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D.C. doesn't stand for Dick Cheney
Wednesday, 27 June 2007 13:16
by Jayne Lyn Stahl
...an open letter to the vice president.

Dear Messr. Cheney,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that entitlement is no longer a gentleman's sport. Indeed, the blood of thousands has been shed in the name of protecting, and defending a document that outlines a priceless vision of freedom which has recently been trampeled and eviscerate. While no one is suggesting this is solely your doing, your fingerprints are everywhere in sight.

And, though it may have felt like it at times, over the past six plus years,the nation's capital was not named after you. Indeed, the letters "D.C." stand for District of Columbia, and not Dick Cheney. What's more, the president was inaugurated, back in January, 2000, not coronated, which means there can be no exemption from adhering to the laws, even if they were of his own devising. Being elected means always having to be accountable.

There's only so far massaging the truth can get you, and only history, and not elected executives, has immunity. A quick refresher course in Constitution 101 will assure you that yes, the vice presidency finds itself in the executive branch of government, and the oath of office doesn't exempt one from congressional, and judicial oversight. Adherence to the law is not a matter of convenience, or conscience; it is a pre-requisite for leadership.

When the framers wrote about "checks" and balances, they weren't referring to the kind made payable to Halliburton.

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