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Zeitgeist Zone: Lindsay Lohan - Capitalism - Dog Fighting - G-Spot - Terror Scare
Sunday, 29 July 2007 16:00
by Edward Strong

Lindsay Lohan: Poor Little Rich Drug User

Shortly after Lindsay Lohan was busted on suspicion of drunk driving and drug possession her father and a parade of Hollywood celebrities made sobbing, heart wrenching pleas on the Larry King show for public understanding of Lohan's ordeal.

Celebrity Privilege Backlash

There are thousands of drug offenders that need the same compassion and help as Lohan.

The big difference is that these drug abusers aren't high-profile, bankable screen commodities.

They are mostly poor blacks and Latinos. The estimate is that nearly one-fourth of the more than one million blacks that pack America's prisons are there for non-violent, drug-related crimes. It costs billions to keep them there.

Putting them behind bars has had staggering consequences. It has torn apart families and communities.

It has been the single biggest reason for the bloat in federal and state spending on prison construction, maintenance, and the escalation in the number of prosecutors needed to handle the flood of drug cases.

Also, few poor, black and Latino drug offenders will be immediately released by police, as Lohan continues to be, and then be allowed to luxuriate in a posh drug treatment center.

[Capitalism, Class & the WSJ [Confessions of a Left-Wing Junkie]

I get the creeps whenever I hear a politician confabulate 9/11 and the Iraq War. I think that the Global War on Terror is the 21st Century "commie scare." I disdain deceptive Democrats as much as I disdain neocon Republicans. Yet I'm a Wall Street Journal Junkie.

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Primary Propaganda News Outlets

The WSJ, along with The New York Times and The Washington Post, are the three principle “opinion-makers” in the United States.

They set the tone and the editorial policy which then quickly percolates through the rest of the US news media.

In an age when “local” media no longer have their own national or international reporters, they rely on the “biggies” to set up the stories for them.

The Times, The Post and The Journal propagate the official government stories and the “approved” propaganda.

If “your government” wants to channel public opinion in a particular direction, it begins with these three papers.

The Post writes primarily for Washington’s political wonks and The Times for bleeding heart Republicans who fancy themselves “liberals”.

The Journal, however, unabashedly caters to the ruling elite, the moneyed class that owns, and, therefore, does not need to hold elected office.

This class’s watchdogs monitor what we are saying; it is imperative that we also monitor what they are saying.

As scary as it seems, there are, indeed, many powerful people in the world who share the raw capitalist views of the WSJ editors.

This newspaper influences the world’s thin upper crust.

Their editorials set the “talking points” adopted by the elite as they defend the likes of the occupation of Iraq, beat drums of war against Iran, champion the privatization of health care, social security and education, or justify the madness of King George.

So, if you want to know what America's ruling class will think tomorrow, read the WSJ today.

Michael Vick & the Culture of Dog Fighting

From the boardroom to the sports and entertainment world, and from the city to the country, upper, middle and lower classes are all represented. The gangster edge of hip hop - rappers like DMX - has intersected with the dog fighting culture.

Dog Fighting Cuts Across Race & Class in the US

It's difficult to know what to say about the Michael Vick story, and it might be wise to say nothing just yet.

It does, however, bring to the forefront some interesting bits of history concerning what constitutes sport; the relationship of sport to gambling; the confluence of sport and masculinity.

The evolution of what is seen as civilized and barbaric behavior; and the ways in which people react to that behavior.

More concern seemed to focus on cruelty to animals than to humans, a tendency still familiar to us today.

Cruelty to animals was increasingly described as uncivilized or barbaric, especially as a form of entertainment.

Social reformers — both evangelical Christians and humanitarians, who saw this as part of a larger crusade to clean up society and infuse it with Christian values — drove the attack on blood sports.

Laws did not succeed in stopping dog fights, they simply drove dog fighting to the margins of society where it attracted those looking for a thrilling and slightly illegal sort of activity, a characteristic that seems the want of humans.

Dog fights, ratting, bear baiting, cockfights, bare-knuckle boxing and eye-gouging fights, as well as many other less respectable and illegal forms of sport and entertainment, became the province of males in a 19th-century Victorian culture.

This development accompanied a growing fear of "feminization" of the culture and a corresponding concern over "masculinity" among the middle and upper classes.

For the 19th-century urban bachelor culture, and for the Victorian gentlemen of the age, illicit forms of sport and gambling, along with prostitution and drugs, filled their needs.

Victorian gentlemen moved in these circles as a right of passage into adulthood, and the bachelor culture moved in these circles to express their manliness.

In many ways, much of the same dynamic continues to fuel the illegal blood sports in urban industrial and post-industrial cultures, as do other sports that feature forms of ritualized violence.

This is not to say that the violence of football leads to other violence or to an attraction to dog fighting.

This segment of society is, in fact, only one part of the clientele attracted to dog fighting.

Most studies of contemporary dog fighting, as well as most court and police records, indicate that dog fighting cuts across race and class in the United States.

Multiple Orgasms: Hitting the G-Spot [Or Is It a Myth?]

The G-spot is the Loch Ness monster of sex. Does it really exist? Where is it? Why are some women’s G-spot smaller or larger than others? A doctor claims he's invented the "G-Shot", a medical procedure that enlarges the elusive G-spot.

Is the Existence of the G-Spot a Male Fantasy?

One of America’s most famous sex therapists Dr. Ruth Westheimer believes the G-spot is an idea that exists because of male chauvinism, specifically the Freudian belief of “mature” and “immature” orgasms.

Freud believed that only sexual intercourse would cause a “mature” superior orgasm in women.

Orgasms that were caused by the clitoris were considered masculine and “immature.” According to Freud, it was up to the woman to transfer the orgasm from the clitoris to the vagina during penetration.

It wasn’t until the 60s when sex researchers Masters and Johnson performed a series of tests on female sexual response and discovered that the majority of the subjects were only able to achieve orgasm through the clitoris compared to a small minority that were able to achieve one vaginally.

What's Behind the Bush Regime's Latest Terror Scare?

It serves three basic political functions. It diverts public attention from the disaster in Iraq and the social crisis within the US, justifies a foreign policy based on militarism and war, and provides a pretext for police state measures at home.

Terra! Terra! Terra!

The Bush Regime has set out to make fear and anxiety over terrorism the center of public life.

It hopes to appeal to the confusion of more backward sections of the population in order to bludgeon popular opposition to its agenda of militarism and political repression at home.

In so doing, Bush has enjoyed the support of the Democratic Party, which, far from exposing this cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion, has fully embraced the so-called “war on terror.”

The Democrats have frequently attacked Bush for not going far enough in “securing the homeland.”

There is no doubt that the brutal neo-colonialist foreign policy of the US government has placed the American people in danger of another terrorist attack.

However, the greatest threat to the democratic rights and safety of the American people, and the people of the world, comes not from Islamic extremists in the Middle East, but from US imperialism and the warmongers in Washington.

Ed Strong
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