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Sleepwalking into the Apocalypse
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 11:33
by Peter Chamberlin

"You ain't the first son of a bitch to wake-up from this dream" ("They Live"). There are more of us s.o.b's everyday, doing our best to describe the "dream" (nightmare), to rouse our sleeping countrymen. (You know the nightmare – I call it the "military-hospital-school-business-prison camp dream," of endless pursuit, urgently trying to escape the dreaded complex.) For those of us fortunate enough to have gotten this far, it is like we have been playing a part in some cheesy, improbable, crazy movie, where mankind is oppressed and robbed by an unseen hidden force that preys on our willing somnambulism. What does it mean that we have believed in a false version of history for so long, where every trusted leader has sold his soul to the devil?

Will there ever be anyone among the living who actually knows what our secret true history really is? Is there anyone who sees the man behind the curtain in all the recent cover-ups, since our new "government by assassination" began to really take hold in 1963? The Internet is proving invaluable for researchers seeking the hidden evidence that the nightly news has chosen to forget. Books remain the best source for seeking-out the roots of the beast in the more distant past, when the Rothschild/Rockefeller, roots began to sprout the Zionist, Federal Reserve, Bilderberger, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateralist leviathan, which bore the fruit of the present ruling cabal-driven plutocracy. Such insights make the public library a source of subversion to our would-be master race. Perhaps this is the reason for the Patriot Act provisions for tracking truth-seekers? Knowledge is dangerous to such devious planners.

Not too long ago, the conservative movement was the loudest voice warning us about the coming planned collapse of our society. But alas, the conservative press has been co-opted, just like the mainstream media (which was once an open source of some factual "news"). This seemed to happen around the same time that the conservatives stopped speaking-out about the "multi-national" American corporations, who have ceaselessly waged class war against the American labor movement (one of the only powerful progressive voices for change in our society). It happened sometime around the end of the NAFTA debate, when Clinton signed the surrender documents for us. It coincided with the sudden rise of Little Bush, when Clinton passed the masters' flaming baton to Bush, their next runner.

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"Co-opting" is the conspiracy's greatest weapon. This is an ancient capitalist strategy, of, marrying into rival families, or buying out "useful idiots," who can then play important roles in the grand production that masquerades as "reality." They have adapted the ideas that H.G. Wells conveyed in his thick tome The Open Conspiracy . In it, Wells took a mighty stand against war, spelling-out a comprehensive formula for making war impossible, by infecting (co-opting) every leadership position on every level of society with the idea of forgetting the ways of war. Our master planners twisted this excellent work into a perverse plan for doing the exact opposite, infecting every leader with war fever. Against such overwhelming shared delusions truth remains our only weapon.

The American majority is deliriously happy to help the ruling junta maintain the shared delusion. The people sleep because they don't want to know the truth about the dangerous moment of truth awaiting us. The most disturbing of all the ignored truths is that the American people are the only remaining force upon this earth capable of stopping the coming genocidal nuclear attack upon the people of Iran. The finalization of the complete surrender of the Democrats to the Zionist lobby, has been made clear in the recent 97-0 Senate vote, to charge Iran with murdering and waging war against American troops in Iraq. For those progressives, liberals and libertarians, who held-out hope that the "new" Democratic Congress, there can be no more doubt that there is not a "dime's worth of difference" between our two political parties.

People must be made to realize the lateness of the hour. The countdown to a one-sided nuclear "war" (a nicer term than genocidal bloodbath) has begun. Cheney is about to have his way with Iran. The make believe "diplomacy" of Condoleeza Rice is being exposed as the farce that it has always been, providing cover for the secretive war preparations that were being made against Israel's neighbors and Iran's allies. The growing public outrage over the chaotic state of the Iraq war is being deftly steered by the corporate media and the sold-out leaders in Congress. The ongoing war debate is but another diversion, meant to mislead the stirred-up populace, giving us another faint glimmer of hope here and there, as mirror image spokesmen of the "Republicrat Party" lead us by the noses, as they pretend to be looking for a way to "withdraw" from Iraq (even as they plan to shift our forces to Iran).

The "surge" that is unfolding in Iraq and Afghanistan, is being duplicated by the dictator Musharref in Pakistan's tribal regions, where civil war has been ignited on orders from Bush and Cheney, beginning with the assault on Islamists that began at the Red Mosque in Islamabad. The way that Pakistan's war on Islamist extremism is being escalated, will have the same effects as the rest of the strategy used so far in the war on terror. A handful of real terrorists will be brutally killed (in the midst of thousands of innocent civilians), but most of them will simply be scattered to neighboring states. This strategy, that is responsible for letting bin Laden escape, will spread the extremist virus like a plague. This strategy enables the Pakistani government to secretly support the spread of radical Islam. To quote from The Bible, when they "smite the shepherds" of the corrupted madrassas, all that they will do is to further enrage and "scatter the flocks" of the martyred extremists.

