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Fighting a Ghost War Against a Spook Army
Thursday, 13 September 2007 10:37
by Peter Chamberlin

September 11 has come and gone, again without incident, despite the new warning videos that have been released by the new improved version of a left-wing "bin Laden." Whoever this Osama double is, he fails to inspire the fear and hatred associated with the original author of 9/11 terror, or the covert co-authors of the piggyback attack that finished the job. The focused fear, hatred and anger that were let loose on that fateful day seems to have diminished, as our trusted leaders took advantage of our trust and used it as a weapon against us and the world. The American outrage and desire for vengeance, which united much of the world behind us, was twisted into a license to kill indiscriminately and a mandate for dictatorship.

The diffusing of our focused emotional response did not diminish these negative emotions and desires, it merely scattered them, making it easier for the bigots and racists to redirect them, in order to stoke the primitive fires of hatred for all that is "different." The world was forever changed on that day, as the darkness of the human soul was released unto the world, giving hope to those who sought to kill all who are different, in a vain effort to enslave whoever survives the great worldwide ethnic cleansing of all mankind. The fear mongers on both sides of the slowly building "clash of civilizations" have an easy job, pumping-up the hatred and the fear levels. Conspiracy theories abound on both sides, gaining more credibility with every insane act of violence committed by evil governments, corrupt leaders and various genocidal madmen. All conspiracy theories are based on partial truths and the illusion of truth. They are created by charting these patterns of violence and postulating the hidden goals of the leaders behind them.

"Coincidence" can never fully explain the motives of those who conspire to give life to their hate-filled visions of death and glory. If, by their words and deeds, they appear to confirm that things are going according to their secret plans, does this not prove conspiracy? Or does it merely confirm that the leaders are very effective in spreading their hatred? Grand theories that seek to provide one all-encompassing answer, linking one race, or one religion to all the world's complex problems all lead to the darkest, most suspicious and devious parts of the human soul. This is why those of us who seek to free mankind from the chains which he has bound himself with must fight racism in all its ugly incarnations. The truth is that the comprehensive collusion between nefarious members of all groups has been necessary to bring us to the edge of this precipice.

We are consumed with finding and naming the one great, compact conspiracy that sits atop all things, letting this one live, while the next one becomes cannon fodder. The cold truth is that our government is the great conspiracy which controls all things. The concept of little conspiracies of little "big men" waiting in the wings to continue the ongoing domination of our lives is but another ruse, meant to distract us. We waste our time and scatter our efforts, by trying to nail the one conspiracy that is behind all smaller plots. There is no one conspiracy that is behind all things; there is only total government, and with it, total power.

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"Globalism" is a euphemistic description of the plan for total world government. It's a nicer sounding way to say that we intend to conquer the world, with our markets and our military forces. Total government is an end unto itself, the one true perpetual motion machine, the self-sustaining prophecy. It is only natural that government (based on fear and brutal force) comes to see itself as the solution to all things. If only the "guiding hand" of the "benevolent dictatorship" could organize the world, as it saw fit, would not peace and prosperity for all be certain to follow? If not for the dual nuisances of free will and self-determination, then could not the government plan a true utopia for us? The fascist utopians have raised their ugly heads on the world stage once more; only this time, they are here in America.

The utopian fascists here in America have a distinct advantage over those prior incarnations in Germany and Soviet Russia, they have TV. The religion of television has opened all minds to the patriotic lie. "Peer pressure" takes on a whole new meaning, when the television god tells you about all the good Americans, who are dying by the thousands to "save" you and your family, and to "defend freedom." The patriotic lie tells you that it is your "duty" to support the government's plans, even when those plans are for mass-murder on a scale that the world has never seen, all in the name of profit and the "New World Order."

The patriotic lie is the omission of the hidden truth that it is our own corrupt government that is the only credible threat to our families and to freedom itself. If the hidden truth was known, it would expose the lie that supporting our troops means supporting our government's abuse of those troops. If the American people only realized what the government had planned for their sons and daughters, they would take to the streets by the millions to end the perpetual war of Muslim extermination, before Bush can escalate it beyond anyone's control. The government wants our children to willingly enter into the third war that will finish-off our volunteer forces and usher back in the era of the draft. The government wants American pilots to willingly destroy entire nations for the sake of increasing profits and giving total control to our overlords.

