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Hello, 911? - I'd Like to Report a Crime
Saturday, 23 June 2007 12:44
by Stephen P. Pizzo

What's it take to get a guy impeached these days? I mean, less than ten years ago it was lying under oath in a civil case involving alleged sexual harassment. Since then someone has apparently raised the bar — to  someplace in low-earth orbit.

No, I'm not talking about impeaching George W. Bush – not that he doesn't richly deserve a thorough impeaching. I'm talking about his sidekick, Tricky Dick the Second.

We've all suspected for a long time that Dick was up to no good. And, while no one has yet been able to lift his finger prints from any of the many crime scenes that have turned up, and keep turning up, circumstantial evidence has pointed to him in almost every case.

But as of yesterday we now have a firm, undeniable set of prints. We now not only have a preverbal, but the gun is still in Cheney's hand and he's waving it proudly around in a "you'll never take me alive, coppers," manner:

WASHINGTON — For the last four years, Vice President Dick Cheney has made the controversial claim that his office is not fully part of the Bush administration in order to exempt it from a presidential order regulating federal agencies' handling of classified national security information, officials said Thursday....According to documents released Thursday by a House committee, Cheney's staff has blocked efforts by the National Archives' Information Security Oversight Office to enforce a key component of the presidential order: a mandatory on-site inspection of the vice president's office. At least one of those inspections would have come at a particularly delicate time — when Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, and other aides were under criminal investigation for their suspected roles in leaking the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. (Full)

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Hello Congress. (Anyone in there?) We've got a guy in our executive branch who did something a lot worse than just lying under oath that he ever lusted after an homely Arkansas gal.  This guy has openly violated a federal statute signed into law in 2002 by his own boss. And he is a serial violator too boot. He's broken this law, not just once, but four times already and is currently in the act of breaking it a fifth time. In other words, this time you've caught him in the act.. red handed. That would make five felonies and/or misdemeanors – on the record, staring you guys right in the face, mocking you.

Of course Dick has his defense. But it's a typical Dick Defense. If you think Bill Clinton's defense was a twenty-ton pile of steaming BS ("depends what the meaning of 'is" is.) — get a load of the Dick's defense.  He says that, since the office of the Vice President serves a dual role, as VP and President of the Senate, he, as VP, is not subject to the law in question since that law only covers the executive branch.

"Cheney spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride confirmed the vice president's position Thursday but said she could not discuss the matter in detail, including whether Cheney or his aides tried to abolish the information security office. "We are confident that we are conducting this office properly under the law," McBride said."

Yep, you read that correctly. When the "cops" tried to enforce the law, Dick tried to "eliminate" them.  That would leave the  law on the books, but no one around to enforce it. Nice.

Anyway, back to Dick' defense. Cheney says he is not a member of the executive branch because he is also a member of the legislative branch. Hmmm. Let's see. If extrapolate that logic to it's logical conclusion then that means he Dick can't claim he's covered by executive privilege. If Dick is right then Congress would have the right to full and unimpeded access to all the VP's executive branch documents.  You know, like who he met with during his energy task force meetings, etc.  After all, Tricky Dick II, can't have it both ways.

Of course, Dick — being the Dick we've all come to know — wants it both ways. After all, if he were right about this, it would make him the most powerful person in government — ever.

If Congress lets Cheney get away with this, this time, then we will have to assume that either Congress has abdicated it's power to a single man, or is somehow in on the deal. Well? What other explanations fit the circumstances? You tell me.

But if we still have an independent, co-equal legislative branch that is willing and able to defend their perogatives and rights, and enforce the rule of law, then only one course of action fits the bill — impeachment.

Forget the federal courts. That's a dodge. First, trying to get a federal court interpretation of the statue is a waste of time, and we don't have that kind of time left in this administration. Besides, we already know Cheney has broken a law, and we know which law he broke and how many times he broke it.  Finally we know that Cheney's defense – that he is some kind of existential shape-shifter and therefore not a member of the executive branch —   is ridiculous on its face.

But that's Dick's defense and he is welcome to it. Let him put it forth during his impeachment trial and see how far he gets with it.

Republicans should be as concerned about this as Democrats. No, let amend and extend that remark. Republicans should be more concerned about this than Democrats. Because the next President and VP of the United States are likely going to be Democrats. And the last thing Republicans should want is for Cheney — a guy on his way out — to set a precedent that would allow a Democratic administration to hide what they've been up to from Congress.

The American public does not want such a precedent established either.  Because here's what happens when that happens.
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a guest said:

Like Children
I am always so amazed at how naive we American are. The Vietnamese used to tell me that we were like children. We believe whatever we are told. Don't you realize by now that Cheney like Herman Goring in a Nazi. Have you forgotten Snator Paul Wellstone. Yes, everyone has forgotten him. The day prior to his murder he told a group of Veterans in Minnisota that Cheney had threatened him if he did not ease up. The next day the Blackwater Gestapo shot his plane out the the air killing him and his whole family. Why do you thing that the Democrat congressmen and women are so reluctant to act. Like Paul Wellstone they have all be threatened. They have been told: "Do as we say, or we will murder your family." There is not going to be another election. Sometime between mid August and early Sptember Cheney will pull of another 9/11 disaster and declare marshal law. Then he'll nuke Iran. The Senator Wellstone murder would be a wake up call to another nation, but we Americans are asleep. Sure, I know what you'll say, Mr Pizzo. That I'm psychotic.
June 24, 2007 | url
Votes: +0

a guest said:

Above the law? Not!
n http://www.washingtonpost.com/...01809.html the following quote appears:

"Vice President Cheney is expanding the administration's policy on torture to include tortured logic," said Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.). "In the end, neither Mr. Cheney or his staff is above the law or the Constitution."

