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Gilad Atzmon: Julie Sabbath Goy Burchill
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 12:07
by Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon (Hebrew: גלעד עצמון‎, born June 9, 1963) is a jazz musician, author and anti-Zionist activist who was born in Israel and currently lives in London.
"Anti-Semite is an empty signifier, no one actually can be an Anti-Semite and this includes me of course. In short, you are either a racist - which I am not - or have an ideological disagreement with Zionism... which I have."
He was born a secular Israeli Jew in Tel Aviv, and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. His service in the Israeli military convinced him Israel had become a militarized state controlled by religious extremists. In 1994, Atzmon emigrated from Israel to London, where he studied philosophy. Atzmon is an anti-Zionist who critiques Jewish identity issues and supports the Palestinian Right of Return as well as the establishment of a single state in Israel/Palestine. He is a signatory to the "Palestinians are the Priority Petition" which states “full and unconditional support of the Palestinian people is a condition sine qua non for activists to adopt.
In her desperate attempt to smear Lauren Booth, Independent writer Julie Burchill, a devout Zionist, proves how deceiving British multiculturalism is.

Indeed the Zionification of this Kingdom has left this country in a disastrous ethical limbo.

“Last year I took the first steps towards converting to Judaism; also last year, I abandoned my attempt”, says Burchill.

But I guess that Burchill didn’t really have to convert -- She is obviously far more Jewish than anyone I can think of. Burchill can teach Rabbi Ovadia Yosef what self-love is all about. She can teach Paul Wolfowitz, David Aaronovitch and David Miliband what moral-interventionism stands for. She can give  Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman a crash course in Hasbara.   Burchill can lecture Zionist slander operators on how to spread venom. 

But most significantly, she displays an astonishing command of Jewish humour. Burchill is indeed very funny.

Jewish humour is a pretty simple concept : it is based on self-mockery mixed together with the absurd. Thus we have Woody Allen presenting himself as an alpha male Schwarzenegger type, and through self deprecation, Larry David would appear to challenge our tolerance of the ultimate form of Jewish rudeness.

And then we have Julie Burchill presenting herself as a veteran Sex bomb –  funny indeed.

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Jewish humour though, is, in practice, a camouflage: through comedy, funny Jews manage to live in peace with their symptoms. But sometimes, even the best of Jewish comedians fail to provide the goods, as Woody Allen and Larry David may have learned.

It is pretty astonishing to witness the amount of poison that pours out of Burchill against Booth, a fellow journalist who recently converted into Islam: it is even more astonishing to find such a level of islamophobia and  personal attack on the pages of a respected British paper. In the past, I certainly saw this kind of vile personal slander on Jews only  blogs.

But I have never seen anything similar on paper, let alone in a British paper. 

I guess that the Zionification of Britain is beginning to take a heavy toll on our cultural and public life.

Would Booth have to go through such a slanderous campaign  if she had converted into Judaism? I don’t think so. Would anyone in  the British press dare remind us, for instance, that it is actually Judaism that calls on its followers to “pour their wrath on the Goyim?”  No one would remind us that the crimes that are committed on a daily basis  by the Jewish state, are actually implied by certain interpretation of the Old Testament, namely the Zionist interpretation.

British multiculturalism is indeed a funny concept,  it basically means tolerance towards everyone except Muslims.

I would prefer to spare you from reading Burchill’s personal attack on Booth (much of which reminds me of an old Jewish mother’s Passover dinner tantrum) but, I will review some of her argument, because it is apparent that the logic she employs is symptomatic of both Neocons and Zionists in Britain and in America. 

“There is one religion which proscribes its followers under threat of death from rejecting it, and that is Islam” says Burchill :  Yet if there was any truth in such a statement, our streets would be soaking with the blood of ex-Muslims. This is obviously not the case. 

Whilst we are on the subject of proscription, restriction, revenge and forgiveness in religious precept and religious tradition, I am sure that  Burchill learned in school about Jesus : whilst the man didn’t actually reject Judaism, he did suggest to his fellow Jews to love their neighbours.

That was enough  to nail him to the cross. I guess that Burchill doesn’t know   that the word Yeshu- Jesus in Hebrew-is the abbreviation  for the Hebrew phrase "may his name and memory be blotted out". Seemingly, Rabbinical Jews are yet to forgive Jesus.

But maybe we should leave Jesus’ crucifixion aside. Many contemporary Jews rightly argue that they have nothing to do with this crime. Yet, I do wonder whether Burchill has heard about Israeli PM Yitzchak Rabin, and the Talmudic Rabbinical ruling that led to his assassination. Igal Amir, the young student who took Rabin’s life, had come to believe that Rabin was a ‘din rodef’, meaning Talmudically, a ‘pursuer’ who endangered Jewish lives. Under din rodef, Amir would be justified in ‘removing’ Rabin from being a threat to Jews.

