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A Nobel Peace Prize in the 2008 Circus for the White House?
Monday, 15 October 2007 10:28
by Gabriele Zamparini

Bill Clinton's former vice president Al Gore has won (together with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) the Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change"

This Nobel Prize will hopefully help to focus time and resources into the battle against Climate Change. But there could be another side effect of this Prize in the short term. Will Al Gore run now for the White House in 2008?

As vice president during the Clinton era, Al Gore did certainly share all the responsibility for the huge crimes against humanity his administration inflicted upon millions of people on this planet. Just let’s remember the genocidal UN embargo and the illegal bombing of the notorious No Fly Zones in Iraq; and then Sudan, Yugoslavia and many other places where Uncle Sam has always been terrifying millions of people with its ugly arrogance and deadly violence. In 1991, before becoming vice president, Al Gore was one of ten Democratic Senators who voted in favor of the first Gulf War. This is just a very brief biography of a top war criminal that in a sane world would be hanged or imprisoned for life.

But we are not living in a sane world – just in case someone wonders – and it’s not the first time that a war criminal and mass murderer has been rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Al Gore has now joined the Pantheon where Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger already gave a shivery accent to the word “peace”. But it could be the first time that a war criminal and Nobel Peace Prize laureate run to become the new Amerikan Emperor. He would certainly be no worse than the narrow-minded, wicked she-Clinton or the frightening, opportunist Obama and with much blood already on his hands and a Nobel Peace Prize in the Oval Office, hopefully Al Gore would use some restraint as head of the deadliest war machine in history.

Al Gore won the popular vote in the US Presidential Election in 2000 and if it had not been for little George’s father’s friends at the Supreme Court – who illegally hijacked those elections and illegally appointed George W. as the White House’s resident – the history of these latest eight years could have been much different. Afghanistan, Iraq, the “war on terror”… and who knows, maybe even 9-11 would not have the meaning it has today.

Nobody knows if Al Gore will run or if he will once again give up. He doesn’t seem to be much of a fighter, at least judging from what happened in 2000 when he preferred to concede than to fight a system he was very much part of, a system that left the majority of the American voters disenfranchised and the world in the crazy, bloody hands of a despicable, little man and his psychopathic friends.

Until the new Nobel Laureate decides and tells the world about his intentions for the 2008 Circus, she-Clinton must be having very unpleasant dreams. Poor Hillary! She had to swallow Monica’s blowjob in front of the world to get where she stands today and now this damned Nobel Peace Prize could ruin everything… Isn’t that enough to urge Al Gore to run in 2008? Run Al. Run!

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tj said:

Good one! Although I think Gore is not interested in such a low level job as being the Prez. He can make a lot more easy money just lying in his jacuzzi.
She-Clinton (scary name!) escapes media blasting for being the wife "who swallowed Monica's blowjob". Why? They want her in. She's being coddled.

October 16, 2007
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