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Putting the Dems on Suicide Watch
Saturday, 28 July 2007 02:08
by Stephen P. Pizzo

How does one go about talking a political party out of committing suicide? That's the question. No, I'm not talking about the Republicans. It's too late for them. I'm talking about the Democrats.

Recent polls show that Democratic Party faithful seem determined to do to their party what Republicans did to their party when they chose George W. Bush to be their top dog.

And that's precisely what Democrats will do if they nominate Hillary Clinton as their candidate for President.

I know, I've been saying that for months, beating that horse and beating it.. but it'll not only still kicking, but stronger than ever. So, maybe I'm wrong. I am wrong about half the time, so this could be one of those times.

Still I can't shake the ominous feeling that Democrats are sleepwalking their party off a cliff, led by Pied Piper Hillary. My gut tells me that, if they nominate Hillary there are only two possible outcomes, both bad;

1) She will run and lose, sticking us with another Republican in the White House,
2) Or, she'll run and win sticking us with another Bill and Hillary White House soap opera.

“But Steeeeeeeeve,” Hillary supporters squeal, “Bill Clinton was a great president. “Wouldn't it be wonderful to have him back in the White House, even if it's only as First Gentleman?”

Ah.... yeah... well, ah, let me mull that for a moment ......................


You can't go home again, even if that home was once the White House. And that truism is even more so if the homeward bound couple are Bill and Hillery. There's not enough storage in the nation's Capitol for the tons of emotional, political and personal baggage Hillary and Bill would arrive at the White House carrying.

Look, Republican voters had plenty of advance warning of what a GW Bush presidency would be like. All his arrogance, incompetence and history of failure atop failure in the private sector were laid out in painful detail. Yet they got smooth-talked into voting for him anyway. And in a shocking display of a mass learning disability, they did it a second time four years later.

And now look at the Republican party. Come January 2009 Republicans in Congress will have trouble gathering quorum for morning coffee. Eight years of George W. Bush have set the GOP back a quarter century – which of course it great news for the rest of us.

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But, if Democrats succeed in putting Hillary Clinton in the White House they will doom their party to the same fate. If you think Americans are sick and tired of Bush's smirks and lies and incompetence, just wait til they get a belly full of a triangulating Hillary Clinton administration.

Like it or not – fair or not -- Bill and Hillary have an image problem. Madison Avenue has succeeded in crippling American's critical thinking skills. Today perception is reality. And the perception way too many Americans have of Hillary and Bill was engineered by the rabid-right. Since Bill Clinton left office such perceptions have laid dominant. But if you think it's dead, or that Hillary's term as a US Senator and Bill's charitable work have changed those perceptions, I have headache remedy to sell you that you apply directly to the forehead.

Assuming Hillary wins and serves only one term, that would mean 1460 days of news coverage speculating who's the top and who's the bottom. Would it be a week, or month into a Billery administration before the first rumors began to swirl that Bill was having White House maids doing more than just his laundry. True? Made up? No one will know, and many won't even care. There we would be once again, trapped in vicious cycle of smarmy accusations countered by dubious denials from two serial dissemblers.

Hillary says she would send Bill off as a roving ambassador, which sounds like a good idea – until you think about it. First there's the appearance problems that would cause. Face it, much of the world is still mired in patriarchy. Combine that with the fact that Bill Clinton attracts media attention like Paris Hilton – (let us pray the two never actually meet on the road) – and all that will raise the obvious questions of who is making US foreign policy – Hill or Bill?

Of course President Hillary Clinton's White House spokes-things will dismiss such questions as nonsense, stating that Bill is simply doing Hillary's bidding. But whenever Bill steps in front of the kleeg lights and cameras overseas it'll be deja vu all over again. It will be President Bill Clinton that reappears, like those visions on the Virgin Mary that folks say they see on all kinds of stuff.

Then there's Bill's rep as a randy dandy. I knew a person whose father used to work on Bill Clinton's campaigns when he was governor of Arkansas. Whenever Bill was on the campaign trail this guy's job was to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and sleep in the hall, leaning against Bill's hotel room door. Because if someone didn't do that Gov. Bill was likely to sneak out and go hound dogging at local bars.

So, who will do that job when Bill off mentoring the world's leaders for his presidential wife? (“Hi, my name is Bill, ¿Como se llama?) Would it be the same Secret Service that allowed Monica prance in and out of the Oval Office at will? Forgetaboutit.

I personally don't give a fig what Billy does with his Willy. I just don't want to hand the Ken Starr/Swift Boat nut balls lurking out there another gift. (And if you doubt that that is precisely what will happen, then it's you that's suffering a learning disability.)

Then there's Hillary Clinton, herself. No woman since Lizzy Borden has created more a fuss. Justified or unjustified, is it really more meaningless fuss we need right now? Don't we have more important things boiling over on our stove than Hillary? Yes! Yes we do!. But have no doubt about it, if Hillary runs and is elected, the issue will be Hillary -- all Hillary, all the time. (Is she making a statement on global warming by showing cleavage?)

When George Bush is asked a question about something important, he either lies or serves up answers so at odds with reality that they blow our cerebral fuses.

When Hillary answers questions her lips move, sounds come out but the experience leaves one feeling like they'd reached for cold beer but got only foam. It tastes like beer, smells like beer, but it fails to quench our thirst. After eight years of being forced to drink Neo-con Koolaide we deserve better than four years of Hillary's rhetorical foam.

The bulk of Hillary's support, according to the polls, comes form women. I get that. But roughly half the US population is made up of women. Is Hillary really the best woman we can come up with? Or are women supporting her because she's the only woman running for President? If that's the reason women are supporting Hillary, it's a really bad reason.

I know it's unfair, but women will pay a heavy price for a Hillary presidency. While most Americans are sick of George W. Bush, they won't take that out on any of the men running for President. But after four years of a Hillary presidency they will take their feelings about her out on the next woman to run for that office... and the next, and the next....

Unfair? Yes. Illogical? You bet. Wrong? Stupid? Ignorant? All true. Nevertheless, that's precisely what will happen.

The first woman president must be a slam dunk. She must be a Golda Mier. Hillary is not that person.

I'm sorry that all of Hillary's opponents are males. I wish there were more women, in both parties, running for President. There are great women in Congress, any one of which would be a better choice for the nation than Hillary. On the Republican side, Senator Olympia Snowe, would make a fabulous president, and there's Barbara Boxer on the Democratic side. While each of those women would bring the usual political baggage to their candidacy, neither would be the ruinous distraction from the real issues as Hillary Clinton.

Is Hillary Clinton smart enough to be President of the United States? Sure. (She was smart enough even before George W. Bush lowered that bar.) Is she tough enough? Yep. Tough as nails.

So what's my problem with Hillary?

My problem with Hillary is ... well, Hillary. I don't want the next four years to be all about Hillary. Instead I want it to be all about fixing the things George broke during his eight years in office. And I am as sure as I have ever been about anything before that, if Hillary is elected President we will quickly find Washington consumed with the goings on in the latest FOX series, As the Clinton's Turn, Part II.
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Jimmy Montague said:

Jimmy Montague
It's too bad you're right, Steven.
But when you're right, you're right. Electing Hillary is ONE way to make sure that nothing gets done during the next Democratic administration. The REALLY SAD THING about making sure nothing gets done during the next Democratic administration (these Democrats being what they are) is that it just might be what's best for the nation. Does anyone really want the party that won't stand up to Bush to capture the White House AND the Congress -- and be able to accomplish anything at all?
July 28, 2007 | url
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