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So. Who Was Really Silenced By Polonium?
Saturday, 12 May 2007 07:45
by Copydude

We haven’t heard much from Litvinenko’s partner-in-crime, Mario Scaramella lately. That’s because they locked him up and threw away the key.
Mario is enjoying a little break from prison at the moment, but only under guard in the local hospital. Here he is said to be suffering from tachycardia, collapses, high blood pressure, blackouts, thyroid and prostrate swelling and hair loss. Oh, and a couple of heart attacks too.

Hmmmm. So how’s he doing? Senator Paolo Guzzanti says he has received a tearstained letter from Mario’s moll - one of the very few reported to have visited Scaramella in prison. Girlfriend Giorgia allegedly writes:
‘Today I embraced a man who had nothing left of Mario. No life, no enthusiasm, no character . . . They have killed Mario. My Mario is no more. Today I have seen a small, fragile, weak person, frightened, defeated… I write to you crying from the pain and the anger: I would have preferred he was dead than to see him destroyed in this way.’

Given that Litvinenko and Guzzanti were both mired in Mario’s scams, you wonder if they should also be rotting in jail now. But the Senator has diplomatic immunity, while Litvinenko’s immune systems failed in a different way.
There are charges against Scaramella but no one wants to press them. As with the Litvinenko case, officially it’s zip it and shut it. Unofficially, of course, the ’smearmeister’ Berezovsky is still bringing his own charges against Putin in the media, but these are becoming less credible with every month of official silence that passes.

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Just back in April, Berezovsky planted the story, KGB Men To Face Litvinenko Murder Charges . Yet nothing of the sort ever happened. The ‘news’ was attributed to ’sources close to Litvinenko’s widow’, aka Berezovsky. Really. Paid hacks might have thought to check with the UK Crown Prosecution Service.
CPS’ Julie Sedon states that the case is very complicated, that it is currently reviewing a specially appointed lawyer, and that no one can say exactly how long this process will last; In addition, no information about the case can be disclosed.
Meanwhile, in Italy, Mario tells girlfriend that he could face another two years darkness without due process. So what is on the charge sheet? Principally, it concerns the slander of a Ukrainian KGB defector, Talik, whom Scaramella set up with the help of Litvinenko.

We can confirm this because Mario’s only other reported visitor to the slammer is Boris Volodarskomu, a historian and, co-incidentally, a consultant to the Litvinenko enquiry. He tells:

In Rome I was able to get a unique document - a copy of the formal charges. Very interesting accusation. Scaramella is charged with the defamation of Alexander Talik. That’s it. No other charges. The only official reason he was arrested, detained in prison until the present time, and hardly likely to be released anytime soon, is the attempted slander of a former KGB captain.

In the same interview with Svoboda News , Boris relates that Mario’s interrogations are only about Litvinenko and the false evidence gathered for the Mitrokhin Commission.

Says Boris:

‘So, his arrest is clearly linked to Alexander Litvinenko.’

Well, call me sentimental, but I was worried about Mario’s distressed girlfriend, so I e-mailed Berezovsky’s Litvinenko Justice Foundation. Since Mario and Sasha were deep in the same shit, couldn’t they do something for him? Apparently not. Louise Christian of The ‘Litvinenko Justice Foundation’ - title always makes me laugh - insists that Scaramella was arrested for totally unrelated crimes. Even though Litvinenko is implicated on the only official Italian charge against Scaramella.

Actually, the LJF website is a piece of work. Note the ‘Polonium Trail’ section. Entirely missing from the Berezovsky LJF map are hotspots like Boris’ own home and Alexander Litvinenko’s place.

Thank goodness for the BBC and AJ Strata. At least Litvinenko’s neighbours in London’s Osier Crescent are now aware that Sasha’s stash of Polonium may make his abandoned house uninhabitable for years to come.

Can’t help thinking though. No one had heard of Mario Scaramella before he met Litvinenko. And now no one has heard from him since. Funny sort of coincidence.
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gio said:

Open letter to Mr. Gerard Batten- European Parliament
Dear Mr. Batten

We are a group of Italian citizens, who are extremely upset about the prolonged and, in our view, unjustified detention of Dr. Scaramella, whom you described, in no uncertain terms, as a “political prisoner” during a speech made at the European Parliament. Unfortunately we are convinced that he is a lot more and a lot less than this: a “person buried alive” to be assigned to the constant media-based underestimation, which immediately accompanied the search for truth in our country regarding the compromised position of public figures following the plots that came to light in the Mitrokhin dossier. This fact is highlighted by the almost total silence of the press and television regarding the aberrant case of a consultant of the parliamentary commission created for this purpose, who was imprisoned as an arms trafficker and slanderer of a Soviet spy (!) - , and, at the same time a scapegoat in the hands of a magistracy too often acquiescent to a political faction with an unresolved Oedipus complex, whose desire it is to render illegitimate with every means at its disposal, including ridicule, the work of the Chairman of the aforesaid commission, Senator Guzzanti. This Senator is hated by that party for not having climbed on the generic, “progressive” bandwagon, which has, nevertheless, caught up a considerable chunk of those “media” where he himself used to operate before entering into politics. Dr. Scaramella is the victim of such ferocious attacks, while the leader of our country’s government is a person who declares that in 1991 he used to be on such friendly terms with the then head of the KGB that he publicly sided with the aborted putsch aimed at re-establishing the pre-Gorbachev regime, and explained his position referring to the economic benefits that he believed Italy would have gained. We are sure that this is quite enough to leave us fearfully uneasy that if there is not an appropriate mobilisation of advocates of civil liberties outside our own country, then the case will find no fair solution, since we also find it difficult to forget the fate suffered by others who had the courage to speak out against this same personage for the events surrounding the Telecom Serbia acquisition and for the consequent help provided to the dictator Milosevic, only to be “silenced” by the courts in similar fashion.

Address Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP London Region
P.O. Box 51542

Tel No. (020) 7403 7174
Fax No. (020) 7403 7174

Email gerard.batten@btinternet.com
May 12, 2007
Votes: +0

gio said:

come to see about Scaramella in Italy
please, enter, it's free....we are italians very worried for Scaramella......
May 12, 2007
Votes: +0

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