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Failure of a False Visionary
Saturday, 30 June 2007 09:19
by Peter Chamberlin

Bush's failure to pass his "amnesty bill" for his corporate backers and the loss of Republican support for his escalation in Iraq signal the collapse of his dream to remake America and the world.  Now it is left up to the rest of us to undo the damage that he has done while trying to force his vision upon the world.

His stubborn refusal to adjust his strategy to reality for six years has exhausted most of our options, while leaving many timely solutions behind, until they became outdated and no longer applied.  The "surge" strategy was an attempt to revive one of those outdated solutions against even worse odds.  We are now seeing the predictable results.  While we waited on Bush to listen to reason, thousands more died without bringing "victory" any closer, while the enemy continued to grow stronger.  The ongoing inadequate escalation is having the same predictable outcome of all previous faulty strategies; we break up concentrations of insurgents, only to scatter them to new areas.   The plan to chase the terrorists, without containing them securely first, can be compared to botched surgery that merely spreads the infection throughout the body.

A war strategy that has always been based on insufficient forces, with no potential for reinforcement, has always been a losing strategy.  Our representatives in Congress failed the American people and our troops, by endorsing this handicapped mission that most of them knew was destined to fail, knowing full well that it was only justified by the weight of the fear and the lies that were used to promote it. They did not question the urgency in Bush's push to invade Iraq, or the stupidity of suspending the Afghan war in order to fight it.  Our Congressmen-for-life were afraid to point-out the apparent contradiction in the claim that we were in a fight "for civilization itself."   Nobody wanted to risk the political baggage of questioning the "war president," or calling on Americans to accept the war-time sacrifices that fielding such a massive force would require.  We are in this war because of Congressional cowardice and because of our own unwillingness to correct them.

Congressional cowardice is allowing the failed vision of Bush and Cheney to herd them toward the next war (with Iran), even while Iraq continues to collapse.  No action has been taken to prevent these "crazies" in the White House from bombing Iranian reactors. They have not even debated the consequences of the covert war that Bush recently authorized to overthrow the regime.   Instead, they have supported the idea of Bush and Cheney unleashing a real nuclear genocide upon the innocent people of Iran, while voting to petition the United Nations to charge Ahmadinejad with "advocating genocide" against Israel at the Hague Court.

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Congress has not objected to the failed Bush/Cheney policies that are causing new violence in Lebanon and which recently led to the violent overthrow of the Abbas government in Gaza.  There has been no objection to the revival of President Carter's "El Salvador option" of using Special Forces-trained "death squads" to promote sectarian warfare in targeted countries, even in Iraq.

Congress has behaved as if blind to the administration's revival of another failed policy from the past, using Islamic terrorists to implement our secret foreign policy.    They turn a deaf ear towards realists in Congress like Ron Paul, who dare to point out the hard fact that the desire for revenge, _not_ the "hatred of freedom," has been the real motivation for some of these same terrorist attacks upon us.   
While our president protests that "no one wants war," the hard truth remains that there are many in our government and in the civilian sector who been have pushing for a war to eliminate Iran for decades, as well as a regional war to "take back our oil" (as if the Middle East belonged to America).  The attacks of September 11 provided these war-mongers with the ideal opportunity to rally the angry and frightened American people behind such a crusade to takeover and to remake the entire Middle East.  This justification and Bush's war mandate have been used "as an excuse to seize police powers sought for decades, such as warrantless searches, Internet monitoring, and access to bank records."   The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have become collateral damage in this war against those radicals (both foreign and domestic) who refuse to forget our secret history.

Once again, reality has been distorted by those subversive elements who consistently deny historical realities, in order to spoon feed their alternative version of "truth" to the American people and to the world.  That fabricated truth has enabled them to hide America's rocky secret history, including a plan by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to kill American citizens to provoke a war on Cuba (Operation Northwoods), as well as other terroristic (fascist) attacks upon citizens, many of them meant to manipulate our elections, as documented by the CIA itself, in the recently released "Crown Jewels."

We cannot find answers to our present dangerous dilemma, without first seeking the truth that motivates our enemies.  Separating the truth from the lies which have been purposely fused together will allow us to better see the real options that are still available to us for dealing with this war with radical Islam.  We have to recognize the fact that we have been given false "Hobson's choices," that have no correct solutions.

If we wish to promote democracy in the Middle East then we have to be willing to deal with the Islamists who will win them.  If we want to get ahead of the wave of Islamism that we have helped to sweep over the world, instead of being overwhelmed by it, then we will have to look at the world with new eyes, watching for opportunities to build, not to destroy.  The answer to the question of peace between America and the Muslim world lies in accepting the many mistakes that we have made there and in searching for mutually acceptable ways to repair the damage that we have done, not in killing every one of them who has a grudge against us.

The world waits for us to find real leaders, breathlessly watching as American patriots diligently dissect the corpse of our past greatness.  We can return to the exceptionalism that has guided us in the past (when we lead the world through a war against fascism and did our best to rebuild it after words), if we can only get past the false vision of American "pre-eminence," that the neocons have substituted for it, and the president who has held it up high like some false talisman for us to worship in our own dangerous era.
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