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Blink, blink
Wednesday, 18 April 2007 21:23
by Frank Pitz

You would think that one day, one day, we would learn. In spite of - for most of us - our innate desire to believe in and be optimistic about our so-called leaders; we continue to get shafted.
I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.
- Antonio Gramsci
What do you get when you cross a supposed progressive ‘we ain’t gonna take it anymore’ Demmies with a cup of upscale latte? A frothy cup of insipid (tasteless) brew that freezes to the dashboard at the approach of opposing headlights. I know, that’s terrible, but it’s the best I could do on short notice; kind of like the Democrats.

The Demmies have frothed and blustered and splashed their “first hundred-day” ad banners all over the Cinnabon and latte landscape only to have quaked in their L.L. Beans when the Repug bullies called their bluff. The “hundred day” agenda has been shot in the ass to hell and back and now the Demmies are trying to figure out just how to get out of the headlight’s glare while saving a modicum of face; time to ratchet up the spin machine.

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Of course, the Demmies talked a good game – “plans” and all – however, their collective backbone (which used to be substantial) kind of liquefied over the past couple decades of gentrification. A clear-cut case of to much sippin’ (and I don’t mean branch water and bourbon) and not enough brawling.

You see, for those of you out there of the MoveOn, MoveUp, - move whatever, generation – the Demmies used to fight. I understand that’s a hard concept for you to wrap your mind around, for most of you folks a fight revolves around a choice of finger foods at the next soiree. But it wasn’t always like that, a fight used to mean (for your Democratic ancestors), rolling up the shirtsleeves and standing up for moral, political, economic, social, educational, labor equality and justice – for all people, regardless of race, color, creed or stature. Today’s breed of Demmies would much rather fight over who is going to get Striesand’s ear (or money) than wage a battle against the murderous State which they are part and parcel of. For today’s demmies, the bottom line equates (equally) to a bottom level of acceptance for what used to be their bread and butter constituency.

But then again, dinosaurs like myself, have only ourselves to blame; you see, rather than picking up the ax-handles of our ancestors – as they passed them on to us – we thought of ourselves as a smarter breed. The State convinced us that the brawler aspect of our forefathers and foremothers – which advanced us immeasurably – was now considered somewhat passé. We advanced, everyone (supposedly) had a chicken in the pot and happy days were here again. But then an odd thing happened, it was called Vietnam and it shined a spotlight on the glaring inequities lingering behind the Oz Machine of “Happy days are here again,” they were only happy for the landlords of the Earth and that old aphorism, “the more things change…” was being dusted off by the people.

And it was the people, the collective “we” who brought change about during that period, it wasn’t the Demmies, “we” steamrollered over them as another aphorism was coined: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” But then again, a funny thing happened on the way to the land of sunshine and equality, the State (in the form of repugs and demmies) co-opted everything “we” worked for. With collective pats on the heads, “we” were sent to our rooms with promises of bigger, brighter and instant now. “We” went for it hook, line and sinker.

Which kind of, sort of, brings us to where “we” are today after a couple decades of State and Corporate control and corruption capped off by the last six years of “The Fascists who ate Washington; or, how I learned to hate The Constitution and love the flak-jacketed Fatherland. But supposedly in November last, that all changed, the demmies – you remember the demmies - the fun sycophants and bedfellows of the Corporate State? They roared, the little mouse roared, the people “spoke” and “change” was “blowin’ in the wind.” Never mind the fact that these demmies, these voted in roaring demmies, are the same gang that has been bending over (literally and figuratively) for Bush and Company for the past six years. All of a sudden now, they found their “soul.” Of course, that “soul” is still firmly attached to the catch strings of enormous damn satchels-full of Ben Franklins, and “we” better never forget that. But, I digress…

The Demmies came in on a monster wave, flexing boogie muscles unused in decades, however, what “we” failed to see through our fogged up “rose-colored glasses” was these new found muscles had atrophied beyond repair (or redemption). Still the Demmies kept up the cock o’ the walk bluster; literally banging oversized gavels and figuratively banging heads. “We” were mesmerized by these newly discovered champions of the downtrodden; but then, a funny thing happened on the way to “new brooms sweeping clean,” turns out the broom still don’t have the sweeping power of a moth’s breath, and the only cleaning being done is to our collective psyches – once again.

So in the great media generated diversion known as the “First Hundred Days” what have the demmies wrought with their newfound “mandate?” In spite of the bluster and muscle flexing they have accomplished nada, ditto, nothing. But then again, should we be surprised? The First Hundred Days attention-grabber is just that, an attention grabber; it is like the ubiquitous “Great Leap Forward,” five-year plans that used to be a staple of past regimes in China. Of course at this, the dawn of the 21st Century, China has now leapt forward so skillfully that they practically own the U.S., but that’s a story for another day.

Now to be fair to the demmies we must remind ourselves that within the framework of this Herculean First Hundred Days work schedule we had convocation on January 4th. Then January 5th saw a Senate recess. Of course we then had Martin Luther King Day, a House Republican retreat (from January 25th through the 26th. The State of the Union on the 31st, a Democratic House retreat February 1st through the 2nd. Then we had Lincoln’s birthday, President’s Day, Easter, Passover, etc. So, that didn’t leave much time to accomplish a hell of a lot in one hundred days.

The one thing that the demmies did want to accomplish and the one thing they spent so much “political capital” on, was the War in Iraq, or “Operation Enduring Freedom,” or whatever cutesy euphemism is being bandied about these days. After all, it was touted the length and breadth of the land in the run up to the November election that the “American people wanted to see a new direction, wanted out of this quagmire.” So the Demmies said, in effect, “no tickee, no laundry.” They blustered at Bush and Company that they would not pass an Iraqi spending bill unless it had “troop withdrawal provisions” contained therein. To the demmies credit, they did do that; and Bush and Company responded with; “fuck you and the donkey you rode in on.” A veto of the House and Senate crafted spending bill was (is) threatened and "the decider-in-chief" as well as Darth Vader immediately took to the hustings to denounce the demmies by casting aspersions on their patriotism for daring to take such actions.

So these past few days have seen a flurry of activity and what could righteously be called “back-pedaling” from the demmies. One of the demmies’ main standard bearers – Barack Obama - has already appeared to be backing off by stating, “Congress would definitely be funding the troops even in the event of a Bush veto.” Hillary has also softened her already wishy-washy rhetoric in much the same way. The demmies will meet with Bush by the time this piece comes out and Cheney is so confident that “troop withdrawal” will be off the table that he’s willing “to bet the farm” on it. Blink, blink. I believe the Bard coined the apt phrase for this demmie blustering eons ago; “Much ado about nothing.” Another apropos phrase – and I’ve used it often in the past – is; “A wink’s as good as a nod to a blind horse,” or in this case, a blind electorate.

It never ceases to amaze me just how much blind faith the party faithful expend toward the demmies, come on folks, this is the same gang who gave you the Iraq war, the same gang who helped bury the Constitution, the self-same gang who are as complicit in the murders of Iraqis, Afghanis and Americans as Bush and Company. Fascism didn’t just creep in here like a stealth bomber, it came in with all the finesse of the proverbial “bull in the china shop” and the demmies are co-conspirators in all of this. Blink, blink.
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a guest said:


Great piece, I think your point that we as a people have choosen to be a bunch of bitches and not pick up our Father's Axe Handles and bust some ass is the greatest problem we have as a nation. Maybe someday? I'll be ready.
April 20, 2007
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