In other places "lawmakers" are quoted as saying that Cheney and Bush are not above the law. Well it's true they're not. They are consistently within the law as they proclaim it.

Until, if ever, there is some court case(s) to challenge and affirm that they have indeed breached the law, then they remain within the law and are the law.

This is why impeachment or whatever other remedy may be available, for example contempt of Congress, must be vigorously pursued. It's the only available way to test whether Cheney and Bush are the law givers. As long as these remedies are not pursued then the Congress has ceded law giving powers to whoever holds the office of President and Vice President.

"Lawmakers" who argue that there aren't enough votes for impeachment and therefor it can't be pursued are cowards. They are not defending the constitution and therefor the constitution is no longer in effect.

"Lawmakers" and "progressive" talk media personalities who argue that "the people" have to stand up and shout daily at their "elected" officials in order to get them on the right track are missing the point. These people were elected to uphold the constitution while the rest of us work for a living, take care of our children and the elderly and pursue other activities (hopefully in benefit to society). If we've got to spend all day on the phone constantly to our "elected" officials and in the streets and so on on, then we have de facto a new form of government - it's not the constitutional republic that we were taught in civics class. It's a government ultimately of continuous revolution. People banding together and marching for this that or another cause and so on. The productivity of the economy drops and so on.

The 2006 election by all rights was a clear mandate to end the Iraq Occupation and hold the perpetrators of the illegal invasion of Iraq accountable in the courts and in the Congress. The fact that the "elected" officials have not stood up aggressively - including shutting down the government - indicates that it doesn't matter which of the parties (including so-called progressive independents) are actually in a majority. The individual "elected" official's perception of the constitution they are sworn to uphold and their obligations thereto are clearly not consonant with maintaining a constitutional republic.

Instead "elected" officials are "politicians". The concept of "politician" is apparently one who ensures to the extent that they can that they and their party win elections.

Back in the good old days the idea of a politician was one who was skilled at considering the needs of the society as he understood them and then negotiating, debating and ultimately compromising with other politicians to arrive at policy decisions that (hopefully) benefitted the human members of society.

The likelihood that "the people" are really going to take the actions necessary to reconstitute a meaningful civil government is zero. The degree to which virtually everybody is enmeshed in the maintenance of the current institutions under which we live is completely overwhelming to the senses of the individual. It is unlikely that a significant mass of people will 1) become sufficiently disaffected; and 2) sufficiently disengage from the institutions so as to disable them.

At some point, in the distant future, these institutions will also pass into memory overwhelmed by internal malaise and external attacks from other disaffected groups. In the meantime the US appears now affirmed as a fascist state serving the purposes of the transnational corporate interests of planet earth.

Hard technology will be pushed to the limits to contain and control the humans whose consumption is so necessary to the dominance of the transnational corporate interests. The consumption by humans of stuff, things and so on; and the consumption of humans by wars, slave labor and so on. Not only is there an ever widening wealth gap there is an ever widening technology gap - wealth can purchase and create overwhelming technology: Narus STA-64, Echelon, TIA and all the rest of the big brother dreams become reified.

I wonder if the next species will do any better.

June 24, 2007 | url
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a guest said:

BioMedical Librarians Inc.
From Google news actually.
Very lo-ong load. Hard gettin' here.
Great article.
Nice site.

be well...
June 24, 2007 | url
Votes: +0

a guest said:

Tread carefully
I suspect anyone who crosses Dick Cheney once is likely to find his career prospects dampened; twice they're out; three times they are at the bottom of the Potomac. A guy who has insured the military and intelligence communities doles for so many years has dangerous friends. Prior experience would suggest that Cheney isn't afraid to use them, and unlike with prior presidencies, Cheney's bodies never surface.
June 24, 2007 | url
Votes: +0

maryjanie said:

Excellent old story needs repeating and exposing more please
A great article well written and needs to be seen & posted more again and again, because it is still not out of date but currently continuously relevant. Found it on Dandilion seed site.
If one has to seek, search, accidentally find good writing that is saying something that NOW needs to read and passed on, this writing
needs more exposure...please !

we dont need to reinvent and rewrite the same blurb when you have done so...can you just repost it anywhere, elsewhere and note where else it is being seen maybe ?

Cheney is obviously the prime suspect and shows off his power, which makes me wonder if his hidden-supporters and whisperers are hiding behind his exposed body ? Who is he working for ? Besides his desire to rule our world, there usually are others that are necessary to such power grabs and those who legally confirm his rulership, for Cheney or any others of that usurping group to be able to do what they have 'accomplished' [not in our name, but with our money and image].
Do we - you - know and name the others too ?

And spread it out to be heard, read, seen, known far and wide please?
This is not an assignment but a request, obviously.

thanks again.

In Los Angeles we have KPFK radio, Pacifica station, that sometimes
does exposures & interviews but their programmers are 'volunteers' and have their individual producers mostly. [www.kpfk.org] And each keeps careful control to maintain their on-air position of power and dont take input from other volunteers to the station [fear & paranoia reigns everywhere].

another attempt to keep KPFK cleaner and more transparent just starting up is :


keep up good writing, direct, to the point, and informative. awakening. stimulating. helping.

expand our views & assumptions.

July 15, 2008
Votes: +0

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