Planned wars are the path to total control. No other force on earth can reshape the world and control the people's thoughts. World War II did not end; it merely mutated into a perpetual covert form. The great "enemies" of the western powers are mere constructs, built with American and British money, supplied by our overlords, under the guidance of the American government, to create the dialectic of "opposing forces." There is no real "enemy," when both sides are created and controlled by the same entities. The reason for creating a state of permanent war is to decimate and destroy, in order to make the people want to be controlled. War is the great persuader; making all men want the "security" that only big government can offer. The bigger the perception of "threat," the greater the clamor becomes for even more security.

The ongoing "clash of civilizations" (just like the war against Nazism and the Cold War against Communism) is a total fabrication, created by our secretive government, to justify the neutering of the American people and our Constitution. The "war on terrorism" is a euphemism for a new race war, inspired and led by the same type of fascists who are always behind them, only this time the master-planners are American. What began as American self-defense has been morphed into a dark storm that threatens all life on this planet. The storm that is brewing is apocalyptic by design.

They have purposely created the straw man of "Islamic terrorism," over many decades, to create an implacable enemy from a non-threatening people and their scary "pagan" religion. The "war on terrorism," built around this mythology and the events of September 11, hyped without end by the television idol, is desensitizing us to the necessary killing, by pumping-up the volume of unthinking fear. The illusion of "Islamofascism" was fabricated by the (neocon) neo-fascist conspirators from the American foreign policy programs of the CIA. They took the forces that had been created and directed by the CIA in our covert wars and successfully turned them against America. The real clash is taking place within our own civilization, as our real army is being pitted against our secret army, to justify the taking of Muslim oil resources and the wholesale genocide of the Muslim world that will make it possible.

This war is more than the capitalist hunger for conquest of more territory and more resources. This war is about the conquest of souls. War that is about anything less than real self-defense is the evil that goes by a thousand names. This war is the all-consuming hunger. The "Beast from the pit" resides in our nation's capital. The great evil that masquerades as "patriotism" has brought us the "strong delusion," of which we have clearly been warned. Brother has been set against brother, by the great deception, as those with consciences stand-up to the murderous plans of those who defend our government's right to multiply the murder and destruction exponentially.

We are the unfortunate generation who are the mute witnesses to something so horrendous that it can only be described as the "end of time," for this planet, anyway. The American people, the true patriots, are the only potential obstacle to this "brave new world," since God Himself is obviously sitting this one out. He has left this world in our hands; it is for good men of freewill to right this world, or to surrender it into the hands of evil. If we cannot convince our brothers and sisters to stand with us, in opposing the triumph of this all-consuming evil, then we will not deserve to live in a better world. It remains true for all time, that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

The collapse of the Democratic opposition in Congress and the surrender of the real conservatives to the neo-conservatives are proof that We the People have no one but ourselves to count on in this, our Republic's hour of greatest need. If the survival of freedom and democracy mandates that there be at least two separate parties to fulfill the "separation of powers" requirements, then the people must serve as that other party.

It is We the People, who must stand against the one party government, in this political fight to the finish, and it will be a fight to the finish. In the end, we will either live freely in a democratic-republic, or we will merely exist in this one party dictatorship. "The Party" (which pretends to be two parties) is hostile to Constitutional democracy. The two faces that the Party projects to the people speak in seductive voices, saying the things that the people seem to want to hear. Between the two, often contradictory voices, the people are misled into giving-up the rights and powers that the Constitution has given them. Our government, like everything about our culture, is based on our desire to be deceived. A culture that is based on voluntary self-deception is a sick culture that seeks to escape the truth about ourselves. Our escapist culture thrives on illusion. We voluntarily herd ourselves into the sheltering arms of the police state, for the safety and security that comes with the government's control. This is the real cruelty of our delusional trap.

For the rest of our lives the greatest war of all time is what really awaits us, But very few of us can see past the present little wars and the losses of freedom that are becoming apparent with them. The true path to defending freedom and our lives is in ending the war on terror, one war at a time, beginning with the war that is about to start.

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a guest said:

reminder,lest we forget...saddam hussain was a bad man,but also the number one enemy (of) to the al-qaida....he concentrated a lot of effort to keep his kingdom al-qaida-free..no one wanted him eliminated,more than al-qaida......
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