Pakistan's generals used their links with the extremist networks (which were created by the Pakistani secret services [ISI] with the CIA) in the war with India over Kashmir. The ISI funded the Islamic jihad there and sent in their own paramilitary forces mixed in with them. In fact, the terrorist organizations who have been waging that war are all based in Pakistan. ISI tentacles are so interwoven with that Al Qaida allied terrorist insurgency that there is no way for India to know whether they are fighting Pakistani soldiers or al Qaida. If this is true in Kashmir, then it may very well be that way everywhere.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a shared history with the Islamist extremist network. Former agents from the French secret services have revealed the name "Al Qaida" was originally the Arabic name for a Saudi computer database of all the Islamic fighters that they recruited and sponsored (ISI, CIA trained) to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Neither of these terrorist-supporting fundamentalist Islamist governments have ever hesitated to support the Islamist network; they have merely been more secretive about it since the 9/11 attacks. Neither of these states is on our State Dept's list of "state sponsors of terrorism."

Pakistan's secretive support of the Taliban insurgency has prevented them from effectively helping us to deal with them, or to pacify Afghanistan. On the contrary, nuclear-armed Pakistan will very likely be the source for any Islamists who actually get their hands on an a-bomb. Saudi Arabia's support for the Sunni insurgency inside of Iraq has never led Bush or Cheney to criticize them for providing assistance to the terrorists who are responsible for most American deaths in that war. Every American president since Reagan has used this network of radical Sunni extremists to advance their foreign policy agenda.

Secret American support for the very same Al Qaida terrorist network that began this war of terror makes it impossible to dismiss charges of covert government complicity in the 9/11 attacks. As is true in all attempts to know about our government's secret history, how will we ever know, or prove the complicity of elements within or government in the many deadly attacks that are the hallmark of our recent history. From the murder of JFK, to the planting of secondary explosives in the Alfred Murrah Bldg and the Towers, the "official version" of events is inconsistent, illogical and demonstrably wrong. The war of terrorism is a false construct, merged with the national trauma that those events created in America's psyche.

Like the "Operation Northwoods" attempt to provide the violent provocation, intended to justify an illegal, unjust war, we have experienced political extortion (terrorism), time after time, to force the government's secret agenda upon us. The CIA has practiced the secretive trade of manipulating elections with the use of terrorist tactics, upon our allies in Europe and elsewhere, until they have turned it into an art form. Since the reign of Reagan and his CIA spymaster, William Casey, we have witnessed a series of staged events, to force candidates and unwanted laws upon us, until the Bill of Rights itself has become endangered. Beginning with the "October surprise" that cost Carter his reelection, to the assassination attempt on Reagan's life, which made his unacceptable policies suddenly acceptable, to the Oklahoma City attack which began to force the unacceptable anti-terror laws upon us, to the more recent episodes, we have watched passively while violence has determined our national direction.

How can we now shake our fellow countrymen out of their complacency and impel them to take to the streets, to confront our government's latest and most hideous of all outrages, an unprovoked nuclear "Pearl Harbor" on Iran? Once again, the truth remains our only defense against the constructors of our destruction. We begin by becoming our own news source; we must bring the vital news to them that the national corporate media is trying to flush down the "memory hole." Have any of the national news sources even mentioned the Iran war resolution known as the Lieberman Amendment?

We have to speak in a common voice, so that the masses of dreamers might begin to hear the common truths that we seek to convey. The sleeping puppet people must be made aware of our duplicitous leaders and their common plans to visit genocide upon the Muslim people, whom we have abused for our pleasure, for so long, and martial law for the American people. It is time for a concerted effort, for a limited period of time, to shout in unison, "Wake-up, look at what is being done in our names!" Editorial writers, letter writers, bloggers, devote all your efforts to this one task, derailing the long-predicted "summer wars," that all government sources keep predicting in unison. If we fail to devote our attention to this one meager effort (or some better idea), then who really believes that our First Amendment rights to write our personal little spiels, will survive the catastrophic changes that a genocidal nuclear war will bring with it? Who believes that such a sneak attack upon Iran would not drive Americans to the streets en masse, which would then provide the justification for the martial law plans that have been made? We cannot let our fear of losing our own freedom prevent us from moving the people to action. If we rouse the common interest of the American majority and motivate them to merely speak-up, then we will have taken a power first step toward saving our Democratic-Republic.
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