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Bush Tucker: The Fatal Diversions of Would-Be Dissidents
Sunday, 02 September 2007 01:48
by Chris Floyd

The ever-intrepid Arthur Silber has somehow procured an advance copy of General Petraeus' upcoming report on the "surge." You can check out this amazing feat of investigative journalism here: Conundrum.

Silber has also identified the greatest threat to the life of the Republic — nay, to human civilization itself — that we face today: Tucker Carlson's pathetic fantasies about gay-bashing. (Yes, fantasy; I would bet $10 million of Dick Cheney's money that the little bow-tied twerp never went back to that bathroom — even with a big burly friend at his side — to confront anyone. He just thinks that's what a "real man" would do.)

As Arthur points out, although the United States stands on the brink of another war of aggression whose evil consequences would far surpass those of the monstrous debacle in Iraq, it is Tucker Carlson's nasty aside that has commanded the passionate attention of the "progressive" world, which demands immediate redress of his malefaction.

Of course, I agree that Tucker Carlson is an odious imposthume on the body politic; but as Arthur says, Carlson is not the one leading us into a new war, or conducting the current war to such murderous effect. As we noted of Alberto Gonzales earlier, Tucker Carlson is a nobody, a tool in the hands of genuine killers, genuine threats to the Republic and the world. Why waste time with the third-rate drivel of fourth-rate minds like Tucker Carlson, or Bill O'Reilly, or Chris Matthews, when at this very moment an innocent child is being killed or torn apart or crushed by fear, terror and deprivation — all in your name? God, how the masters of war must laugh to see so much energy put into these "alerts" and campaigns to rap the knuckles of some pissant, while they prepare another feast of blood.

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