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Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)
Sunday, 28 October 2007 13:14

by Williard Payne

TEHERAN - Ever since current Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a non-cleric, was told to cut short his recent trip to Armenia reports have been circulating his days as President are numbered.

For more than a year economic news from Iran indicated more of the population was dissatisfied with the difficult economic conditions in the country and the improving of them was the foundation of Ahmadinejad’s 2005 campaign.

The Gulf-Times reports Iran’s former President Mohammad Khatami, a cleric, is adding his critical voice against the President in statements quoted in the Iranian financial publication Sarmayeh in which he accuses the current President of presenting false economic statistics and that the “lies” are destroying Iranians trust in the Islamic system. “Unfortunately, it has become customary that the real issues are concealed and portrayed in some other ways.”

What is really being concealed is the real reason for what could be Ahmadinejad’s dismissal as he is not a cleric and it's Iran’s and the Islamic world’s religious establishment that is leading the foreign policy... a Jihad-holy war against primarily the West - who are their main international rival (and India) in support of Pakistan and the Muslims in Kashmir.

Ahmadinejad’s role, as assigned to him by the Council of Guardians the power behind Iran’s government, was to distract people, governments in the West with statements like a world without Zionism or the Holocaust denial conferences as Teheran completed preparations for (f)allout war, and one of their preparations was the institution of gasoline rationing earlier this year (June 27-07).

His performance at Columbia University in New York was probably his last -  because in the meantime more governments in the West are admitting war with Iran is inevitable and Teheran has definitely noticed Russia’s Strategic Bombers conducting maneuvers and their rendezvous with Western air forces as arranged by the Strategic Working Group in Moscow which is co-chaired by former U. S. Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger and former Russia Premier Yevgeny Primakov.

So now Ahmadinejad, the distractor, is about to be replaced by Khatami the deceiver who still presents himself as a moderate, which if he really was -  Khatami would have had no chance to become Iran’s President or even serve in the government.

But the Council of Guardians knew what governments in the West wanted to hear. Ever since the Iran-Contra Scandal of the Reagan administration in Washington twenty years ago, they have stated they sold weapons to Iran during the Iran/Iraq war 1980-88 because of moderates in Iran’s government, a foreign policy myth the U.S. and Europe still desperately cling too and one Teheran lets them entertain. But the show now is about over and one of the indications is Ankara’s planned offensive into northern Iraq with the complete support of Teheran and Islamic governments in the region, their way of saying they can stabilize what London-Washington could not. It would not be surprising to see Khatami in Ankara as the offensive begins.

Of course Teheran’s offensive into Iraq will target more than Kurdish fighters near Iran’s border. Teheran is going to launch missiles at the U. S.-British bases in the country and Persian Gulf but they have to get their national leadership in place. Right after Iran’s last Presidential election Khatami was given a new title, head of the Association of Combatant Clerics (Aug. 8-05) and in that capacity he made one of his most deceptive presentations in Vienna that November. He was speaking under the guise of his Dialogue Between Civilizations lecture series and his theme was annihilation of weapons of mass destruction. But as I wrote at the time if Khatami had spoken more candidly he would have said instead annihilation of Vienna because the UN agency investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program is based here. In September 2000 he did something similar when, as Iran’s President he attended the UN opening in New York and announced “2001 is the year of the dialogue.”

Diplomatic masques all over the world are about to come off.

Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)

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Can some proof-read/edit Willard's writings? Its very hard to read.
October 28, 2007
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