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War is a Money Maker
Monday, 06 August 2007 17:25
by Peter Chamberlin

It should be clear to America, by this point in the “war president’s” reign, that American foreign policy has always been to create its own enemies. Like all of Bush’s predecessors, his “mistakes” in foreign policy have usually strengthened those we are fighting, or those whom we are about to fight. The enormous arms packages that Bush has proposed for Israel and every Sunni state in the Middle East region (except for Shiite Iran) are meant to be used in a planned regional expansion of the war in Iraq. Congress has basically authorized a massive expansion of the war that the People want to be terminated, with the recent votes against Iran that read like the Iraq war resolution. The creation of covert forces to be used inside of Iran and the torrent of weaponry that is now flowing to the Sinoura government in Lebanon are leading elements of the strategy to make war against Iran and all of its allies, even those in Iraq.

The most sinister part of the new strategy to use proxy Sunni forces to fight Iran can be found in the much ballyhooed co-opting of Sunni insurgents as "security contractors" in Iraq. This is a blatant effort by our government to empower the people who are responsible for killing the most Americans and Iraqis. This effort is strengthening the Sunni hand, while it undermines the legitimate democratic Maliki government. The policy of buying off our enemies in Iraq, in order to buy Petraeus a little more time, is still a policy of aiding our own enemies to fight our other enemies. It is the sinister policy of our economic “overlords,” actually playing-out on the battlefield, using American troops as guinea pigs and shock troops to create a state of permanent war in the world – the ultimate marketplace for the “Lords of war.”

As Americans and the puppet Congress bicker over a great drama called, “ending the war,” the real governing powers are giving form to the “terrorist haven” in Anbar Province (that they have been warning us about), which will justify continuing the war there forever. Instead of dealing with both Iran and Saudi Arabia in a search for order inside of Iraq, the government has sided with Saudi Arabia (the birthplace of Al Qaida) in aiding the real enemy in Iraq, to wage an even bigger war against the friends of Iran there. They chose to make Iraq a central front in the ever-changing, politically useful, war on “terrorism,” without regard for the Iraqis who would be caught in the middle. Do we even care if any of them will survive the planned escalation that is coming to their neighborhoods very soon?

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The scale of the neocon planned genocide for Iraq and Iran and all the surrounding area is monstrous. The willingness of our elected representatives to accommodate this planned genocide is incomprehensible. How can they even contemplate condoning a nuclear attack upon a civilian population? What kind of blackmail, or promise of economic reward could motivate these “leaders” into aiding this unspeakable crime against humanity and against God? The participation of our elected leaders in a plan of world conquest that dwarfs the evils of all previous plans confirms our worst suspicions for us. America is no longer America. Democracy is as good as dead.

The neocons are true believers in everything that the great voice of indoctrination has to say. They are firm believers that the strong have a right and some kind of twisted moral duty to dominate the weak “inferior” masses. Neoconservatism is a corrupt ideology whose merciless adherents act as if only the strong deserve to survive. Neoconservatism is simply a more subtle version of National Socialism; or, is it more like communism, with corporations filling the role of the state?

In this foreign doctrine, America has a duty to the world to conquer and subjugate it, for the world’s own good. They believe that the elite class (meaning the neocon elite) deserves to be the master class, if they have the balls to seize the day. For them, the idea that America has a “manifest destiny” to fulfill, under their all-wise leadership still holds true. I prefer to think that the real “destiny” of the neocons has always been to serve as the catalyst, to so agitate the sleeping American majority with their outrageous audacity, that their actions jar the people to awaken. For us, the greatest danger remains that they will successfully take the war in the Middle East to the next level, before the people awaken to the true reign of terror that is waiting in the wings. At which time, we shall see just how far our war-weary troops will be willing to follow orders in the Middle East and here in the Homeland.

The neocon plotters have committed themselves to implementing the ideology of the master class in the Middle East, without regard for the steep cost in American and Muslim lives. The only thing that matters is that their grand scheme is implemented. After the American ruling families (the elite) successfully lay claim to all oil and gas reserves in the region (just as they have taken-over all American industry, financial centers and institutions, even government itself), their domination of controlling interest in the rest of the world will become a done deal. This is why the neoconservative plot to conquer the world must end there, in the Middle East, where they have drawn the lines against the world deeply into the desert sand. This is where the world dictatorship has to be stopped.

Our foreign policy of creating and arming opposition armies to oppose whoever we currently hate the most, builds-up the forces that will cause the next war. Just as our present Middle East policies are setting-up a regional war between Sunnis and Shiites, the Iraq war was caused by the previous Iraq war, which was spawned by our choosing sides in the previous Iran/Iraq war, which grew out of the covert war against democracy in Iran (which created the Shah of Iran’s armies), with the cycle being interrupted while we waged the covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan (which created the militant Islamic network “Al Qaida”). The Soviets had become a superpower with American industrial aid and financing, built-up to oppose the Nazi war machine (which was also created with American industrial aid and financial backing), after the financial overlords had initially made the Communist revolution happen and the Russian industrial development that followed.

It is the nature of the secret financial rulers of America to believe that it is “good business” to create the enemies of everyone, as a means to sell arms to everyone. They use government as a tool to manufacture a global war-based economic system, which is centered on financing and selling their military hardware and industrialization processes to a world that would not otherwise need them. In simple terms, the bankers use government to create a war market. Oil is the lifeblood of that war market. If the Law actually applied to rich men in this country, then many of the highest elite in the ruling class would be quite guilty of multiple acts of true treason on a continuing basis. If the Law punished rich men for creating the wars that killed the sons of the poor then there would be no threat to democracy in our Constitutional-Republic, at this time.

The long, drawn-out point is this, whether you call it lobbying or financial arm-twisting, our government answers to the money people, not to the American people. Wars are part of their strategy – the key element – for dominating the world and for sucking-up all the economic and environmental resources of the people. The “neoconquest plan” for world domination is the fulfillment of generations of aristocratic planning to move their parasitic national economic systems (that were sucking the life of nations) into one massive world-sucking corporation. If that evil plan is not derailed, then only “Death” itself will be the winner in a global arms race in the middle of a global war.

As long as the façade of democratic freedom remains in place, then there may be hope for staving-off the final implementation of this evil plan. As long as we can freely assemble and speak-out there is still a slight chance that we cab motivate the last believers in democracy, to save democracy.
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Saudi sponsored terrorism
I track the Saudi-sponsored expansion of militant, extremist Wahhabi Islam on my blog, Wahaudi. In just four months, I've collecting almost 500 relevant articles from around the world. There is so much more than wrong than the $20 billion arms deal, and yet so little concern.
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