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Paris and Other Pariahs
Saturday, 09 June 2007 06:31
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

Okay, so maybe we can all sleep a little better tonight knowing that Paris Hilton is neatly tucked away in jail in Los Angeles. Justice has been served. After all, she violated the terms of her parole, so why not take her in handcuffs in the back of a squad car, and show her what law and order is all about. Yes, and while we're at it, why not put her in the middle of the public square, subject her to ridicule, whip her with  headlines,  and purge ourselves of all that evil envy we all, to some degree, possess.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I hate Paris Hilton, too, because she's young, blonde, and beautiful, because her breasts are firm, and her dreams in tact.  Yes, yes, why  not feed her  to the gladiators because she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and will return to a palatial estate n West Hollywood while the rest of us serfs can only stutter at her opulence, and say "pass the remote."

But, explain something to me, how is it that Augusto Pinochet, a man who killed many thousands in his native Chile, was allowed to serve out his days in his mansion, and not a peep was said by anyone?   How is it that Richard Nixon was pardoned, and left to walk, after masterminding the break-in of Democratic headquarters known as Watergate?   How is it that war crimes, and  massacres, are taking place every day both here at home, and in Iraq, in secret terror cells, and in state penitentiaries, and no one is saying a damn thing.   Instead, the news media can't get enough of the mug shot of a young  girl whose freedom, or incarceration, in the final analysis, doesn't  mean a bloody thing to anyone but herself, and those closest to her.

We have made a national pastime of scapegoating those who do the least damage to us, as a society, while letting the real criminals walk free, unscathed, and without scrutiny. While Scooter Libby may be next to cry his eyes out in the back of a squad car, and the media blitz will convince us that, once again, justice is being served when those who most deserve to be handcuffed, and carted away will finish out their terms of office with feckless, and tearless impunity.

So, while those who feel vindicated by the equalizing of stigma, and penalty as applied to Ms. Hilton are taking a huge sigh of relief, and thinking that, at last, the system works, think about this, for a moment, we have destroyed a human life.   Yes, it isn't just her short sentence in a county jail that Paris must put  behind her, but the miserable memory of having been subjected, and eviscerated, by ongoing deprecation, and communal venom, and this from this most Christian of countries.   
What's happening to Paris Hilton is a crying shame for any of us who have ever known what it is to be ridiculed, and despised, to have your dreams dashed. Anyone who thinks that even one day in jail is a good thing deserves to be there themselves.  Moreover, anyone who thinks that the disparity between rich and poor, right and wrong, has been addressed by incarcerating, and humiliating this young girl will be hugely disappointed when they discover it hasn't accomplished anything. 


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a guest said:

That's not what it's about...
That's not what the basic issue is about at all.

Those of us in the addiction treatment field, and/or in recovery from addiction (I am both) know that the only thing that will break through the denial and cause an addict to look clearly at his life is a literally life-changing experience. Sometimes--not always, but occasionally--jail is that experience. Apparently the judge knows it too.

Certainly nothing else in Paris' life has triggered that self-examination thus far, and given the number of people with a vested interest in having it otherwise (the press perhaps paramount among them) it is not likely to happen in any other venue short of a life-threatening experience.

Forget all the bushwah about "is it fair," from whatever viewpoint. The real point is that this could save her life. It could be the removal of the feather mattresses that lets the princess feel the discomfort of the pea. Let us hope that the discomfort is great enough to trigger some changes, not piss and moan because it violates our idea of "fairness."

Death, the inevitable result of untreated addiction, isn't fair either.
June 09, 2007 | url
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a guest said:

Hilton and Pinochet
But, explain something to me, how is it that Augusto Pinochet, a man who killed many thousands in his native Chile, was allowed to serve out his days in his mansion, and not a peep was said by anyone?

"Not a peep was said by anyone?" What nonsense.
June 11, 2007 | url
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