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Michael Moore Rips CNN and Wolf Blitzer (video)
Tuesday, 10 July 2007 19:48

Michael Moore Rips CNN and Wolf Blitzer

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a guest said:

"Hes more of a left wing promoter than Hugo Chavez"
How brainwashing and ignorant CNN and other media outlets have come to relating Michael Moore to Hugo Chaves when Hugo couragously refused Exxon contracts into looting Venezuala's oil reserves.

I prise with great respect to Michael Moore's stance against the corporate media's immoral code for not recognising a need for free healthcare for all. Sadly its not the puppit media outlets who don't recognise the need, its those who are pulling the strings who are guilty of prematurely ending thousands of peoples lives because whether they had insurance or not, they are still refused treatment.

Instead of investing into the INDUSTRIAL MILLITARY COMPLEX why not introduce an overdue and "morally just" free healthcare system which treats any patient no matter how expensive the diagnose's and treatment is, compared to health insurances who still may find a criminal excuse due to the expence.

Keep up the excellent work Mike because the American public are listening and taking note I hope, because we now live in a world where money means more than life, so sad but so true...
July 11, 2007
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