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Been Here - Done This (And did it much better) - Morality in the Cold Universe
Friday, 18 May 2007 13:20
by Stephen P. Pizzo

American GIs getting killed in an illegal, immoral war thousands of miles from American soil. Our leaders warning us that, unless we win that war the enemy will topple neighboring governments and, eventually, threaten America itself.

We are told that we have no selfish motives in this war. Instead we are liberating people from a brutal, undemocratic system.

But in the process our soldiers are killing nearly as many innocent civilians in that country as enemy fighters because the enemy blends in with the civilian population.

The American public wants our troops out of that war, but our leaders in both parties – the same folks who, with a single vote four years ago started the war – now can't seem to agree on way to get us out any time soon.

Meanwhile, in our nation's capitol the party holding the White House is riddled with financial and political corruption that reaches to the top ranks of the US Department of Justice and into the White House itself. Honest career government officials resign or threaten to resign. Those who won't go along, are fired.

And, while allegedly fighting for civil and human rights abroad, the administration has violates both with reckless abandon at home and in secret prisons overseas. Even law-abiding Americans going about their daily business are not safe from government surveillance or the work of administration-encouraged dirty-tricksters and propaganda masquerading as news dressed up as "fair and balanced."

Quite a mess, huh? Yes it is. But those of us of a certain age remember when all this ... precisely this ... happened before. It was over 30 years ago and, fortunately back then our judicial and congressional branches of government still functioned as designed by our founders.

That's all from me today. But I want to take those of you too young to remember those days on a trip down memory enriching lane. Here are few additional cartoons from that period.

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