As far as Rabbinical  Judaism is concerned, one doesn’t even have to reject Judaism in order to be murdered.  It is enough that a Rabbi or a great Cohen tags  a Jew as a ‘din rodef’ in order for another Jew to complete the job.

But let us return to Burchill’s ad hominem argument against Lauren Booth – next, she turns her attention to Booth’s work for Press T.V.

“It's hard to know where to start when describing the sheer ickiness of Booth,” says condescending Burchill. “That she works as a paid stooge for the murderous Iranian regime's television channel has to come pretty near the top.” 

As tragic as it may be, it is actually Britain and the British (rather than Iran and Iranians) who are directly complicit in a colossal criminal war that has lead up to date to  1,421,933 fatalities in Iraq alone.  It is pretty fascinating that ‘nearly converted’ Burchill would denounce the Iranian regime as murderous while it is evident  that Britain was taken to the Iraq  war by a government that was funded by the Zionist lobby, led by no other than fund raiser, Lord Cashpoint Levy

In fact, more than ever,  we need Press TV  in the UK, for the Iranian TV channel is the only broadcast in Britain to deliver a full coverage of Israel’s colossal crimes.   In case Burchill has managed to forget, at the eve of  Operation Cast Lead, when the BBC was quick to follow IDF ‘instructions’ and evacuated its reporters from Gaza, it was Press TV that stayed behind and  delivered live footage of the Israeli massacre. It was Press TV rather than BBC, SKY or ITN that broadcasted in real time UNRA shelter shelled with white phosphorous.

We need Press TV, and we need many more Lauren Booths to practise real journalism instead of Zionised comedy. We need Press TV and Lauren Booth exactly because the British press and people like Julie Burchill have so evidently failed.

Burchill is not just a devout Zionist and a Neocon, she is also a sincere feminist. She doesn’t like Islam, and she doesn’t hide it either. She doesn’t approve of regimes that “uphold the punishment of death by stoning for adulteresses”.   For those who fail to remember, it was also so called ‘feminists’ who were the first to campaign against the Taliban  in the mid 1990’s, just to  prepare the ground for the American invasion.  I am almost taken in by Burchill’s caring for Muslim women;  yet, I wonder  how come the ‘women’s right campaigner’ fails  to  show the same care for Palestinian women  who are  often enough bleeding  to death in  Israeli roadblocks.

When it seems as if Burchill runs out of Necoon slogans, she then takes the gloves off and pulls the chicken out of the boiling soup :  Booth ,according to  Burchill, is so “jaded that she can only get a kick from self-denial.”  But may I point out to Burchill here,  that conversion is actually the exact opposite of ‘self-denial’. It is actually all about the ‘self’ being ‘spiritually awakened’ out of a state of denial, an experience that may be foreign to ‘nearly converted’ Burchill.  

However, Burchill’s feeble accusation of ‘self denial’ does ring a bell here; it does sound familiar: It is after all, common amongst Jews and within the Zionist fold to label their dissident voices as being ‘self haters’.  

As I mentioned earlier on, Burchill didn’t have to convert: the Jewish philosophy and manners are apparently deeply engraved within her soul. It spills out  in each of her sentences -- and it is far from being attractive. 

But I guess that at a certain stage Burchill just couldn’t hold it together anymore. She wanted Lauren Booth to simply shut up. She suggested that Booth treats herself “to a full-face and – most essentially – mouth-covering burka”. All of a sudden, Burchill, the liberal impostor, the one who just a few lines before was rallying for freedom of Muslims, gays and women, has revealed her true face: in Burchill’s world, women and homosexuals should be free -- but Muslim converts better shut up.

Can anyone explain this discrepancy?  It is no wonder that Neo-conservatism and  moral interventionism are such a disaster.  There is not a single shred of truth, coherence or consistency in them. They are, in fact, simply a pretext for Zionist expansionism. 

This is unfortunately the true meaning of the current western brutality. It obviously didn’t take me by complete surprise then, when I found out that Julie Burchill was also a supporter of the war in Iraq.

But, as one would expect, Burchill's poisonous outbursts are followed by some tender ‘light waves’ of self-love: Israel was named recently as “the eighth happiest country in the world – coming in above Britain and the US”, says the proud Zionist enthusiast.

And I am now more concerned than ever : If Israelis can be so pleased with themselves at a time when their army locks millions of Palestinians in concentration camps with no food or medical supplies, it really says a lot about the Jewish State, the Israelis -- and it says a lot about Sabbath Goys like Julie Burchill. 

I am afraid that we are dealing here with a morbid psychotic ideological collective.  I wish I knew how to help them -- or at least how to save the rest of us.

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