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Putting Imus to bed....
Tuesday, 17 April 2007 11:49
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

One could say that the Imus story has all the earmarks of the best Greek tragedy, but we know what Imus might have to say about Greeks . So, instead, consider this: if all the drug dealers were to be rounded up, and jailed, that would not eliminate junkies, or keep heroin and crack cocaine off the streets.

As long as there is a desire for heroin, there will be someone to supply it. As long as there is racism, and hatred, in our society, we will continue to witness the ignorant slurs for which Imus is being stripped like Job of his mainstream media status, and left to wander off in the satellite desert. Rest assured that, if the Pentagon were to be torn down, and a militaristic climate allowed to fester, world peace would not come about.

Consider, too, negotiations between Imus and the Rutgers women, and all the media hype. If we citizens have enough clout to bring Imus to the table, why can't we exert the same kind of pressure on President Bush to go to Iran for a chat. If the president were to go to Tehran, along with the British prime minister, to dialogue with Ahmadinejad the way Imus went to New Jersey to engage in talks with the Rutgers women's basketball team, the odds of a confrontation with that country would decrease exponentially.

But, you can bet that we'll see Mr. Bush on a space shuttle to Mars long before we'll see him shoulder to shoulder with his friends in the "axis of evil;" this is, no doubt, what he thinks is meant by the phrase "shuttle diplomacy."

Even if he were to sit down at table with Iran, Syria, and his growing opposition in Iraq, those talks would never approach the kind of ratings CNN's Imus coverage got. How ironic given that the prospect of massive, and mutual nuclear annihilation poses a far more egregious, and imminent threat to the planet than Don Imus ever could.

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