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End this damned war, now!
Thursday, 26 April 2007 14:08
by Frank Pitz

It is past time to cease the death and destruction wrought by little man George.  It's time to stop the neo-con war. Mr. Bush: Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? At long last have you left no sense of decency?”

Far from original, I know, but oh, so very apropos at this moment. I was 17 years old when I watched that now iconic exchange between Joseph Welch and Senator Joe McCarthy on June 9, 1954. That same phrase has been dusted off and used on various occasions over the years, attesting to its emotional impact for use during disturbing times and directed at very troubling people. And if George W. Bush is not a troubling, or troubled person, then there isn’t a steer in Texas.

The most recent use (that I recall) of the axiom was Olbermann back in September, ’06 in one of his commentaries directed at Bush and his propensity – at that time – for equating his detractors and questioners to Nazis. Then Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was the most frequent proponent of use of that analogy, but Bush soon jumped onto the bandwagon as well.

This overuse of calling into question both the media’s as well as individual’s patriotism whenever Bush and Company are called to task has been an ongoing hallmark of the neo-con strategy. The “with us or against us” form of response. Just recently Rudy Giuliani appropriated a Cheney mantra from 2004, “If Kerry gets elected, we’ll get hit again.” Giuliani broadened it a bit to include all Democrats but the song remains the same: “elect Democrats, we’ll be attacked by terrorists.” As far as these purveyors of the Goebbels’ school of fear and lies are concerned, the only way they can define decency is that it is in there somewhere between corruption and deep pockets.

In the mean time, in between time:
“The attack — one of the deadliest on American ground forces since the Iraq war started more than four years ago…”

“Deadliest attack on U.S. forces in more than a year…”

The two headlines above are representative of the leads to various news stories earlier this week about the nine US service members killed in a truck bombing in Iraq. To this date approximately 3,700 US service members have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, 3,325 of those casualties in Bush’s illegal war in Iraq. The vast majority of the American people are sick, tired, fed up and disgusted with this war. From within the circle of wagons surrounding Bush though, everything is hunky-dory, and any deviation from that mindset is heresy, as well as aid and comfort to the enemy. But then of course, everyone outside that circle of wagons is now an enemy, according to Bush and Company.

It truly amazes me, the Alice in Wonderland style of governance of this administration. Everything they do, flies in the face of reality. The other day Bush excoriated the Democrats over the ongoing Iraq “war bill,” by denigrating them for “second-guessing” the military leaders. Oddly enough, many, many, of these self-same military leaders keep telling the little emperor that the shit has hit the fan long ago and this thing is un-winnable. Still, Bush continues on with his little tea party, drunk on power and the thought of all that black gold pooled under the sands of Iraq. What a deluded fool is our little emperor.

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Mr. Bush, have you no sense of decency sir? The needless deaths of American service men and women rest upon your head sir; the deaths of countless Iraqis are as well, on your bloodied hands sir. At long last have you left no sense of decency? As with any would-be conqueror Mr. Bush, your hands are bloody and in your case sir, your mind is addled. You are a coward sir, a despicable coward.

You are a murderer Mr. Bush, history will attest to that. You have committed countless war crimes as well as crimes against humanity Mr. Bush, one only hopes that some day the legal system will eventually recognize and press that aspect of your despicable tenure.

You are a little man, with little self-esteem, surrounded by men who for decades – no for centuries – have sent the young off to die for dreams of empire. You are no different than history’s murderers Mr. Bush, you are no different. There is no ‘manifest destiny’, which came out of Crawford, Texas sir, any more than there was a ‘manifest destiny’ that came out of Austria sir. You are no different than history’s murderers; Mr. Bush, the blood of countless humanity is on your hands.

In the name of humanity, in the name of that Christian God that you profess to “speak to,” in the name of the all that is decent and moral and spiritual, Mr. Bush, end this war.

Mr. Bush: Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? At long last have you left no sense of decency?
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a guest said:

Whether you like it or not....
As long as we have Peak Oil on the horizon...most likely less than three years away... and we import over 60% of our energy needs from other countries, we will be there until someone kicks us out. Don't let the democrats fool you, if they pull us out, I can guarantee you they will be an obsolete party by 2012. Without a pipeline to feed our energy addiction and an ever increasing need to continue to grow and expand in our economy, no sane politician that wants to remain elected will pull the plug on our presence in Iraq or the Middle East.

If you to create real change in our foreign policy, rail against the insanity that prevents us from becoming energy independent at home...which also means sacrificing our inefficient lifestyle with the automobile.
April 30, 2007
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