century! And when this Queen, like a worn old hen, had squatted herself comfortably on a large throne, she was given a typed manuscript by a grovelling menial, and began to speak, and her speech was brimming with hypocrisy and meaningless words - hot air - and she was all puffed up in her own self importance. And as she garbled her nonsense, her piercing eyes caught many in her menacing glare and they shivered most horribly, for she was the Head-of-State, Commander-in-Chief of the Military, and like all absolutists, dictators, must be obeyed. Obeisance and sycophancy were the order of the day and most of those present lowered their heads in obsequiousness and dread, and some knelt and bent their knees before her. For these were the supreme sycophants, who, in desire of an “honour,” would suck up to her most cringingly in order that they might achieve their craving! And in this house of pompousness were the entire Queen’s - peculiarly named offspring - Princes, Princesses, Dukes and Duchesses - and their presence produced an even greater stench of hypocrisy which permeated the whole house and brought on nausea. And their smug, self satisfied air of self assumed superiority showed that there was much dung in them also!

And in my dream I was suddenly transported outside, and I saw three enormous aircraft, one after the other, crash into the building, which in an instant had destroyed it and everything within it. And all that remained was a steadily rising column of brown dung dust which quickly formed into many words. And taking my camera I photographed for posterity the words that I saw:

’War – Hypocrisy – Lies - Empire – Colonialism – Monarchy – Tyranny - Greed – Death – Slaughter – Destruction - Self Interest – Class Divisiveness - Money - Absolutism – Dictatorship – Humiliation – Racial Hatred – Religious Hatred – Prejudice – Bombs – Bullets - Shells – Depleted Uranium - Starvation – Carnage - Poverty – Zionism - Fear – Extremism - Terror’.

And as the words began to dissolve into a clear blue sky and were soon no longer visible, a feeling of utter peace settled upon me. This was my dream.

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