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Foreword 2010 The Pakistan Decapitation Papers 3rd Edition
Sunday, 31 October 2010 18:48
by Zahir Ebrahim
This Third Edition of The Pakistan Decapitation Papers adds my current writings to the Second Edition, divided into two epochs. The material of the second edition is carried over into the latter half of the book as vol. 1 for the period 2007 – 2009. The first half adds new content from where the second edition had left off to the present, as vol. 2 for the period 2009 – 2010.
Foreword 2010

As bad as things are in Pakistan today, it will get far worse in the West. The Letter to Muslims, Chapter 2 of vol. 2, examines this tortuous aspect of our zeitgeist.

We can still salvage Pakistan for its 200 million peoples despite all that has transpired in this twisted War on Terror; despite all our traitors, mercenaries, useful idiots, native informants, and house negroes who have sold the public short; and despite the state of un-functioning of the nation, without electricity, water, decent livelihood and affordable living for the 98% of the majority, and a lawlessness that would have been beyond imagination in the 1960s and 1970s when I grew up in the carefree idyllic Pakistan.

One cannot look at Pakistan in isolation on the Grand Chessboard. The world conditions are rapidly percolating towards global governance to culminate in world government. Pakistan has thus far been played for a dumb-ass pawn with copious help from Pakistan’s military – the only real power-base in Pakistan whose upper echelons since Pakistan’s blood-drenched creation have been entirely beholden to its foreign masters. It is now self-evident that Pakistan’s and Israel’s creation were crafty ploys by the world superpowers who for the past hundred plus years have only dreamed of global empire and world government. Islamic Pakistan was to be the foil for Zionist Israel – both created in the name of religion. One to be played up to culminate in the “Zion that will light up all the world”, the other to be eventually destroyed after it had been calculatingly harnessed to fertilize and birth-pang terror like a condom deliberately pricked by the illicit concubine. What happens to used condoms? That’s right! And to unwanted babies? Right again.

Given Pakistan’s ‘used condom’ status, I mean en passant status on the Grand Chessboard, what can Pakistanis realistically do about it? First of all, Pakistanis can do absolutely nothing so long as they are ruled by mercenaries, fools, and uncle toms. Unless that obstacle is removed, there is no sense in day dreaming. I have no idea how to do that – for, even the noble Prophet of Islam had to bow before the tyrannical power of the mercenaries of his time who eventually succeeded in killing his family and hijacking Islam to such a vile degree that today, our mosques are full with apathetic worshippers seeking heaven’s glory while God’s creation is made to live hell right here on earth.

All I can humbly do, appropriate to my limited vision, experience, and commonsense, is provide the forensic global analysis to explain what the game is on the Grand Chessboard, identify where it’s headed, and to coldly opine to my brethren among the remaining 2% population of Pakistan who have turned Pakistan into the ‘used condom’ of the hectoring hegemons: stop being spineless bastards, for Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned; nor Hell a fury like the plebes scorned.

The time to affect change is now if not already way past. Fait accompli mercilessly awaits right at the edge of the Rubicon after which humpty dumpty cannot be stitched back together again.

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Surely, at least some among Pakistan’s military is a MA KA LAL who must realize this? Surely, some among Pakistan’s literati is a Field Negro who can say NO to the “massa”? Surely, some among Pakistan’s ruling class suckled on the liberating bosoms of un-servitude? Illegitimate birth was the fault of our ancestors that, in their unconstrained zeal for a separate nation-state for Muslims which had no parallel in the annals of history, they proved to be no match for the Machiavellian raping-game of divide et impera of the hectoring hegemons. The colonizers knew how to dangle just the right incentives and ripe-conditions before the colonized natives so that the sheep would themselves demand their own slaughter. But illegitimate fucking-around ever since, in every generation, is entirely our own fault. We inherited Pakistan – and our rulers have made the world a far worse place for it, including for the peoples of the sub-continent. The largest forced displacement which saw millions dead on either side of partition, followed by the largest forced dismemberment, followed by playing mercenary army for three decades for America’s wars destroying neighboring Afghanistan in the process in a cataclysm whose reverberations are being felt in the ‘War on Terror’ all across the globe today, and now attempting to do the same to neighboring Iran. In the process of all this anal service to empire, converting Pakistan into a Terror Central from which it has now become impossible to extricate – the legacy of Pakistan.

I am entitled to make these truthful and empirical observations as painful as they are to hear, because I am still a concerned citizen of Pakistan, the only country whose passport I bear, the only place where my heart longs to be despite having lived in the West for the best part of my life, and while others desert the sinking ship seeking foreign passports wherever they can find them, and willingly play House Negro to get visas from the white man, I carry my green one without fear.

I know I have a rendezvous with deathand I shall not fail that rendezvous. That pledge compels me to continually break my silence. To stay deaf, mute and blind, is to be an accomplice. To be a house negroe is to be without dignity. To be of illegitimate birth is to be a bastard. To seed illegitimate births is to be a zani. To pursue virtuous piety in apathy to all this is to be complicit in crimes against humanity as its greatest enablers – as amply demonstrated in the Letter to Muslims in Chapter 2 vol. 2. To feel offended by the plebeian language I employ and not by what the elite have done to Pakistan is to be a hypocrite. I hope this frank Realityspeak is not lost on the profoundly innocent of knowledge weaned on Newspeak 24 hours a day, just as it is evidently entirely lost on the criminal uncle tom rulers of Pakistan. As serendipity would dictate however, it is a profound irony of fate that the same elite who have been instrumental in writing the Requiem Mass for Pakistan, also hold the key to Pakistan’s salvation within their grasp – with just a little bit of genuine courage to throw the tea overboard! Ultimately, all have a rendezvous with death – and none shall fail that rendezvous! Neither shall one, the God of the virginal Muslims assures one, cross the razor’s edge to heaven’s doorway when the virtuous silence of the pious created the hell on earth for everyone.

Zahir Ebrahim

October 31, 2010

DOWNLOAD PDF Third Edition covering period 2007 – 2010 (606 pages) : http://humanbeingsfirst.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/pakistan-decapitation-papers-3ed.pdf

( http://preview.tinyurl.com/pakdecappapers3 )

Read Online at: http://humanbeingsfirst.org/#Books-PakDecapPapers

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